Saturday June 3rd 2023

Quiz for today - Who is  this rider on the Norton?
May be an image of 1 person, motorcycle and dirt bike


Big Hat’s off to Eric Kitchen - still out there taking photographs (not pics) at the Scottish. - He’s getting on a bit now.
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Another guy who’s now in his late 70’s but still being asked to attend Euro events as a special Trials Ambassador   - Good old Mick.
Mick Andrews, invitado especial en el Trial de Clásicas de Mesones


Nice to see Pete Bustin out enjoying his new TRS - Stan says - “He likes it” ( I’m sure a few will remember that rock at Ymir)
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Looking for a nice Vintage RTL Honda ? This one’s for sale in the UK for about $10 grand.

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First TT race goes ( or gone) today - will post results tomorrow. - weather in the Isle of Man has been good so far,


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