Saturday December 3rd 2022

This is a great shot of Ernie Page riding in a Scottish Trial - Ernie was a very successful Scrambles and Trials rider in his day, and later his son David was one of the most promising youngsters competing in the new World Trials events on a much “Modded” TY 250. - Sadly David died at a young age of cancer, -  a devastating blow to the family.  - We met Ernie in 1994 at the Donner World round, when he was helping Martin and a young Dougie Lampkin. -I remember him saying to Dougie  on the Friday practice day - -      ” Right I’ve adjusted that fuel screw 1/2 a turn - so don’t come back and tell me it’s no better”  - At 11,000ft elevation all the bikes were running poorly - perhaps the worst was Jordi’s GG - Not sure what they did ( maybe shaved the cyl/head)  because he won the Trial. - Ernie later moved to the States to live.
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Quiz for today - When mud sections were all part of World Trials - but who is this Bultaco rider ??

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And quiz #2 - Who is this??


Back in the Glory days of Trials in England - they used to hold several “National ” or Trade supported events, when all the top Factory riders attended. - This one was held not far from where I lived, but I was not competing in Trials at that time, ( my interest had changed to other things)  although I see quite a few riders from my old Oswestry Club entered.  Wally Sagar was one of our best Club riders although not as good as his elder brother Alan.
This is just one sheet of the Pre-entry list ( 158 riders were pre-entered)  and it includes top road racers Geoff Duke and John Hartle  ( later killed at a Scarborough race) #16 also a road racer from Liverpool who used to ride our local Trials Ralph Renson - ( killed in the TT )  #25 is the famous Gordon Jackson who won the Scottish in 1961 losing only one point.
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Bernie Schreiber is back in the States for 2023.


This weekend the FIM have their big end of the year Gala and awards presentations - British Super Star Emma Bristow will be there to pick up her 8th World Gold medal.

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