Saturday December 24th 2023 Christmas Eve.

Not sure why my previous posts were inter-spaced  with - A - Hmm strange things happen in Winter time. or maybe just a Canadian thing!!  “A”

The TRS Factory got together for this shot - wishing us all a Merry Christmas.
May be an image of 4 people, people standing and outdoors


As most of you know Dave Fair is the main Trials guy on the Island - and does a great job promoting the sport - but he also has an extensive background in Flat Track racing - In the meantime he is showing off his Hodaka Super Rat - likely the only bike he could get started in the frigid weather ?? or maybe it was the lightest to push out for the pic !! Merry Christmas Dave.
May be an image of motorcycle and outdoors


Yesterday was a “Stay home ” kind of day - with the driveway  plugged with snow and our Plow guy having trouble starting his tractor !!  - Momma Bear did get out later with our Son in Law in his 4×4 truck. - Not sure what we will see when we check outside today ( still dark)  HO HO HO!!!


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