Tuesday January 24th 2023

This is a photo of Mick Andrews in 1974 at Blackfoot Park Calgary, where we had set up a demo day to promote the new Yamaha TY 250. - Mick rode this section both ways - no problem.
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Sidecar Trials are still quite popular in the UK - here is UK TRS Importer Steve Saunders with his daughter Izzy in the chair.
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quiz - Who are these three World Class riders  checking out an Alberta section?

Answer to the Monday quiz - Kevin Couves - only Brett Clark and Harlow got it right
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Below is the link to the very good video interview with Team Hemingway.
Trial Tube - Honest Interview with The Hemingway's - DL12 Indoor Trial Reaction!

Another win for Tony Bou last weekend and more crashes at this indoor - ( see the big band-aid  on Marcelli’s chin)

Came across this old pic from 1985 which has a bit of a story to it - I was involved with Kelowna Yamaha at that time, and had taken a nice YZ 125 in Trade on the Friday - then after a bit of “Fettling”   rode it in the Danny Amor Memorial race at Bear Creek on the Sunday - This was the last Cross Country race that I rode in - and as you can see I won the very large Trophy presented by Danny’s Dad - Vern Amor. - Sadly I was not able to keep the Trophy and this was the only time that particular race was held.. - I sometimes wonder what ever happened to it after Vern passed on. I figured out that I would have been 49 years old at that time.  ( Danny was a a good friend and top Expert who died young of cancer - maybe that is why I was “On a mission” that day)
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