Monday January 23rd 2023

Quiz - Who is this rider ???
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Same rider different location - Doug Nimmo is watching
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Nobody guessed the Sunday quiz - the Irish  50cc Road Racer that had a lot of success - Ralf Bryans.

This was on one of the Joss rides - likely around 2008, as we are on Beta Revs. - Bob Clark was with us  that time - I think Taff supplied the beer!!.
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Yes we have ridden in the snow LOTS - and I wasn’t very young at this time - on route to the Joss Summit -( Can’t do this anymore as it takes too much energy- plus that Mountain is now closed to bikes - my last time was on my 75th birthday with Stan a tough ride for me - but worth the effort))
I remember one year when Stan was with us, and we ran into some snow - he asked me what gear I  was pulling on my Rev 3 Beta - I told him 4th and really I didn’t have any issues. Stan was on a Sherco which I always  found to be a real pig in the snow ( yes we sold them)

- We have always found the Beta to be the best in the snow - I remember one time we were up on Vernon Mountain - Barry was on a borrowed Gasser - I was on a 150cc Gasser and Adrian was on a Beta Techno - He was riding rings around us, while we were spinning everywhere. ( We swapped bikes and found out his secret right away)

This was quite a long time ago up on Vernon Mountain with Barry - Mike Crumly is riding in the ditch - not sure who took the pic.
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Blast from the past - this is the late Ron Harvey riding his Bultaco Matador at Chestermere lake -About 1969 - I think Ron had fitted some kind of chains  to the bike ( this was before we started used sheet metal screws) Thinking back - this was actually the first bike I rode when I joined the Calgary Motorcycle club, and Ron offered it to me to ride a spring Trial at Blackfoot Park - Not being used to icy conditions, or the bike, I don’t think I did very well.
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Some hardy younger lads still getting out and finding a few spots clear of snow>

This is Mike Philips from Vernon on his Beta Factory 300

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And here is his buddy - new to Trials - but having fun on his Beta.

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The Victoria Club Calendar is now posted on their website  or you can email me for a copy - the First Trial of the year is at the end of February.  Sammy King also has a Trials school happening in March.

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