Thursday December 22nd 2022

Brrrrrrr it’s -32 in the Valley today - not much of an incentive for Christmas shopping. -even if the vehicles will start!!   -

Birthday greetings to Bob Clark  TRS Importer, who has  made another trip around the sun.

Oh ! And the Boxing day Trial at Ioco - has been postponed !!!! I wonder why ( Ha Ha)

Below is a 1980’s pic of a World round section with Jordi Tarres heading upstream.
No photo description available.

Quiz for today - We don’t know who this rider is, but can anybody name this famous Scottish Section????
May be an image of 4 people, people standing and nature


I see another World Trials rider has called it quits - one of the Gelebert brothers - he was usually in the top 5-6.


Another sign of Global warming !!  A frozen waterfall a couple of days ago - this is in WALES>

May be an image of nature and waterfall


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