Thursday December 1st 2022

So here we are on the first day of December and have had snow on the ground in the Valley for a number of weeks  - not my favorite - but we do sell Opti snowmobile oil!!

The pic below shows Dougie Lampkin and his two boys  - out practicing - Doug says they can’t get enough of riding the Trials bikes, which much make him very happy - not all kids follow in their Father’s footsteps.
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As posted earlier its the “Musical Chairs” season and   as expected Gas Gas (or KTM) have opened up their wallet in an effort to buy the best riders possible ( not that I would have done any different if I worked for them - I did the same for Yamaha)

Seems like Jamie Busto decided to get a new hair do to celebrate!! ( Order your new Busto Replica Gasser now!!)
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This was the end of season party  for Nori  Haga - winning for Beta - before jumping ship to Gasser.

While Beta have now signed Miguel Gelabert a Gasser rider in 2022 - We won’t stop the music yet as there are sure to be more riders changing seats.


As promised Wulfsport  emailed yesterday with info on the new Trials helmets, which are now  - ECE Approved AND we will get them next week - Plus we have put this first shipment on sale for $160.00. as a Christmas offer. (reg $169.95)

New Wulf Helmets


Answer to the Wednesday blog - The riders are Yrjo Vesterinen - Joe Gugellimelli - Pete Smith - and Lane Leavett

Roger who took the pic back in 1975 - got them all - Brett and Pete Varey got three of the four.


The Victoria Club held the Joe Brown Memorial Trial last Sunday  in perfect weather conditions - they had a good rider turn out of just over 40  in the various classes, with Thomas Cordner taking the Expert win on a Vertigo,


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