Saturday June 18th 2022

Weather on Friday was supposed to be nice !! So I agreed to go for a ride up Vernon Mountain with Mike Phillips - I took Mike and my son to their first Cross Country race  up at Barrier in the early 80’s. - Mike was on an IT 175 and I had Steve on a special Yamaha tricked up XT 200 - ( He was quite short so it was a good starter  race bike for him) My good friend Art Gavel fitted a race cam in the motor and tuned it up - plus we put some YZ suspension on it.

-  We met at Mikes’ place over in Coldstream (Vernon) and headed up the road to pick up  a very challenging bunch of  trails  that eventually lead us to the top of the hill near the repeater station -

Now although I used to ride this mountain on a regular basis - we always started over on Hartnell road. -We ran quite a number of Trials events up there back in the 80’s - it was Paul Grundy who first showed me the area.

Later the land where we started was sold for a sub-division  so that was the end of that - we then had most Trials at East Kelowna , Postill Lake - then Summerland.

I have been up top a lot of times but the recent heavy  rain had made “Mike’s” trails quite difficult - lots of steep climbs - roots- mud and a ton of rocks in places ( Glad I have Trials experience)
However we managed OK, but glad I took the TRS with the estart!! and a seat that gave me a rest up on the top forestry road.

By the time we reached the top it had started to rain, but we had a chance to chat with old friend Rob Smith who was out for a ride on his Husky.-I had not seen him for many years.

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-  After this I showed Mike a couple of old sections we used back in the day.
The pic below is about half way up the Hill and shows both Kalamalka  Lake and over to the top right -the North end of Okanagan Lake.
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Below is Mike trying one of our old sections, -  over towards the Hartnell area - This is an old quarry area  just by the side of the forestry road.
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The advantage of being old and knackered - your  younger buddy washes your bike for you!!

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We just heard from  Andrew Christiansen that there is a Cross Country race at Merrit  on Sunday  -  Andrew also says his YZ 250 is now up for sale - good bike for somebody.


A big  event at Butte Montana this weekend, where Bernie Schreiber is putting on a Trials School - plus they have a Trial happening tomorrow at the location called “Wisky Gulch”  - Bernie will be on one of the nice TRS bikes with an estart!!

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Answer to the quiz - They were called Jerry cans - named after Allied forces found a bunch of the German gas cans left when they retreated in 1945 - They figured they were a good design and that is why they called them “Jerry” cans. - Quite a number of people got this one correct, mostly the older crowd.


This just in - First lap scores from Andorra.




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