Friday December 30th 2022

Well ! we didn’t get any answers to the Thursday quiz - the Group of Yamaha Team riders at the 1983 ISDE in Wales  were –Walter Short- Pat Horan Trophy Team - Bronze medal -( Young Lady)  Outlaw Dave - Bernie Graffunder - Junior Trophy Team -Bronze Medal - Chris Castles  Club Team - Bronze medal - Tony Allen Junior Trophy Team - Bronze medal -

As mentioned before this was a huge achievement  for the Canadian Team who finished second in the Junior Trophy or Silver Vase as it used to be called. - other members on that team were Blair Sharpless (CanAm) and Craig Kennedy (Husky)  - Plus  the team won the rarely presented Watling Trophy for the most improved Nation. -

Not to forget the other Canadian riders  who rode their hearts out Cam Whiffing- Phil Wiebe - and Tom Irwin  - yes there were other riders as well who deserve a mention Warren Thaxter and a couple of other young guys from Eastern Canada - Gerry Nielson from Alberta (rip) -  Sorry I forget their names. - ( it is a long time ago and I’ve mislaid my program)

Suffice to say that this was one of the biggest Motorcycle events that it has been my privilege   to attend - I was glad that I could help out by arranging our Yamaha Transporter and of course as this event was in my home Country we did get some help, - but not from Yamaha Canada which was unfortunate.

No photo description available.

-As anybody that has been involved with this type of organization will tell you - you start a long time ahead - planning is crucial, - We have been blessed with so many enthusiasts spending their own money to represent  Canada and wave the flag. -

At the 1983 event we teamed up with the Australian team   as they did not have enough support people - but - did you know that their Government pays their expenses to compete  at this level. Hello! Canada !!
Obviously this topic could become quite long and raise a lot of questions about any possible grants if indeed they were/are available

. All I can say is that our lads paid their own way and finished second in the World. I take my hat off to them and sadly remember some who are no longer with us-  Bert Irwin Team Captain, Jim  Kelly  - Gerry Nielson
.Quote of that week by Bernie Graffunder on the Wednesday morning at breakfast - “Dave now I know why you told us to practice riding Muskeg !!!

On to Trials stuff - not that anything is happening in the interior - but maybe the better weather  will entice some of our OK Valley riders out to Ioco - or maybe to Ross Rathbone’s Indoor  set up ??


Looking back at the 2022 year - It was really not that bad  in spite of all the covid restrictions - the two Shuswap events were well attended  ( Christy even came out to Martin & Julies Trial)

Looking ahead   to 2023 - It’s anybody’s guess !!  - we do have some new blood  in our Valley who want to help out - so watch  out for news on this.


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