Wednesday November 30th 2022

Nice to see the Victoria lads getting some snow - they deserve it!!

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I saw this pic posted of a Motorcycle in a clothing store and it reminded me of my first tour of my Yamaha dealerships in 1973 - This one was called “Hollowack’s Men’s wear”  - and it was located in Grand Cache. Alberta. - At that time this was a new mining town situated 90 miles North of Hinton, on a gravel road. ( This is now a paved Hiway 40 which goes all the way to Grande Prairie.

My trip proved to be quite eventful ( as most were back then) as the temperature dropped to -54 overnight at the Travel Lodge in Hinton where I stayed overnight. - All the breakers- went off and all the vehicles froze up!!  - However moving right along - I made it up through  on the snow covered road and met up with Wally the owner - a great guy, and we remained friends for many years. - Looking back now, I should have taken some pics of the various bikes on display alongside models dressed in business suits etc.
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Below you see a Tax disc from a British Motorcycle  - which again reminded me of a story I heard regarding Mick Andrews being pulled over at the Scottish by the police who were checking riders bikes for these which had to be displayed on the left side of the bike.  Only problem was the one on Mick’s bike had a Beer Mat in the holder ( it looked similar from a distance) - I never did hear what the outcome of that was.

Quiz for today a pic by Roger Boothroyd from the 1975 Canadian World round - who can name all the riders?

Answer to yesterday - #1 is Bob Todosychuk #2  John Lampkin - Brett Clark  and Harlow got them both - Pete Varey got  #2

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This video which is posted on You-tube is quite a good interview with Dougie and a lot of really good pics.
What Forced Trials Riding Legend Dougie Lampkin To Retire?


Remember this?? That caused quite a stir - and of course he went on to win the World Championship.
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