Sunday January 22nd 2023

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Many of the older crowd will recognize the name Lane Leavitt - He was one of the first American riders to promote Trials, and was supported by Bultaco Spain.  - Lane was very good and rode the Scottish Six Days, plus the early World Rounds, including the first one we put on at Bragg Creek Alberta in 1975. - Later he married Debbie Evans, who also rode the Scottish on a TY 175. - Both work in the Film Industry doing Stunt work.

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Lane Leavitt

Thank you for carrying on this tradition of the British American Cup, Derek “The British” part of the name, and I ” The American” established this classic Trial in 1970, to show the Yanks, what a real English Trial was actually like. The very first British American Cup was run at Carnegie Cycle Park in Livermore and it poured rain all day, and it was a real English-style mud fest.
If you are “in the know” Trials are so different in the USA compared to England and Scotland. That section looks “Classic” just like I envisioned the British American Cup to be, all English no American except the riders. Again thank you for carrying on this British tradition, and keeping it a Proper English/Scottish style Trial. A tip of the hat to you, and I hope you are serving Tea at the end for all the finishers?
My other trial creation when I was with the PITS club was the Geritol Trial, which I began in around 1973 or 74 at the Redwood Road riding area in Castro Valley. The Geritol Trial was inspired by the British Grey Beards Trial, and it’s awesome to see that event still on the PITS calendar.
This year, I’m organizing a new event, this time at Glen Helen Raceway, in conjunction with The Moto-Cross Revival race in May. This race is Organized by one of the founders of the English newspaper, Trials, and Motocross news David Dewhurst.
Last year we did a Trials demo there for David, which was really fun. Then I had the rider I’m training Kalie Duncan, race her trials bike in the Moto-Cross race, where she kicked butt, which opened some eyes, that a Trials bike can go fast. Something we already know!
Tom Van Beveren my partner in crime organizing trials now, and I have decided to move our Classic Trial from Day in The Dirt, to the new venue at the Moto-Cross revival event. It’s at a better date, and It just makes more sense to go to the MX revival event, This trial will be Held at the Moto-Cross Hall of Fame at Glen Helen Raceway in May, and if we have fun, we will do it every year.
Why I like this venue and event better, is because they allow the Trial right in the middle of everything. While at Day in the Dirt, we got lost and got in the way of their busy schedule, so they never really welcomed the idea of a trial at their MX race. While at the MX revival, they actually are happy there is a Trial being included at the event, which is refreshing.
Last year our trial set-up was right across from the Yamaha Factory truck layout and being that Yamaha sponsored this race, it was fun for Debbie because that is her Factory team, and Yamaha has always been really kind to her. So she felt right at home.

On this day in 1940, the lowest ever temperature was recorded in Wales at -23C
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AND - in case you didn’t notice it !! We had more snow in the Valley yesterday !! - but as I always check the weather forecast, I did my running around into town early THEN  in the afternoon, I watched Trials videos on YOU-TUBE - and  while I really enjoy these - perhaps some of the best to watch are the “Trial Tube”  videos - Danny Butler does a good job of explaining  the features of the bikes he tests AND he is quite funny .  So what could be better?


The Shuswap boys got out for a ride on Saturday - managed to find a few clear spots.


I wonder how many people remember when 50cc road racers were buzzing around the circuits?   - Kreidler  were famous for their small buzz bombs - I recall “Hearing”  then seeing them in the 1950 ISDT in Wales  - they had 12 speeds and  the riders must have been shifting non-stop over the Moors.
May be an image of 4 people, motorcycle and outdoors

Quiz - Does anybody remember the name of the Irish rider who did so well on one of these ?


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