Thursday September 14th 2023

Quiz - Who is this rider and what is his “nickname”

Peut être une image de 1 personne, moto tout terrain, moto et texte qui dit ’MICHELIN 66’

Answer to yesterday - Steve Troupe from Ontario - no correct guess.


A perfect Trials section - the old way at my old club back in Wales. - While anyone who has set up a Trial knows, finding good terrain with a good variety of sections, is not easy - it takes work!!  - One thing I always tried to avoid, was making sections too long, and with a really difficult obstacle at the very end.  - As Barry used to say a Bridge ( Rock etc) too far. - This can be extremely frustrating to a competitor, who has had a reasonable ride through most of the section - only to fail just before the “End” cards. - Another thing we tried to do was not have more than three difficult obstacles in a section.
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More on the Raga-TRS Story

Since yesterday, September 12, the world of the trialistic web came to know that the sporting relationship between TRRS Moto and the multi-champion Adam Raga will end in 2023.
They both announced it with a personal statement, each with their own words, motives and thanks.
Results that, even on divided roads, will always be part of their common past and will know how to lead them enthusiastically towards new goals and aspirations. TRRS will gift enthusiasts a new amazing bennium full of novelties, many new products already in the drawer under the planning and development stage and Raga, on his part, will continue to amaze and excite the public and fans with his guidance, his mastery and his great sporting experience and human.
We at Trrs Motocycles Italy also want to thank Adam Raga for the great sporting work done in these years with Trrs, for the friendship and esteem that have always bonded us and that will remain unchanged, wishing him the satisfactory professional and personal future he deserves.
The CMA  TDN report >>
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After months of fundraising and training, the 2023 Trials des Nation event is complete, and the riders are making their way home to Canada, proud and passionate for next year!
Showcasing a women’s team for the first time in 15 years, the group that traveled to Auron, France was doubled in riding and support crew from 2022. The women’s team was led by Melissa Andrist
of Victoria, BC, with several CMA national titles under her belt, as well as Katie McGeachy from Vernon, BC, and Jaclyn Delacroix from North Vancouver, BC who are both only a few years into their trials careers. This event was the first world championship event for all the ladies, who showed some nerves on the first loop but came in strong on the second loop to produce good rides from everyone. The scoring, which takes only the top two scores for each section, does not reflect the improvement in every ride from lap 1 to lap 2. The severity of the event was a challenge, and we’d like to thank minders Steve Day and Christy Richards for some great saves. Despite the difficulty, the ladies are undaunted and already planning for 2024.
The men’s 2023 team was Alex Walton, of Mission, BC, Sean Bird of Port Coquitlam, BC, and Michel Fortin-Belanger, of Notre-Dame-Du-Portage, QC. All three riders have had previous experience at the Trial des Nations; although this was the first time they came together as a team. Practice the week before in Ancelle helped the team with working together and preparing for the terrain and altitude of Auron. They were assisted on the day by minders Felix Fortin-Belanger and Jean-Felix Fortin, as well as team manager Paul-Yvan Belanger (who has also represented Canada at previous TdNs). The men’s team finished ahead of 3 teams in the International Class and this result is just a taste of what this team can achieve. It was incredible to watch the team work together, and team Canada was certainly a crowd favorite with lots of cheering and support!
None of this would have happened without sponsorship and support from the trials community, especially our top sponsors and contributors LePage Millwork, True Mechanical, the Canadian Trials Initiative, Canada Pacific Trials Association, Windley Contracting Ltd, Beta Canada, and SpeechTech Ltd. To every Canadian (and further!) trials rider who purchased a t-shirt, came to a training weekend, donated to the Go Fund Me, or participated in anyway to any of our other fundraising events, thank you so much for helping us to showcase the heart, determination, and sportsmanship that the Canadian Trial des Nation team displayed this weekend. To Michael Traves in particular, and the Canadian Trials Initiative, thank you for your hard work in logistics, fundraising, and support of the Trial des Nations team, and your support of trials across Canada in general.
We look forward to the Canadian National on September 30/October 1 in Notre-Dame-du-Portage, Quebec as the starting point for our 2024 Trial des Nations team, and to a new season ahead for everyone.
We came across this while looking for other stuff - - can’t believe it’s  over 20 years  since I  first did the Joss Mountain Ride -
It was Mark Thompson who first got this started, when he called to look at Trials bikes - we had  one of each I think  at the time - but as usual, I asked him what he intended doing - Trial  riding- Competition etc -  - That was when Mark told me about this Mountain  way up above Three Valley Gap - called Joss Mountain. - He told me that in 1920 the BC Forestry Commission had sent a team with pack horses to build a fire lookout on this 8,000 ft peak.
Mark said the trail was still there, but too difficult to make on a regular enduro bike - so that was his reason for looking at a Trials bike.
Eventually I sold Mark a Gasser that we had, but on the condition that he took me on the next trip.
This is an account of that climb - perhaps the most breath-taking experience of my life and one that had me going back for more, a total of eight times. The last and most difficult because of my age - was with Stan on my 75th birthday. Perhaps the oldest Trials rider to have his name in the visitors book at age 75 -  ( In 2007 the forestry fitted a new roof and windows in the lookout- plus left a visitors book -( now some Mountain Bikers and hikers seem to think this belongs to them)
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After reading all the reports regarding the - lets face it - firing of Adam Raga - the bottom line is that although his  heart is still there -   maybe it’s time for  him to stop  competing at this level before he hurts himself - he now has a family and can enjoy riding Trials for years to come -
In my book - it would be better for Adam to perhaps continue with Jordi at a lower level - who knows even ride the Scottish again ?
I’m sure if the decision was just left to Jordi - things would be different - but when you have partners ?  Whatever is in the future for Adam - we wish him luck.

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