Thursday December 5th 2019

December 5th, 2019

Weather is quite mild in the Valley at the moment with the snow melting a bit in Vernon, but likely a lot gone South of us.

Enduro readers, will know the name Steve Holcombe, the British Enduro Champion, who rides for the Beta Factory here is a good read on Enduro 21 >>×8EAXhynmlh17mt20zNMXCcCRVKbA2fv10o5SNu26AItOleMNpzNnzmxSiPavvNUPlNGuKMSM2rJOw72O9YjzBg_EVElhsMp8v2VnqTd_A0pGDTbpNSb-shr8I0smCPYw7r8EDyzLIOIygJqg8kzFX_ua27BarDliKaHg9MH9TAHFnKycT9HmSWkfzp096u8fg4wzw8eCfGg3qPsCrZlOIzJJBvhIU8tsbG_9bU2nmom9NTTH7-cE_TcHRs-ERpfdNvu1KJ-KMJpIf-WIkOjcD_kEOerywJvhtqBMuOt0RCPzjY1RMfQAtAU01cWw58tucfIbJgG09d0X_3vJJ8Nyrb4MVJYBix_fvcz



Blast from the past Mr Bulto riding with his Grand sons on the Bultaco Trials bikes that he built with Sammy Miller’s help. - Those were simple days, no helmets no fancy gear - just fun.

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Today we remember Gloria - gone but not forgotten.
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I see that Silver Star Resort has been sold to a US company from Utah - not sure if this will effect the annual Rev Limiter event - will have to check with Andrew.


Wednesday December 4th 2019

December 4th, 2019

A lot of our readers, like to see some of the old stuff from the past - check out this advert.
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I had an email from a new customer with the comment saying  - “Nobody charges freight anymore”  - Well, I wish this were true, but the fact is freight charges have gone through the roof in the past couple of years with everybody - including Mail, Purolator , UPS -  etc -

We used to ship a lot of stuff via Greyhound, but of course this is gone.  We now use Ace Courier for shipping our Oil, which we do get a discount on, ( but it’s still not cheap)

While some large “on line”companies might well absorb the freight costs - working on volume - in the small Trials World this just isn’t possible as margins are slim, with most accessories Imported, from Europe.  We also pay freight on every new Trials bike we buy.  - Simply put, it’s a challenge to keep prices low for everybody, but we do our best.


Stuff for the Christmas “Wish List”
The Wulf Trials helmets we stock are both cool, and priced right at $159.95 - We stock them in most colors and sizes. ( Plus we have worn one ourselves for years)
New Wulf Trials helmet


The Wulf Trials gloves are a great price $25.00 and make a great “Stocking stuffer” - most sizes in stock.

Wulf Trials Gloves


Wulf Trials clothing comes in various colors - it’s made in Scotland and wears really well - check for prices with us as this varies,

Wulf Trials Gear


Sad news from the UK, with the reported death of Former Great “Scrambler”  Vic Eastwood.


We have heard from Roger Boothroyd, with results from the VMC Trial last Sunday  - they had 28 riders, with a few new guys doing well. - That is their last event for this year. Look for the story on either Trials Canada or the VMC site.


We have now confirmed that the WTC National (West) will be held at Scotch Creek on the May long weekend ( along with the Traditional Outlaw Trial)  New for 2020, will be a Champ line, with Ross and his crew looking after the set up.  Watch for more updates on the Calendar, once we have them.

As  usual we will  have our Easter Fun get-together at Summerland on the April 10-13 weekend.

Looking for a Christmas treat for one of the youngsters?  Olivier Bonnefoy in Vernon has the little  Oset for sale, that Jeremy rode so well  this past year. ( call me for his contact info)


Finally! If you like Moto X read this article on Roger De Coster  - A true legend, and an honest man, who tells it “As it is”    >>>>


Tuesday December 3rd 2019

December 3rd, 2019

This is Steve Troupe from Ontario, riding in the Santa Claus parade a few years ago ( quite a few)
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And these two pics are ones I took of the Yamaha TYZ Prototype  with the Japanese Test rider on board in 1992 at the Scottish Six Days.  ( Mick Andrews put one of my Outlaw Cross bar pads on the bike for a laugh)
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Anybody remember the Ariel Arrow?   It was a twin cylinder two stroke in a very futuristic chassis - one of the Photographers at the Newspaper that I worked at bought one, and I took it for a ride, quite fast for the day, and a guy by the name of Peter Inchley - raced one in the Isle of Man if my memory serves me correct.
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The very first Motorcycle race I attended as a young lad, was a grass track  and I was enthralled by the whole spectacle including the smell of the special race fuel they were using.
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How about this old beauty! from the 1930’s. note the hand gear change .
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Your Enduro video for today !! >>># Novemberkåsan


Note re: Shopping from our web pages - some prices have changed since  a few of these items were posted due to increased cost from our suppliers. Unfortunately we have been having some technical issues with the website and have not been able to update. Please email for a firm price on any accessories when ordering.


Monday December 2nd 2019

December 2nd, 2019

The Southern Experts Trial took place in the UK in what was a cold weekend, Steve Saunders was out supporting his riders.. ( As posted yesterday Steve would be happy with his riders finishing 1-2)
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No caption for this one !! Except Merlin  was bought by Gas Gas  & then disappeared  ( bit like Ossa) The wheels they had were banned by the FIM as being dangerous for the minders. ( maybe this pic as well!)
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This is a nice natural section in Wales - Heath Brindley (TRS) is the rider.
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Looking for Christmas presents ? these low pressure gauges are a great gift for Trials riders, and we have them in stock at $30. each.
Pressure gauge meter dirt bike


We had a nice chat with Sammy on Saturday - he is back in Golden, and we caught up on his plans for next season. With the cold weather, he was asking about using studs in the Trials tires - so I gave him my thoughts on that - yes sheet metal screws can help in winter conditions, and with Beta now using Dunlop might be OK - but the soft Michelin Trials Tires rip up very  easy - ( and they are super expensive)  Back in the 70’s we used these a lot on our Enduro bikes in Alberta, riding the snowmobile trails out North West of Cochrane    ( The sled guys didn’t like that)  Of course back then sheet metal screws were really the only thing you could get for ice racing, but these days they have special studs.


Here are the results of the Bradford Club Trial yesterday - no real surprise to see who won - but look a bit further down the results and you will see a couple of young stars of tomorrow - Dougie’s lad Sam and cousin Harry Hemmingway.

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Snow is the word today - looks like our season is over.


Sunday December 1st 2019

December 1st, 2019

Big news from the UK today, with young Toby Martyn signing with TRS - we have known about this for some time from our contacts in the UK. But were sworn to secrecy until his current Contract ended with Beta.  Seems Toby was not all that happy with how things were going with the Italian Team, and will now be the #1 rider for Steve Saunders, with full factory backing from Jordi Tarres and TRS Spain.

UPDATE :Toby Martyn won first time out at the Southern Experts Trial Today - Ross Danby (TRS) was 2nd.
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As we head into the cold winter months - many people will be spending time either in front of the TV - or on the computer looking at old Trials Videos .- So what I’m about to say will likely shock a few people, considering I’m a real Trials addict.

#1  The latest Hop & bop videos that keep showing up, to me are quite frankly  BORING!! - and if I’m saying this, I wonder what the average person on the street thinks? There is no question that the latest crop of stunt riders have tremendous talent.  But it all looks like the same thing, over and over.

I think all this stunt riding is better kept to Arena style Trials in front of  a paying audience.

( I used to like watching Formula One - but find this also very boring these day)

#2 The Electric Trials bikes  also, do absolutely nothing for me - (except for kids ) -I think for the majority of enthusiasts,  Motorcycles have always been about the sound and the smell - not that bikes need to be loud, it’s the way they sound that I have always found exciting, from single cylinder Road racers, like the Manx Norton, to the Multi Cylinder Italian models. - Even the crackle from the stubby exhaust on the two stroke scramblers from the 1960’s was a thrill.
Now obviously some of the younger folk, will say - “Oh that’s just the old man talking”  as indeed it is,  - However, I do keep a close eye on all aspects of the sport, as I have for many decades, and what I see happening at the moment - certainly is not attracting new riders.

What is working, are the family style events using natural terrain for all abilities with the main ingredient being “FUN”.  - Did you know that 60% of all Trials bikes sold, are never used in Competition?  That’s why I think the new Xtrack model from TRS will be popular, especially with the electric start.

Trial on the Island today - see poster >>

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We took one of these TR34 Betas in trade many years ago, and although I don’t think I rode it any events - I remember being impressed at how small and maneuverable it was. - I think this was the first Trials bike with an expansion chamber, which enabled top riders like Jordi to sling shot up steep rock walls.Image may contain: outdoor and nature

Here’s one for the Ladies >>

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Helmut Clasen posted this from 1962 at the ISDT - showing the large Optimol banner - he mentioned that all the riders using this oil back then , finished the event. ( This has not changed today  we still Distribute this fine product)
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This is the last Beta Evo 80 Junior in stock for this year (all sold out)  It would make some youngster happy under the Christmas Tree. ( These are a very good investment for Parents as they hold their value)
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And finally today - Looking for some training tips?  check out the RYP videos on U tube  RYP TV : MotoTrials How To #1 - Walk and Ride … - YouTube


Saturday November 30th 2019

November 30th, 2019

The last day of the month, and already the Christmas lights etc, are going up - this cold snap will keep the snow away, but once it warms up, I’m guessing winter will be with us for real.  ( -12 this morning)
While we think Christmas has become over commercialized  - we hope everybody gets the presents they are hoping for - We are shipping out lots of Trials stuff, and still have a Beta 80 that would be perfect for any youngster.

Being pretty much retired, the bad weather doesn’t bother me too much, not like when I had to drive all over - life on the road was tough, especially when working for myself on a limited budget.


This is a pic taken by Roger Boothroyd, at the FIM World Trial that I set up West of Calgary, back in 1975. - The rider in the foreground is former World Champ ( and winner of the event)  Yrjo Vesterinen - while our old friend Pete Smith can be seen  sitting on the Kawasaki close behind. - I think the USA Honda rider is the late Joe Guglimelli and  the rider to Pete’s right in the pic in yellow gear, is Lane Leavitt
'We think this is a pic of Charles Coutard on the Sherpa T that Vesty recently recovered. - This was taken at the FIM World Round in 1975 near Calgary Alberta.'


For the folk already looking to next season, perhaps check out this link to the Scottish Six Days site - lots of info available here. >>> # ssdt      and this one that shows Dougie >>>># jitsie


Next week the Jurassic Trial in Costa Rica takes place - this appears to be getting more and more popular, with riders from all over the World attending.  - From looking at some of the pics from last year - the event certainly seems to be held in some wild and exotic terrain - with bikes being ferried across rivers etc.


Chatting to somebody the other day about riding and the difference when you get old - when you’re young, you look for the toughest stuff to ride - when you age - you look for the easy way .

And because I like airplanes - thought I would post this neat shot.
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Here’s a great shot of the late Ulf Karlson, showing perfect form doing a Floater turn - arm up & inside leg into tank . He was World Champion one year.
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Friday November 29th 2019

November 29th, 2019

Meet Chuck Connor from Salmon Arm - no not THE Chuck Connors the film star who played in a lot of TV movies - But a retired guy, who has decided to give Trials riding a go.  - We had a really interesting conversation when he visited our shop to pick up this great Evo 300 4T - I learned that he has hiked up Joss a few times, plus other Mountains in the area. Chuck has a couple of other bikes, but I’m guessing these will now take a back seat to the Beta.
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Here is another super old Scrambles pic from the past - a Two stroke Greeves and what looks like a BSA. ( Greeves rider might be Brian Goss)
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Another BSA - the “Gold Star” in what was called “Clubman’s trim” - these were very popular in club road races, interestingly, you could buy the same basic bike in “Scrambles” or “Trials” trim.

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Rumors and News ::

Sherco sales for Canada, now to be handled by RYP USA ?

Former Canadian Trials Champ - Mark Cahill has bought a used Mont 4RT ?


Did you know that Honda only bought the Montesa Factory ( who were shutting down)  because they wanted to sell their Scooters in Spain? - And that was the only way they could get around the Spanish Import rules.

Got to love this shot of Kenny at the San Jose Mile in 1976 - pic by Dan Mahony
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Very cold today -14 in the Valley Brrrr - but still dry and supposed to warm up a tad next week.


Thursday November 28th 2019

November 28th, 2019

Anyone who has attended any of our WTC Trials in the Interior for the past few years, knows only too well just how our Support staff of Julie and Judy, have worked to ensure everything runs like clockwork. - To say that we are fortunate to have these ladies looking after both sign in and the results has made our events on a par with the best in North America.

In winter months, Julie (and Martin) are fully involved with the Crowfoot Snowmobile club, and she has recently been recognized for her huge contribution to this sport - Congrats from all of us. ( I notice they list Julie as being from Vernon - but of course this is incorrect)
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Here is a Heath Brindley shot of young Chris Stay - doing what all the youngsters like to do at the BVM Test day. ( BTW that’s his Dad sitting reading the Trial Mag:)
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Check out this old bike - very popular back in the day.
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This is a neat video >>  I was at the 1961 TT in the Island.


So Wednesday turned out to be a cold day with a very keen wind, but that didn’t stop the customers from visiting us - We were happy to meet Steve & Sherry from Kelowna, who moved out from the Island some time ago, and with Steve already owning a Mont trials bike, it was time for Sherry to check out the new TRS Xtrack, and we now have one of the electric start models, with her name on it. - Later Chuck from Salmon Arm stopped by, and after taking the Evo 4T around the yard - he was sold, and will pick it up today. ( His first Trials bike)

This thins out the herd pretty good, ( The bikes have been going out the door fast lately)  but we still have a few great end of season deals going on, so if you are interested - give us a call.

Wednesday November 27th 2019

November 27th, 2019

After World War Two, money was short, but it was perhaps one of the best times to get into Motorcycling - cheap transport and cheap sport.- We used the same bike for everything - just changed tires, sometimes gear ratios etc.  Most Trials events were held during the winter months in the UK - lots of muddy sections, with many of the top road racers of that era competing to hone their skills and keep fit. - Riders, like World Champ Geoff Duke and John Hartle used to enter our local events, and were very good.  This pic is of a Scottish rider on a Greeves struggling to get through a mud section.  - I put a similar section in the FIM World Trial back in 1975 and saw a lot of  “Steam engines”  - Although this might seem strange today - remember that back then, Trials was classed as a test of Machine Reliability and the Stamina of the rider ( Hence the long loops of around 50-70 miles)
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One of the large Trials dealers in the UK has a demo day happening this weekend, and Steve Saunders will be there with all the new 2020 TRS bikes - including this lovely electric start Xtrack model.  We have a new 2019  version ( without the e start) in stock and they are simply gorgeous. - Feel free to stop by & take a look - but best to call first.

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Here is a great Chris Sharp pic of Bernie Schreiber from the Classic Trial he rode in Scotland a couple of months ago - perhaps the most talked about thing on the web - has been that Bernie actually has his finger on the clutch. - he has been very vocal about riders using the clutch too much.   But of course on the old bikes these never worked very well anyway, so that is why a smooth throttle and making use of the heavy flywheels worked the best. - Now, I can’t ride without a finger on the clutch - the modern technique is much better in my opinion, making everything much easier. without the need to resort to any circus acts.

Interestingly, I only ever owned one SWM - and sold it very quickly, as I couldn’t get along with it at all at the time.
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Tuesday November 26th 2019

November 26th, 2019

Here’s a great shot of Dave Fair presenting Steve Day with his new 2020 Vertigo - Steve still rides amazingly well . ( Note: Steve wears a Wulf Helmet & uses an Outlaw Toolbelt)
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How about this old pic - must be quite rare, but captures the spirit of what Motorcycling is all about.
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The pic below was taken at the 1994 Scottish, and I posted it, because that Beta Techno was in my opinion, one of the nicest looking bikes of that time.  I sold my first one to Barry Van As who loved the bike, but broke his leg in an Industrial accident soon after, so we sold it to one of the “Hippies” from Grand Forks ( who is now dead) - Some people didn’t like the up-side-down forks, as it restricted the steering lock. but cosmetically it was outstanding - (Also the bike used by Takumi Narita in that wonderful all action video from that era)
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Sun is shining beautiful in the Valley today - cold, but no snow !!!  I might get one of the bikes out for a ride around the yard - just because !!

Honda have won the 2019 Baja 1000