Sunday June 4th 2023

Just saw this great pic of the girls at the NATC Trial - I will hear all about it when Katie (Wulf) gets back

May be an image of 4 people and text

Posted this because it portrays what I think Trials loops should look like - not a paved parking lot - young Scottish lad Jamie Galloway jumps over a mud-hole on his TRS. 125.

As everybody knows, I have little interest in Electric bikes, but at least the new Mecatechno   looks good, but at BIG dollars.


Trial in Quebec this weekend - hope the Forest Fires are not close.
May be an image of 1 person, dirt bike, bicycle and text that says 'TRIAL NOTRE- NOTRE-DAME-DU-PORTAGE DU-PORTAGE RONDES 1ET 2 CHAMPIONNAT PROVINCIAL 3-4 juin 2023 ?? TAQ'


Nobody got the quiz yesterday - Brett thought it was Geoff Duke - but no it was an early shot of Jeff Smith on a Norton Trials bike


First TT win went to Michael Dunlop yesterday - more records broken,


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