Monday May 16th 2022

Another reminder that the Outlaw Two day Trial is happening this coming weekend - If you need me to put anything on the van for you or your bike - you should  email or phone me!!!!!

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Heath Brindley has made a nice job of refurbishing this Beta TR 34 - but still takes along some spare tools in his Outlaw Toolbelt, just in case!!

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At least some people are getting their Factory Evo’s !! Not sure what these are,  But check out those header pipes!!!
No description available.


Rated by many as the most beautiful  and  brilliant Road Racer of the last decade, the John Britten Daytona - the video and book  of this project, plus the rather sad ending, are well worth watching./reading.
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May be an image of 1 person, motorcycle and text that says 'JOHN JOHN BRITTEN I BRITTEN Tim Hanna Mobil11 Tim Hanna'


Sunday was a pretty dull day & still quite cool, with rain showers, so we elected to stay home - watched a new Scottish video just up on YouTube of Trotters Burn - looked to be very tricky at the base before the last big climb up the rock wall, and took a lot of fives ( including Stan)- I don’t remember it being that difficult when I watched from that point a few years ago, but obviously the water has eroded some of the narrow approach.

Dougie of course cleaned it, but I think the smoothest clean ride, was by Ben Hemmingway. - I think Emma got away with a dab.

Dave Butler was out on his very nice old Greeves at the Ontario Vintage Trial on Sunday.

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