December 26th 2022 - Boxing Day.

Mick says - Merry Christmas!!
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Santa left this under our tree - Glenfiddich - but seems a funny shape for a bottle!!!
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In the UK Boxing day is often a time to Clear the head”  by riding in a Trial or as seen here watching the Scrambles on TV -  Good old days, when just getting around the muddy track was an achievement!!
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A few people guessed the quiz pic yesterday as being an Ariel 500 HT5 - The bike made famous by Sammy Miller - but I’m not so sure it is - if you study the tank logo - it could be an Italian Gilera as the post was from Europe. - A very good copy if this is the case.


We hope everybody enjoyed   Christmas day a time for Family gatherings, and perhaps a toast both to absent friends and to those suffering in the Ukraine.


Sad News - we just heard that John “Boomer” Gronow died on Christmas day - he was the longest lasting member of the Victoria Club. - What a “Character” he was  - Godspeed Boomer


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