Friday November 25th 2022

A blast from the past - The first ever Canadian World Round, held at Bragg Creek Alberta, hosted by the Calgary Motorcycle Club - This pic by Roger Boothroyd, shows CMA Rep. Gerry Marshal (RIP) presenting the winning trophy to Vrjo Vesterinen. - I’m standing on the left in the background in the white Trials cap.

( I was likely thinking “What a F*up ” - as weather  caused me to change a lot of sections - but Yrjo still says it was one of the better events he rode back then)
Interesting to look back at these early events when the bulk of the entry were regular club riders , with everybody riding the same line. ( Only the Scottish Six Days still uses this format)
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More sad news - 3 time World MX Champ Andre Malherbe has died - After retiring from MX-  Andre decided to ride the Paris Dakar but unfortunately had a big crash that left him paralyzed .


Regular FB readers might have noticed the link to a video clip, which features Guy Laycraft  pre-running the Baja 1000 course - Desert racers are without doubt “A breed apart” - and I recall Al Perrett wanting me to team up with him many years ago  - Al was all excited ( which was normal) saying Dave we could win the over 50 class!! - I told him he was nuts ( rip good buddy).

Our top Opti Snowmobile oil dealer - Backus racing is another super Baja enthusiast - spending close to $200,000 on their Side by side Polaris - and yes they are good - Having won this class before - they got cheated last year, by a US Team who cut the course by a huge chunk to beat them to the finish. ( Ask Ev or Tyler - it’s quite a story)

Sadly one of Guys close friends  Ben Binckly - mentioned in this video has died after a big crash in prerunning the Baja. Our condolences to Guy and his friends. - Guy went on to win his class at the event.

Quiz - Do you know what this Yamaha tank decal illustrates?

Profile Photo of Michael Corazzo

If you would like some TRS riding gear - let us know as we only special order these - We do carry a full selection of the great quality (made in Scotland) clothing)May be an image of 2 people and outdoors


I saw this pic on FB and just had to post - although it doesn’t say who the rider is, we think it might be Steve Colley when he rode Beta .

May be an image of 1 person, motorcycle, dirt bike and outdoors


Yesterday we had a surprise visit from Chris Hrabb - we had a long chat to catch up, as we have not seen him for quite a while.


Answer to the quiz - Alberta rider Murray Nutt at Blackfoot Park in 1971  - Jack Chant ( who is in this pic) was first in with the correct  response   - followed by Harlow. - This was a Western Canadian Championship Trial and Murray ( fairly unknown back then) surprised all the hot West Coast riders. - As I recall I was still hobbling around with my leg in a cast taking these photographs.


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