Thursday December 29th 2023

OK - The answer to the quiz pics from yesterday !!

#1 the gadget on the front mudguard is for collecting horse shoe nails that had dropped by the horses that used the old “Bridle-paths”  - some of which were used in the Scottish !!!( the paths - not the horses)  NOBODY guessed this ( surprise surprise) info came from John Moffat

#2 This is a tire pump - a standard fitting on  many bikes in the old days  ( also a regular item carried in the Scottish)

#3 The pic was taken at a trial we had at Dave Griffin’s place in Fruitvale -BC  lots of familiar faces - most of which Brett Clark got.

Jimmy Corkle a couple of local guys - plus Kevin Couves, Barry Van As - myself - Mike Seto - Graeme Manning and his lad - It was an extremely hot day +40 - I remember because I had heat stroke & passed out while riding a big rock section. Had to lie down in the creek to cool off. Oh yes I remember Barry also got a speeding ticket on the way home to Kelowna!!!


Results from the Yorkshire Boxing Day Trial - Clean sweep for Beta at the sharp end .


We have not heard if any Cannucks are entered for the 2023 Scottish  - This pic shows Stan working on his Scorpa at the 2022 event.
May be an image of 1 person and motorcycle


Memories from 1983 in Wales - The Transporter was supplied by Yamaha UK - I planned all this a long time ahead.

But who can name the riders ??
No photo description available.


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