Wednesday September 13th 2023

September 13th, 2023

Quiz  - Who is this Fantic rider?
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Answer to the last quiz -  A young Jordi Tarres on the Beta  - Correct guess’s by Harlow and Brett.

Here is another post by Adam - on the TRS-Raga story - Sounds like he doesn’t want to retire just yet.  ( As the stomach turns!!)

At the end of the 2023 season I will no longer be an official TRS rider.
14 September 2015 signed up for TRS It was a great challenge for me from the very beginning, which required all my enthusiasm and effort, as it was a new project whose aim was to bring the bike to the highest level competition.
8 years later, and after many achievements conquered, TRS believes that the time has come to start a change of stage. Therefore, they have decided unilaterally not to count on me for the next seasons, without entering into any negotiations.
This decision, which I respect, has come by surprise and has caused me much sadness, as my intention had been to continue in TRS until my retirement.
This year has been very rough for me, with multiple injuries that have kept me from being 100%. But I’m still strong, competitive and eager to continue competing at the highest level.
I want to emphasize my most sincere thanks and appreciation to Jordi Tarres and TRS with whom we will surely keep the bond forged throughout all these years.
Will keep you updated over the next few days.
A pic from the beginning
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So looking at it from a Factory point of view - we know that Jordi and a few others, are not happy with the FIM World rules, so maybe they have just decided to say “To hell with it”  - or they are going to grab one of the young guys from Trial 2 who are now showing promise. - The obvious one would be Harry Hemingway or his brother George - or maybe a young Spanish lad.  - Toby Martin won the Trial 2 on a TRS - so maybe  he could be a possible choice?
The small factories can never compete with big money Honda, when it comes to signing the best riders in any of the motorcycle sports. - And now KTM own the GG brand - perhaps the whole Trials scene has just become too expensive??
Only time will tell, but to be honest I have little interest in this latest Circus - Like Walt used to say - “It’s whatever turns ya on”
Birthday greetings  today  to  Harlow Rankin and Glen Kemp

Tuesday September 12th 2023

September 12th, 2023


On September 14th, 2015, we announced the agreement of the six-times Trial (Outdoor & Indoor) world champion, Adam Raga, coinciding with the launch of our first TRRS ONE model. Since then, the goals reached have been many, technically, thanks to Adam’s work with the Technical Management (Jordi Tarrés) and the R&D team, and in terms of sports.
We want to emphasize our most sincere gratitude and recognition to Adam, with whom we will surely maintain a close relationship forged throughout all these years.
TRS MOTORCYCLES, S.L. - Jordi Tarrés.

Quiz - Name the rider!!
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Looking for a great deal on a new Beta or TRS - give us a call - ( limited stock available)  NOTE ! We still have the Mint Evo 290 for sale on Consignment!!
Outlaw main page images

Outlaw main page images


With no rain in the forecast, things are still very much up in the air as regards to any riding in the Valley - we saw on the news last night that another fire has broken out near Oliver, and as everybody knows this is a popular area for dirt bikes - so no matter what the cause - you know who will get the blame.

While a lot of people are now buying electric mountain bikes we wonder just many of these will cause fires out in the bush?


We finally got to see the full results of the TDN, and to me it would appear that this should be run as two separate classes similar to the World Rounds  - factory riders in one class - club riders in another. -


Monday September 11th 2023

September 11th, 2023

The TDN is  now in the history books  - but here is one really nice pic  of the Canadian Ladies Team - we can’t wait to hear the stories when Katie gets back !!

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And this pic that we just saw posted with the whole Canadian contingent.

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Here  is what is coming up in Victoria - must say I’m really pleased to see this being put on - We have heard that the CPTA also plan on hosting a Vintage Trial sometime in October.
May be an image of 1 person, motorcycle, dirt bike, scooter and text that says 'THE VICTORIA MOTORCYCLE CLUB PRESENTS THE APTED TRIAL (In memory of George Apted) CYCLE PARK 4192 HAPPY ROAD SEPTEMBER 24, 2023 SIGN 9:00 AM RIDE- 10AM TRADITIONAL SECTIONS EMPHASIS ON FUN Lower Parking Lot Only Entry Fee SPECTATORS WELCOME- FREE ADMISSION CONCESSION AVAILABLE INFO:-DAVEFIR 250-380-7137 SPORTS G(RIP) PoB'


In other  BIG news - we are also pleased to announce that the annual Thanksgiving Trial will go ahead in the Shuswap as usual at the Rathbone property - this in spite of all the devastation people will see as they drive into the area ( Oct 7-8)  - Great to hear this - we will post more details as they become available.

I can’t believe the birthday wishes to me - are still being posted must be over 200 now !!!


The CPTA Kids Trial appears to have been a big success - and featured some rather unusual tests!!


The Mintex Trial in the UK is always well attended and features a long loop   with natural sections - here is the winner - young hot shot World Champ George Hemingway. ( Beta)


Answer to the Sunday quiz - Big John Moffat riding his Father’s old AJS - only one correct response - Brett Clark


Sunday September 10th 2023

September 10th, 2023

The Trial site in the French Alps where the TDN is being held.

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Jean Philippe Lerda won both days of the Vintage World Championship event in  France on his very nice Yamaha.
Lerda lifts 2023 FIM Trial Vintage Trophy

QUIZ. Who is this rider ??

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Happy birthday today to Jordi Tarres who turns 57

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British girls win !!


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Saturday September 9th 2023

September 9th, 2023

BREAKING NEWS>  Stan Bakgaard joins Team Outlaw/TRS

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As many people involved in Trials might remember, we have been associated with Stan for a very long time - first with Yamaha - then a brief spell on the JCM - followed by a few years when we sold Sherco. -After we dropped Sherco in 2011 - (due to the factory cancelling our Importer with just a phone call Grrrrr)   - Since that time Sherco have been through at least three  Importers - and while we sold a ton of their bikes we simply do not deal with factories that have business ethics that we do not aggree with -  We gave Stan the chance to try the Beta Factory bike - but he didn’t like it mainly I think due to the left kickstart - Yes there are people who don’t like that.
-Now we have say that Stan is likely the most loyal customer that any dealer could wish for -  so we totally understood when he hooked up to ride a Scorpa as it was/is a clone of the Sherco and Cascade are a very good dealer/Importer. -

Obviously we hoped that one day he would decide to ride a TRS ,   However,  moving along, we are really happy to have Stan riding under the Outlaw Banner  again  - he will be mounted on a TRRS 280. - ( Just to show how loyal Stan is - he has always had the Outlaw decals on both his helmet and his bike - even though we didn’t sell that brand- that includes his last ride on the Nigel Birkett Scorpa at the SSDT) )
Thanks Stan - enjoy the new ride. - and a big thanks to Mountain MC for the back up service ( since 1993).
Quiz - Who is this?
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Answer to the Friday quiz - Toby Martyn - top UK rider ( world Trials 2 Champ on a TRS) -  - Pete Varey was first in - followed by Harlow.


The Beta Factory are once again proud to have a World Champion riding their  bike - and this is a 125 !!   George is the name and Trials is the game!!


And today all these teams will be competing in the TDN - can you see the Canadian Flag??  Good luck to both Teams.
A brief history of the FIM Trial des Nations

Nice to see the Vintage  Championship event happening in France utilizing  old style sections.

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Friday September 8th 2023

September 8th, 2023

Here is a great shot of our old friend Harry McKay at the Manx International Trial last weekend - he won his class which had 28 finishers - so well done laddie. - Harry has both his kids riding as well.
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And here is Harry with his two young bairns !! Trials is a family affair for the McKay’s of Aviemore Scotland.
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Answer to the Thursday quiz - Charles Coutard - who the Brits called Charlie Custard - A number of regulars got this Pete Varey was first in followed by John Kitchener  Brett-Bob - Harlow  who all got it.


This weekend is of course the Trial des Nations in France - a BIG weekend for our Canadian Teams , who have been practicing in the Mountainous area all week - We wish them all the very best of luck, and look forward  to hearing all about it when Katie gets back.

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Meanwhile back home - people are being allowed back home, both in the Okanagan and the Shuswap - this will be a very traumatic time for everybody, and heartbreaking for those who have had their homes burned to the ground. - I’m sure we will learn more about the devastation from our Trials friends as the days and weeks go by.

With Fires still burning out of control and no rain - our usual great Autumn riding season is going to be different for sure - we are hoping to do the Outlaw loop at Summerland at some point, but we can’t even consider this yet because of the rockslide closing the main Hiway South of Peachland.

Riding in the forest after a big fire has left everything all burned and black - is quite the experience - we did this after the big Fire of 2003 East of Kelowna, where the large rocks were white from the heat - making for new sections - also We held a couple of events at Green Mountain West of Kamloops, with a similar experience  - the once beautiful landscape quite bare with only the black stalks of burned trees.  Of course closer to home, we have posted pics from the Westside road area  showing  how quickly the new growth is shooting up around the black terrain just two years later.

The aftermath of a Forest fire can also lead to new hazards for bush riding - big tree holes can be hidden by the new grass and   bushes - also new clear areas can hide other dangers like barb wire - so be careful when you next visit some of these spots.


A flashback to last Sunday, when we were at Revvy doing a bit of Trials coaching with Emily and Mike - this shot shows Emily tackling a rocky climb, much more difficult than it looks requiring good throttle control  - she tried this numerous times until she got it right - also riding with a taped up shoulder from an earlier fall on her Enduro bike  so Kudus to Emily. ( She loves the new 2023 Evo 200) - Mike was a big help acting as minder.
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Quiz - Who is this rider?


Thursday September 7th 2023

September 7th, 2023

A post by Michel Traves regarding the TDN Team

Happy Trials Tuesday

All the hard work has paid off and the TdN team has arrived in France, they had a great time watching the last world round on the weekend. Then there was then a flurry of activity as the team decided last minute that instead of heading to Auron after the world round the preference was to go to Ancelle for a few days so plans went out the window and adjustments were made. I told the team that it was like when I ride a section as soon as the front wheel goes through the start gate my best plans are shot and I just try to hang on and enjoy the ride.

Huge thanks to all of the Canadian trials importers that have worked with the team and factories to see that all the bikes were delivered as expected !!!

Today there was some confusion on their first training day (but still a great day) … so there is an actual plan for tomorrow from the team:  9:30 at Ancelle Alpes Trial 10h in the mountain 12 back to the AirB&B Burgers or something else, quick and easy for lunch 13h45 back at Ancelle Alpes Trial 14h in the mountain Stop riding around 16h30 Back at the house for tune-up on the bikes. We’re picking up dinner ( sandwichs and snacks ) Back up the mountain for a dinner + sunset. All the bikes are tip top! Thanks to JF. We cleaned filters, fixed levers and all today. Only Jaclyn’s Vertigo could need some time tomorrow (as she is just arriving tonight). Figure out being outside around 8 to 8h30 in order to make sure the starting times can be respected. – Will be interesting to hear how it goes : ).


Quiz. Who is this rider ?

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Taff took this pic of me up above Trout Lake a few years ago - I was on one of my favorite Evo 200’s which ran just fine at 7,000ft. - Also along on the ride  were Chris Hrabb and Bruce Baker - fantastic day out.

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We have this very nice Beta Evo 290 in on consignment - very low miles and on original tires - you would be hard pressed to find one like this. - call me for more details

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I remember this advert - from back in my Yamaha days - the Americans told the Japanese that Trials was going to be huge - just like MX - - I told our Japanese guys the truth.   - I did meet Kenny Roberts - nice guy.

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Wednesday September 6th 2023

September 6th, 2023

Well we  were a bit overwhelmed by  all the  birthday wishes posted on the social media - last I counted there were over 150 - so a huge thanks to everybody who was kind enough to do this - special thanks to Katie Mcg -  who was the first to send an email from France.


No photo description available.

Nice pic of Michel Belanger with the Beta he will be riding at the weekend.  Looking sharp in the Jitsie riding gear.
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Congrats to this pretty lady who won the  trial 2 Championship in France on the TRS

The cooler weather is a welcome relief for everybody, but especially for the Trials riders anxious to get out for some practice - However please take care when you are out in the bush as it’s still very dry.


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Answer to the last quiz - A mug shot of Thierry Michaud the former World Champion Trials rider and now the guy who runs the FIM. - A lot got this including Stan and Cam Whiffing


Tuesday September 5th 2023

September 5th, 2023

Birthday greetings today to Steve Baker who shares this day with me - pic taken in Edmonton when Steve was inducted into the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

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Monday September 4th 2023

September 4th, 2023

Quiz - Who is this??
Profile Photo of Thierry Michaud

Answer yesterday - Bike was a Zundapp special. Pete Varey and Harlow   got it.

Results from 125cc class - Yes Young Jamie Galloway (TRS) won -  so good  on him


Who needs a new bike ? The old ones still win !
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Meanwhile back in what is usually the rain belt!   we went to Revvy and hooked up with Emily for a ride - plus delivered some parts to a Beta customer. Glad to say we had  wonderful day - practicing in the quarries . -thanks to Mike for doing the driving.

This section was much more difficult than it looks, Emily aced it.


They left the sign up!!
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Here is Mike on a tricky section with a step at the beginning - Emily acts as minder.


The Belanger Family and Katie pick up their Beta Evo bikes from the Factory Truck ready for the TDN next week.
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