Friday June 17th 2022

Answer to the Thursday quiz - Nigel Birkett on a Suzuki - correct responses, by Harlow, John Kitchener and Pete Varey. - I have a good photo of Nigel someplace from the 1989 Scottish when he was on a JCM Europa, another brand that looked promising when taken over by Streit of France, but turned out to be a disappointment . Here is a pic of Stan on the one unit we were able to get in 1990.

No description available.

Open photo


Remember when Stan did his Stunt shows all across Canada??

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Happening this weekend  - Top of the list  for Father’s Day.

(1)  CPTA Trial at Ioco

(2) FIM World Trial Andora
(3) F1 race at Montreal

(4) Erzberg hard Enduro

(5) US Open Golf  Championship.
Take your pick!!  Anybody going to Ioco from this area??? if so please contact me.

That was quite a storm we had late yesterday - Max & Britta arrived just as the worst hit - got a small amount of water into the shop, but nothing serious.

Creeks and rivers are raging in the area - but at least it will hold off the Forest Fires.!!

Quiz - Do you know what these are called and why??

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