Thursday January 19th 2023

Not our Valley - but maybe I should dig out our Welsh Flag to post!! ( I got it at the 1983 ISDE)
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Here we have a nice shot of the 1974 Yamaha Factory  “Cantilever”  TY 250 that Mick Andrews helped develop and then won the 1974 Scottish Six Days Trial  that year. - It was also fitted with a “Pumper” style carb from a snowmobile. - When Mick came to Canada later that year to put on Trials demos to promote the new standard TY 250 - I was given the job of setting up sections at Blackfoot Park - not an easy job as I had to haul in a bunch of rocks to hand-build  some stuff. - Glad to say this promo went over really well and with Walt such a great guy and Trials fan - we were soon selling a lot of these bikes.

Next up in 1975 we also had the task of setting up the first ever World FIM Trial in Canada, which we have mentioned before - but when Mick’s bike arrived prior to the event, I was surprised that he had brought his older TY Twin shock model, so asked him why this was. - The story is this - Yamaha Japan  were super pleased with the success of that early Prototype Mono-shock, but , because they did not want rival factories to copy it - they kept it under wraps, while they developed the all conquering 1984 TY 250 mono.   - Now you know the “Rest of the Story”  told to me by the man himself.
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Davey Craig sent me this link to a really good video which features many of the stars in a contest called   World Superbike  - in this riders from all aspects of Motorcycle competition go - head -to head in various  events to arrive at the overall points winner.  Check it out - it’s quite long but very interesting - with perhaps a surprise ending for some.



Emily is off on another adventure - this time back to the frozen North. - A few years ago Pat Horan invited me to go on a similar trip  to deliver gifts to the kids - I declined as the cold weather has never suited me, but we did supply a bunch of Outlaw Bakpaks for the kids, which were well received.
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Answer to the Wednesday quiz -  the lady rider is Olga Kevelos - on a DOT - she rode the Scottish Six Days every year until she retired - she also won a Gold Medal at the ISDT. - In her later years Olga was the UK rep on the FIM Board. - Nobody got it all correct some thought the bike was a Greeves a brand she rode for a few years.


Just saw this post regarding the CPTA - a good reminder that Canadian Trials cater to the whole family.

CPTA trials will include Women’s classes this season. Watch for more events for women, kids and beginners this year at Ioco. Trials is an inclusive, family sport for all ages. CPTA is focusing on rider development so get involved.
I  see they have had some snow in Wales and also quite a lot in Scotland, but it never lasts long - our weather in the Valley is staying fairly mild.
Shot of the day - just throw it away!!
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