Saturday September 16th 2023

A shot of the Canadian men’s Team at the TDN


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WE still have this mint 2010 Evo 290 for sale - it’s on consignment and comes with the extra long ride kit ( Value $795 new) - it has very few hours on it and has original tires - plus heated grips ( yup that’s a first for us) - give us a call if you are interested the price is $4500, - no tax - ( firm - no hagglers)

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The way we were   -  but What was this riding style called by the Yanks???
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Answer to yesterday’s quiz - Donato Miglio has been the Trials manager at Beta for many years - plus he is the Factory spokesman for all the World Trials teams with the FIM

Thierry Michaud is now head honcho at the FIM

Steve Saunders is the UK Importer for TRS and the new Mecatechno

And the winners are!!!!!  Neil Carter  - Pete Varey- Brett Clark- Bob Clark - Harlow Rankin - Steve ORorke

So with the recent news regarding Adam Raga, and with him seemingly not yet ready to retire - What do our readers think he will be riding next year ??   (  I have a very good idea)

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