Friday September 15th 2023

The new 2024 Beta models ( except Factory) have been released, showing little change, but they do look nice.                  Don’t forget  we have SUPER deals on the left over 2023 models. call us (250) 545-6139


Here is a nice shot by Claudio of a Merlin rider - note the “Cheese-slicer” rims - outlawed by the FIM because they were deemed dangerous to minders. - Neat section.
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We have heard that there is a Trial this Sunday near Mission - Don Doerksen is the guy to contact for info see poster. - Katie will be going - she is one tough lady - just back from the TDN - she stopped by yesterday to tell me all about the trip. - ( She already has her name down to go next year)
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I have to smile when I look at this old TY advt - Yup those Mediterranean bikes!!

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The English Ladies Team - looking very happy after winning at the TDN in France - Emma Bristow (on the left) is now a 9 time World Ladies Champion.

And a good action shot of Alex Walton (TRS) at the TDN - The Canadian teams put in a HUGE effort to attend this event, and while they may have struggled a bit in this World Class environment - they gave it their all and did us proud, so hats off to both Teams and support staff,  plus lets not forget all the fund raising that went on behind the scenes headed up by Michael Traves. - No doubt the Quebec lads were a big asset being able to speak French, plus everybody else who helped make this happen. - Unless you have attended one of these  big International Motorcycle events, you have no idea just how mind boggling it is to be involved.


Quiz - What do the three former Factory Trials riders in the front row do now??
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Answer to the Wednesday quiz - Philippe  Berlatier - The Bear — Only Harlow and Brett - guessed this.  He became famous for Tackling a big German Checker at a World Round because he didn’t like his score !!  The German won. Philippe got disqualified.

Berlatier is now the TRS Importer for France. and won the new very first FIM Vintage Trial last year - finishing 3rd this year.

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