Sunday December 4th 2022

How far back can you go?? Adam Raga a few years ago.
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Montesa and others made quite a lot of Trials mini-bikes for the kids back in the day.- mainly for the Spanish market.


Answer to the Saturday quiz - Charles Coutard  also known by the Brits  as Charlie Custard  and a young Martin Lampkin. - John Kitchener was first correct answer posting from the UK while Pete Varey also guessed it. - Brett thought it was Alan Lampkin !! Harlow was next with both correct.

This is the Calendar on our office wall sent by Face book - it shows various pics we have posted over the past year - the quiz today is from all the pics at the bottom - who are these riders?? - the small ones on the left might be tough!!
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I watched a You tube video on Flat-track racing on Saturday - and it occurred to me  that The Yanks had a quite different approach to the motorcycle competition thing - first of all they held Hill climbs which were  very popular, then Flat Track was huge - and many of these riders also competed in Road racing - some like Dick Mann also rode some Trials and MX - as these were promoted by the European riders. However it was events like the Big Bear run and other desert races that set them apart, with the age of specialization taking over. - We have mentioned before how the Brits competed in Trials. Scrambles, Road Racing and ISDT events. - and this perhaps gave them an edge in overall ability.

Getting back to the UK scene - they also had speedway - I guess the forerunner of US Flat-track - and maybe the one sport that used extremely “Different” bikes - built for doing just one thing. -

The Yanks took the British bikes onto their long Flat-tracks and created a  big following, then came the Bultaco Astros and the  Harley’s followed  by  Yamaha’s etc - - who can forget the  Kenny Roberts OW 4 cylinder screaming  two stroke - and his famous comments “They don’t pay me enough to ride that thing” - Not that it mattered because it was banned by the US  AMA.

Fast forward and we now see Hard Enduro and Endurocross being dominated by former Trials riders - As Sammy Miller once said “If you can ride a Trials bike well - you can ride anything”

Still looking for that perfect Christmas gift for the Off Road rider in your family ?  We still have a few of our famous Outlaw hand made in the OK Valley  tool belts - many have a pocket to carry an extra fuel bottle or drink bottle. and they are still only $79.95 ( same price as in 1987) call or email.
Outlaw Gas-belt


The bottom line goes to pretty lady and Superstar of the Trials World - now an 8 time World Champ - Emma Bristow from the UK was in Rimini -Italy to collect her 2022 Gold Medal

Sorry had to delete pic as its posted copywright. - Did not want to upset anybody.

We got the email for the latest”On the Pegs” mag today   — it has quite a bit of Trials coverage - but also a lot of US Trials riders ( Club events) are pictured not covering the clutch - especially a couple of riders going over logs.


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