Friday December 2nd 2022

Below is a pic  I took of of Steve Colley at the 1992 Scottish Six Days - which he won - my UK contact posted that this is Craig Lundie - as I could not remember  - But - I can tell you that it was p****ing down at the time, and did for most of the week - Walt was with me that time - glad he took his rain-suit.
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More news from the Musical Chairs Trials Channel.
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You can’t blame Toby for going for the best possible deal and money while he is on top of his game - rumor has him headed to Vertigo under Dougie Lampkin’s wing.


The month of December certainly   blew in with a winter storm in a lot of places - Vancouver was a real shambles with snow - here in the Valley we did not get too much snow - but it’s bitterly cold - had to plug my van in for the first time this year.

I must say I’m glad I no longer travel all over Western Canada  - I had quite a few “White Knuckle” experiences doing that for about 30 years.

I see that there is a very good letter posted on FB by the Scandinavian Motorcycle Association - it’s addressed to the FIM regarding the scoring system for Trials at World level - simply put - the NO Stop - does NOT work.


The one thing that Social media does is give us the chance to keep in touch with people all around the World - we were just in contact with a former very good West Coast Trials rider Lonny Halsted - who moved from the States first to Cyprus - then settled in the UK not far from where we grew up.


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