Wednesday December 28th 2022

Quiz for today - What is the strange metal bracket fitted to the front mudguard of Gordon Jackson’s Factory AJS ??
May be an image of 4 people, motorcycle and text that says '118 MJW 764'


A flashback to an exciting time in Canadian Trials - This was when  Stan had his Traveling  Stunt show and featured what were pretty extreme obstacles for that era. ( Some would be even today)  - Of course the new all conquering Yamaha TY 250 mono had just arrived on the market, and encouraged by his appearances on shows like the English Kickstart - Stan built some awesome sections, which required great skill and also courage to try.

This one shows Steve Day on the back board - which required precise timing   doing the “flick” turn - a cloe up of Steve’s eyes shows a hint of fear and impending disaster - but I think he survived OK. The large spectators loved these shows which were held all across Canada. - Local ones were held in Kelowna at the Home Show and also the Regatta. where hundreds of spectators enjoyed them.


This was 1890 not far from where we grew up in Wales - it’s the River Seven - first time this happened and maybe the last - but then again in these crazy weather patterns who knows.
May be a black-and-white image of 1 person and nature


Could be Quiz #2  What is that thing below the gas tank of the Norton?
May be an image of motorcycle and text that says 'Norton'


As we look ahead to 2023 - it’s nice to look back at a time when Trials riding was very popular in both the Okanagan and the Kootenays, - see how many old friends you can spot, at this Fruitvale  BC  Trial.
No photo description available.


Yesterday we had a really nice three way link via facetime  with some of my family in the UK - it was nice to chat to one of my brothers who I have not seen for twenty years. - ‘aint modern technology wonderful!!


Finally ! Big thanks to the brave customer who drove up on icy roads from Kelowna yesterday to purchase one of our new style Wulf Trials helmets for his son, who lives in Pincher Creek AB - He needed to park at the top of our driveway as it was like a skating rink!!

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