Monday November 28th 2022

Another vintage quiz question - Who is this Bultaco rider who came so close to winning the World Trials Championship?
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Answer to the Sunday quiz - Eddie took his first World Championship in1982 - Pete Varey was first in with the correct answer. - - Harlow was close behind.
Yesterday we posted a pic of Mick Andrews on the Ossa - which would of course be copied a bit by Yamaha - today somebody posted this old brochure - which made me wonder if I’ve got some of these tucked away in my archives. Perhaps the most interesting thing on this page - is the Shamrock or 4 leaf clover  at the very bottom - a decal that Ossa always used, so maybe Mick got them to use that - for luck.!
As most people know, I had one of the very first 1974 TY 250’s  ( A Yamaha Canada bike) -and won the very first Trial for the brand in Alberta. ( in Lethbridge)  But check out the weight !! a real heavy bike compared to the latest models. This brochure - printed mainly for the US Market - calls the TY “The Cat” - I never did find out why.


The UK always get their new bikes before we do in Canada  !! But with supply looking to be tight on both TRS and Beta - better give us a shout if you are THINKING about a new 2023.

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Believe or not - when I was a young lad - one of the things I used to love doing was “Jumping”  my James 197 high into the air. - This shows UK rider Chris Stay at the TRS test day earlier this year a great shot by Heath - Chris went on to have a great year in the sport.
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I think this pic by Claudio sort of depicts what riding a Trials bike means for the majority - a way to get out into the Mountains and woods to enjoy  nature.

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A great shot of Dan Clark who won the top class at the Costa Brava on his very nice (Trick) Beta


And the last word for this final week of November - Snow and cold !!!!  Humbug!!


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