Thursday May 9th 2019

May 9th, 2019

This is a shot of a typical section in the Scottish - lots of rocks - these gullies are also often  full of water which can become torrents. !! making things very interesting especially for the early riders. - The starting order changes each day, so that everybody has a “Early” day to keep things fair.

Most sections comprise of three or more “Sub-sections” - as you can see in the pic - this shows the second sub on this hill. - If a rider misses a section - he or she is docked 50 points.
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Tuesday was not a great day for the TRS Team riders as Iwan Roberts and Ross Danby both lost ten points - while this in itself is remarkable considering the degree of difficulty, at the top end, you can’t have a bad day and still expect to win when the competition  is so very good.

- I noticed that another well known Welsh lad Tom Sagar is also riding again this year - Tom switched to Enduro a few years ago and became British Champion. - His family lived about 3 miles from my hometown and I used to ride with his Grandad and Uncles. - Tom was going well in the top twenty as of Tuesday.

Great shot of James Dabill (photo by Nige Pearson)  after finishing his early day  on Wednesday with only 2 points lost - Dougie lost one and now is on 5 as is Michael Brown. - For comparison USA rider Dennis Sweeten has lost a total of 187 so far ( and Dennis has a lot of Scottish experience)
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Video from Day #3 by Bigfoot. >>>>>


From looking at the video clips from the Scottish - it appears that the top riders all use a lot of “Hop & bop” these days - and while the scoring is supposed to be “Non-Stop” - it appears that. they are not being penalized for a stop.


Today Thursday, the riders at the Scottish will tackle their longest day  - a total of 101 miles - they will encounter some difficult moor crossings and yes - they have a time limit each day in the Scottish so you have to keep going at a fairly brisk pace.  - An early morning ride through the Glen to Chairlift - can be hard if it’s raining ( about 30 miles)  - later they trek across the mud sucking bogs of Rannoch moor. - Yes it’s going to be a tough day


For more info on the Scottish - check out the website.
The Scottish Six Days Trial - Home


UPDATE: -  So far no changes at the top of the results at the Scottish - Dabill- Lampkin- Brown Roberts still clean for today. -  Dennis Sweeten still going in 140th position.


Wednesday May 8th 2019

May 8th, 2019

As it’s Scottish Six Day week  I thought we would show this old pic of Shane tackling a section we call Laggan Rocks a play on the name of the famous section in Scotland. - It’s in the Summerland area.

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This is Ben Hemmingway waving a leg t the top of Witches Burn - he is on a Beta Factory Evo 300 4T - Thanks to whoever took this great shot.
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So my Beta shipment finally arrived after being delayed on route from the East Coast, due to all the flooding - Well worth waiting for - a couple of Evo 300’s AND a 125 !!! first Beta 125 we have ever seen -  Could not wait to  try it around the yard - what a rocket !!! - It’s going to be fun doing a test on this against the Raga TRRS 125.
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Here is a shot of some interesting results from the Scottish back a few years - Beta sweep

No photo description available.


Quite a lot of video popping up on FB from the Scottish, where the weather looks to be holding up pretty well - saw Jack Price and James Dabill cleaning Trotter’s Burn - and Emma Bristow also stayed “Feet up” - Wendy McKay  posted a good one showing a lot of riders in trouble, but none of the top lads. - So now it’s time to check out the “Live Results” page for an update.

Update: - I see Dibs has dropped one so far today - the factory Beta 300 Evo he is riding sounds fantastic - different from the normal bikes.

Just saw the video where Dabill lost one - almost looked like a “Slack dab” - but very difficult section for sure. - For the information of new people to the sport -  The riders do around 100 MILES per day during the Scottish Six Day Trial AND all riders ride the same sections - there are no different lines for class of rider - although I don’t think anybody would consider giving this event a try unless they were at the Advanced level. - Also a reminder that the best result ever, by a Canadian, was by Stan Backgaard, who finished 13th in 1984.


Tuesday May 7th 2019

May 7th, 2019

No this isn’t a pic from the Scottish - but it very well could be - it’s actually in Stan’s back yard. - We have at least one similar section in the WTC National Trial on the May long weekend at Scotch Creek.
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Click here for the Outlaw Trials poster


Anybody traveling from the Cranbrook area to the Okanagan that could pick up a Trials bike for me? - I will help pay your gas.!!


.For people wanting to keep a check on how things are going at the Scottish - you can click onto the live results link each day >>> 2019 SSDT Live Results

This is previous winner James Dabill cleaning his bike after the first day - the bikes then all get locked up in the Parc-Ferme each night. - No outside help is permitted.

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Welsh lad Iwan Roberts TRS heads the field going into day #2 - James Dabill (Beta) also on a clean ride - Dougie dropped one -   Ross Danby TRS is also looking good after the first day.

I think this might be the first time ever that a Welsh rider has topped the results after the first day in Scotland - and certainly the first time for a TRS rider . - Of course it’s a long week and Iwan has had a lot of health issues the past couple of years, but we wish him all the very best for the rest of the SSDT. - James Dabill (Beta) was cruelly robbed of the win last year, when the rear tire came off the rim of his Beta on the very last section of the Trial. - talk about bad luck.  But that is what the Scottish is all about - you need a bit of luck to make it through the week.

Here is a pic of Iwan Roberts  ( Who lives not far from where I grew up) (courtesy Trials Central)

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Here is the video from day #1  by Big John Hird - remember the Scottish is all Non-Stop - and the  experienced Observers (Checkers)  are very strict. Check this out and see how you would score some of the riders.


Also click onto Jitsie who have regular  video updates  being posted while following their supported riders          -     ( including Dougie)
Note! We are now a dealer for all Jitsie products.


UPDATE:  James Dabill now leads - still clean so far - Michael Brown running second - Dougie has lost 3 & sits third - Iwan lost  a “Five” as has Ross Danby.


More news as it happens >>>

Monday May 6th 2019

May 6th, 2019

Sunday we went up to Scotch Creek to meet up with Ross and Martin. -  Andrew  Vipond picked me up so it was nice to get to relax. - I forgot to take my camera, so got Andrew to take this one with his phone - I think this was #10 on a really nice new loop which the lads have been working on for some time.  ( A huge thanks to Ross and his crew for putting in all the hours)
That’s Martin standing on top of the Expert step, while the old guy took a rest at the right.Image may contain: plant, tree, outdoor and nature


Useful info on using the rubber doughnut to change the rear tire - We have these in stock


Today is day one of the 2019 Scottish Six Days Trial - Carlos Casas from Spain will lead off - being the first foreign rider appointed to do this ( It is usually a Scottish rider) led away from the start by the lone Piper.

As usual the weather looks to be a mixed bag   - sun-rain- wind !!  Good luck to all riders especially Dougie Lampkin, who is going for his 13th win.

Here is a link to some Scottish Video posted on the Jitsie site

# jitsie

Parc Ferme - pic by Stuart Dosie
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Jordi Tarres is a pretty happy guy these days - Here he poses in front of a row of Xtrack models ready for shipping

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Steve Saunders ( in grey Jacket) has the first 2019 TRRS Gold model on display in Fort William this week.

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Sunday May 5th 2019

May 5th, 2019

Here’s a nice pic of some of the Outlaw bikes over in Alberta - at least they were out of the snow today>> That is Glen Kemp’s TRS in the foreground and it looks like Steve Doel’s new Factory Beta at the back.
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Every year - Big John Moffat arranges to have Trials models displayed in all the local business windows of Fort William during the Scottish Six Days.  Here is the Beta.

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Here is the Day #2 video courtesy   John Bigfoot Hird. - Lots of old big British 4 Strokes and Villiers engined        2 Strokes - All supposed to be manufactured before 1965 - BUT a lot are very expensive rebuilds.


This i    This a Pic by Ian Laurie   of Vesty at the 1979 Six Days - showing the old “Knees into the tank” style

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Dan Thorpe takes the win at the Pre 65 Scottish

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We are off to Scotch Creek today to deliver some stuff to Ross -


Saturday May 4th 2019

May 4th, 2019

Well!, day #2 of the Scottish Pre-65 Trial is now well underway, and looking at the very low scores from  yesterday, it appears to be another “nail-biter” - most of the bets are for local lad Gary Mac to take another win, but he has some tough competition. ( Check the blog from yesterday to see the results from day #1)
Weather is usually a factor, and in Scotland, the rain is always cold and comes at you horizontal !! -

More on this later >> plus check out this great video by Big John Hird >>>>link


Meanwhile - over in Wales - Heath Brindley and his buddies are enjoying some Trials practice on similar sections to what they have in Scotland. - This great shot shows one lad having a really good “Clean” ride on a vintage Fantic 240. ( Same bike that I just bought)

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Yesterday we had a visit from a nice South African gentleman, to chat about the sport - he has a couple of young sons, and was interested in learning what Trials involves  - Hopefully, he will decide to join, in what we consider a great family activity.

Unfortunately, my Beta shipment did not show up again, but I was able to show him the differences between the TRS and the Beta and give a small demo around the yard.

Here is a Flash-back from a few years ago, when my son joined us for a ride at Summerland - it truly is an amazing sight riding in this area when the flowers are out. - That was likely one of my last rides on the beautiful Beta Alp that I should never have sold.

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Friday May 3rd 2019

May 3rd, 2019

Were there any Canadian riders in the 1975 Scottish ? Here is a shot of the car park. Find your bike!!.
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The 2019 Scottish  Pre-65 Trial is well underway - it goes today and tomorrow, starting from Kinlochlevan to the sound of the Pipes.

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Here is a pic by Claudio of one of the most famous sections in the World - Pipeline. - Used in both the Pre-65 event and also in the regular Six Day Trial. - It’s long - quite steep, and difficult to “Clean” on either type of Trials bike.  - However we did see an earlier video from today showing former World Champ Irjo Vesterinen going “Feet up” all the way. ( Last time I spectated there was in 1972)
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Results after Day #1

No photo description available.

Yesterday I was in Kelowna delivering Opti plus picking up the Trials supplies from Paul the Printer - lots of stuff goes on behind the scenes when organizing events, but luckily we have a good Team up at Scotch Creek to once again host the Outlaw and WTC National on the May long weekend.

Just for the record - Saturday  May 18 , is The Outlaw Trial — Sunday May 19th is the WTC National - Monday May 20th  is the Vintage. - Start is 10 am all three days.

For more info - contact either myself or Ross Rathbone.

I plan on going up to Scotch Creek on Sunday to deliver the supplies.

Thursday May 2nd 2019

May 2nd, 2019

This is Wales - The land of Song and Trials  - and the place I grew up - this great pic by Heath is of Chris Stay, who has been doing so well on the TRS this season.
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Can anybody beat Steve Holcombe this year on the Beta Factory bike
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Four years ago - the World lost the great Geoff Duke - without a doubt one of the best Motorcycle racers of all time.  - I was lucky enough to shake his hand at a Club banquet that he attended as the honored guest, and saw him race many times. - Often on the Manx Norton which was being out powered by the incoming Italian  MV Augusta’s and Gilera’s   - Eventually Geoff got a factory ride for Gilera which is what he is pictured on today.        ( Photographer unknown)
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Incredibly, I can also say that I rode in an event that Geoff Duke won - A time trial near Chester, called The Picton -  in the UK - it was mud, mud, mud, and I got absolutely knackered   - I do however remember Geoff passing me while I was stopped trying to get my hands to work again. ( yes it was cold)

Geoff went to live on the Isle Of Mann - his favorite place - and as a tribute -  his casket was driven around the TT course on the day of his funeral.


Websites are great for information - but the info given out is sometimes incorrect - take the tracking of freight shipments for example - Yesterday I was expecting some Beta Trials bikes, which according to the tracking told me they were “on the dock” - trouble was the “Dock” was in Winnipeg - not Kelowna !!


Wednesday May 1st 2019

May 1st, 2019

We start the month of May off with a bit of a laugh, by watching this amateur video on Trials riding - I’m sure you will agree it’s quite funny.


The report from the Team Squid Trial at Ioco last Sunday - A good turn-out of over 40 riders. - Is now up on Trials Canada - Ross and Russel went down from the Shuswap and did well - Ross was in with some pretty big hitters for his first event of 2019 but did OK to finish Mid-Pack in the Senior Advanced - Russ had a really good ride to grab 2nd in the Inter.  - Click on to Trials Canada for all the results.

Expert winner Alex Walton tops six feet of vertical

Photo Credit Jeff Green.

My CP has been acting up lately and likely plugged with too much stuff, so I have started to delete some of the older posts, which take up a lot of space.


Check out these results - The ONLY time anybody other than a European rider has ever won the Scottish.
No photo description available.


Today will be a busy day - with a shipment of Beta Trials bikes arriving !!


Monday April 15th 2019

April 15th, 2019

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We had a good day out yesterday down the Valley - Met up with this group out enjoying a ride - couple of enduro bikes in there.

We later split with these guys and sent them on the easier long loop, while Andrew, Dale and myself took the lower mountain trail, which we guessed would need some clearing. Armed with only a couple of small hand saws, the boys had a  real work out, and a big thanks to them for doing all this work -the old trail is now passable, but still not a good one for junior riders. - We have had some brilliant sections along here in the past, including Grouse Climb. - ( Some of the older riders will maybe remember this one) - We will have a map to show people who show up next weekend listing the various routes.
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We saw a bunch of Sand Cranes heading North  - a wonderful sight - they make a loud racket as they fly high overhead in a narrow corridor each year.

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In other news, we heard that Tiger won the masters which is great to hear, we watched the action the first couple of days. - Also Stateside, It was Suzuki rider Alex Rins who took his first big win at the US Moto GP - narrowly beating out Valentino Rossi, after Marquez crashed out.