Monday September 18th 2023

As we head into another late week in September  - I can’t help remembering that classic  song about the Autumn leaves - although this is only likely recalled by the older generation  - It’s all about “The Autumn weather - turns the leafs to shame -  but I haven’t got time for the waiting game”    For many people this is the best time of the year to be out in the woods, with the brilliant colors.
Well we saw something of this on our Sunday ride over on the Westside - the new growth on the Fire break and the surrounding forest  - but a stark reminder of the fire two years ago..
I took this pic yesterday overlooking what was once a winery in the North Okanagan - you can still see the burned out vehicle in the distance. Also quite a lot of smoke in  the valley from the Forest fires burning.

Another shot showing Mike with his Beta Factory and my estart TRS - it was another hot day with temperatures in the  29-30 range - we were quite surprised to find a large water hole on this trail which got the bikes a bit muddy,

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Answer to the last quiz -  The new Trials technique introduced by a young Bernie Shreiber - ‘The full Floater” -a way of getting around tight turns in a section -  of course these days riders use the hop & bop method to achieve the same thing -  this  was correctly guessed by all regular readers. -


A blast from the past - this is a shot of a quite famous Welsh bard by the name of Tom Parry-Jones with his Motorbike in 1920

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Update - Just heard Katie got 2nd Intermediate at the Iron Mountain Trial yesterday !!! Way to go Katie.


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