Tuesday September 19th 2023

Results from the Iron Mountain Trial at Mission last Sunday  ( First three in each class -or less)


Rick Funk  Mont - 96 points

Karmyn Anderson  DNF


Bob Clark  TRS- 18 points

Bobby Shantz - ?  8 points

Katie McG - Beta - 28

Jarret King - Mont - 29

Snr 45

Cam Collie  Mont  28

Don Doerksen - Mont  47


Nick Goodrich  TRS  26

Dylan Alford   TRS  30

Dave Jenson  ?     31


Steve Day  Scorpa  23

Stan Bakgaard  Scorpa 28

Pierce McNeal  Scorpa  32


A Flashback to 2017 and out test riding our very first TRS at Bear Creek

No photo description available.


A flashback to the day when CZ built a Prototype Trials bike - but did not put it into production - KTM did the same thing, but this bike was ridden in quite a few events, including the Scottish Six Days Trial.

QUIZ  - Does anyone remember the name of the rider who campaigned the  KTM bike????
May be an image of motorcycle, dirt bike and text


Back in the day when riders used a lot of different ways to transport their bike to an event !!!!!!!

Quiz #2 - Does anybody know what the bike is ? ( I don’t even know what car that is - maybe a Saab?)
May be an image of motorcycle, dirt bike and text


Birthday greetings today to Emily Roberts - Hope you have a great day Emily ( we know you are down East for the Corduroy)


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