Wednesday June 22nd 2022

We heard that Max Lang entered the Merrit Hare Scramble on his YZ -His first ever race,  and finished 2nd in his class  !!! Way to Go Max - Quite the change from riding your usual TRS Trials bike.

Seems Sammy King got the hole-shot in the Pro Class and led until the last lap when a crash pushed back to 4th - still a very good  result

In other Cross Country News - Graeme Jarvis got stuck on the line at Erzberg  with a faulty fuel line - he passed over 400 riders, but got disqualified for receiving outside assistance to fix the fuel line ( That is the story going the rounds)

Reminded me of the 1973  Moose Mountain race - I noticed that the gas tap on my Bultaco Sherpa T was leaking while I was lined up with the other 170 riders - so I got Bob Sadownick who was next to me, to hold my bike ( no side stand) - as I patched some goo around the thing. - unfortunately the shotgun went off -to start the race - Bob let go my bike which fell on top of me - and I was left playing tail end Charlie at the back of everybody as they headed up the forestry road. -

As it happened the crafty organizers had routed us up a REALLY long steep muddy hill shortly after, and there were bikes & bodies everywhere, - So using  my Trials experience, I rode around them - up through the trees - over all the dead-fall before reaching the top - I think I must have passed about 50 riders. -

Later we had a waist deep river crossing which took out another bunch - but again I lucked out and eventually after two 50 mile loops - I finished 6th overall - 3rd Open bike  -on  a 325cc Trials bike !! . - I remember thinking, surely they aren’t sending us out on another 50 mile loop!! -it really was that tough -

I think some guys spent the night out stuck in the muskeg!! ( That was the second Cross Country race I entered)

I see Christy Williams has a new Mont!!! nice to see that these are now being Imported by a “Trials” business.
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Some pretty famous guys here at the Butte Trial last weekend >  Can you name them?
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Yesterday was the Longest Day ( of the year) - it felt a bit like that for us - waiting and hoping for a Beta shipment to arrive - ( no luck)


Sammy Miller continues to host all things “Motorcycling” at his Museum in the UK - Last weekend he had a day to celebrate the success of the Rickman MX bikes - Jeff Smith was over from the States and took this BSA for a trip around the yard, the brand that he rode to so many wins and championships.

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