Wednesday September 13th 2023

Quiz  - Who is this Fantic rider?
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Answer to the last quiz -  A young Jordi Tarres on the Beta  - Correct guess’s by Harlow and Brett.

Here is another post by Adam - on the TRS-Raga story - Sounds like he doesn’t want to retire just yet.  ( As the stomach turns!!)

At the end of the 2023 season I will no longer be an official TRS rider.
14 September 2015 signed up for TRS It was a great challenge for me from the very beginning, which required all my enthusiasm and effort, as it was a new project whose aim was to bring the bike to the highest level competition.
8 years later, and after many achievements conquered, TRS believes that the time has come to start a change of stage. Therefore, they have decided unilaterally not to count on me for the next seasons, without entering into any negotiations.
This decision, which I respect, has come by surprise and has caused me much sadness, as my intention had been to continue in TRS until my retirement.
This year has been very rough for me, with multiple injuries that have kept me from being 100%. But I’m still strong, competitive and eager to continue competing at the highest level.
I want to emphasize my most sincere thanks and appreciation to Jordi Tarres and TRS with whom we will surely keep the bond forged throughout all these years.