Sunday June 12th 2022

I should really have posted this pic on June 9th, which was our Diamond Wedding Anniversary - Married for 60 years. - Quite an accomplishment these days. ( lots of memories)
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I see the first day of the new 2022 Hop & Bop Trials Championship is over, with Jamie Busto on top - However, I would bet a lot on Toni “Bouncing back”  today - The young Brits are all doing well  which bodes well for the future - but what is the future ? that is anyone’s guess  - Electric seems popular with some, but not me. Fuel injection ?? Yawn - Not for this old guy .

Update: Bou leading after the first lap- Busto 2nd - Raga 3rd

Sad news from the Isle of Man.
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Yesterday, I watched the Canadian Open golf from Ontario - weather was great and Rory McIlroy was looking to be on form - he won this event when it was last held two years ago, before the Covid thing shut everything down - the forecast is not so good for today. -   We might just stay home and watch the finish.


Answer to the Saturday quiz - Town Hall Brae in Fort William -Scotland -  Harlow and John Kitchener plus Pete Varey  all got it.


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