Friday December 23rd 2022

I mentioned yesterday that it was Bob Clark’s birthday - yes he is 65 years old !!  - I just thought it might be a good time as it’s Christmas - to mention what a great business relationship we have had with the Clark family, ever since Bob’s Dad,  Don (rip) phoned me in October 1993, suggesting that I might like to be a dealer for him. - or to be precise his words before that were “Dave it’s Don Clark - how are you getting along with that Yamaha?”  - My answer was “Don you know bloody well how I’m getting along with that TYZ”  - Anyway - I said I’ll be out tomorrow - a decision that I have never regretted.

The pic of me is at the 1992 Scottish - standing by the Factory Yamaha TYZ Prototype - which a Japanese rider competed on to test the bike - Note the Outlaw   Xbar pad - that Mick Andrews put on it. - Unfortunately none of the changes that Mick suggested were ever done, and that is why the production bike was a disappointment .
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Looking back - I think maybe the reason that I still have a lot of Yamaha Dealers as friends - is because like Don Clark and now Bob - I always tried to do as good old Walt used to say “Always say it as it is”   - ( sometimes this got me into trouble)

Over the years since we started Outlaw in 1987 - we have dealt with quite a lot of companies, and also discontinued   with  some of them, when we decided we did not like their ethics. ( No I’m not going to name them)

Another great Company who have supported me since late 1987 - is Interlube USA - the people who supply us with Opti Oil   - while there is no doubt that  we sold a ton of oil for them over a few decades - when old age stopped me traveling and an obvious down turn in sales - Interlube have still got me as their Distributor. - In fact they sent a Rep up to the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame back in 2018 - We often talk about our Motorcycle Sport as being “Family” - Yes - At this time of the year - we ( Babs and myself) would hope that everybody has a great Christmas.
Merry Christmas Bob


A memory from 2016 - and to think it all started when a young Sammy emailed me from Australia  !!
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Answer to the Thursday Quiz - The section is Laggan Locks rider Mike Rapley - John Kitchener was the only one with the correct spelling, and also mentioned  that this section was not used in the 2022 event - after being a regular for over 45 years.

Brett and Pete Varey were also quick with the answer


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