Saturday November 26th 2022

Not about motorbikes but interesting. ( but maybe you have to be Welsh!!)

The History of Wales

On 25th November 1233, Richard Marshal, 3rd Earl of Pembroke, together with his allies Llywelyn ap Iorwerth and Owain ap Gruffydd, defeated forces loyal to Henry III of England at the Battle of Monmouth.
Answer to the quiz - which a lot of people got - the Yamaha tank badge - features three tuning forks - to illustrate the companies involvement in the music business -On my first visit to Japan, in 1976, we were shown around the piano factory  - pretty amazing with dozens of women working outside at long tables carving out the wooden hammers for the grand piano’s by hand.!!!!
We  also got to see the factory where Yamaha were building the car engines for the Toyota Corolla  ( no pictures allowed)
We also saw the large boat factory. - I remember they told us that over 30% of the workers were women, as they were more reliable - they said the men would often be “Hung over”

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