Thursday March 7th 2019

March 7th, 2019

Well the weather has finally warmed up a bit - a couple of degrees above zero, so Wednesday, I took a long overdue visit to the Barber shop !! The one we have in Vernon, has 4 barbers on staff, and are always busy, but even they have felt the downturn in business due to the long cold snap.

Unfortunately the warmer temperatures, also brought more snow, so we won’t be going anywhere today !! When will this winter from hell end?

I must say that like everybody, we have had enough of winter and want to get out on the bike - obviously other people feel the same way, and we have started to get calls on both Beta and TRS, with this next month looking pretty busy. - We have stock coming in on both lines of Trials bikes, which will take up our limited space - (already a bit crowded)


Here is a short video, of a guy setting up a nice natural section for a Trial this weekend in Cheshire England - Gotta love this one >>>>>> post


It’s Steve Colley’s birthday today - so thought I would post this old photo  - wonder how many people can name all the people? - ( I know I can)
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Wednesday March 6th 2019

March 6th, 2019

Here are some results from my old club in the UK - no I don’t recognize any names !! - But I did ride this annual event a few times, ( back in the 1950’s) - that just goes to show the history of these events.
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Now this looks a bit like the section Ross had in for the Memorial Trial last year !!  - think this is in Italy. with Team Beta.
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News from Round # 1 Spanish Championship.

Sondre “Gekko” Haga and Jordi Ramonet climb to the top of the podium in TR2 and TR4, respectively. Adam Raga has been fourth in TR1.

Arnedillo has been the location of the first race of the 2019 outdoor season. Adam Raga arrived in this town just a few hours after winning the Indoor Trial in Nice, France.

Adam Raga had a good race, but with some additional mistakes that took him away from the fight for victory in an easy race. Finally, fourth position in TR1, close to the podium.


Here is your video clip for today .>


Yesterday, the weather was still very cold at -17 but it was nice and sunny in the Valley, so I made a trip up to Sicamous to deliver a 45 gal drum of Opti Injector oil - At least the sled & snowbike people will be happy with this very long unusual winter.


We heard from Roger at the VMC, that their Trial went over well last Sunday, with a total of 40 riders ( Including 4 kids) He said the weather was cold on the Island. -Look for results on the Trials Canada Website.


Although it is still very much like winter - a lot of people are starting to come “Out of the woodwork”  and phoning or emailing on Trials bikes.  - Some models like the Beta Evo Factory - are very limited, so if you are interested in getting any of the 2019 models - better get on it really quickly. As always we have a full stock of parts and accessories ready to ship out.


Tuesday March 5th 2019

March 5th, 2019

Another photo from the Scottish Six Days - “Laggan Locks” has been used unchanged  for decades.
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This is a waterfall not far from where I grew up - a very popular  tourist spot & called Llanrhaeder Pystel ( don’t ask)
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Another pic from the 1983 Six Days in Wales, showing Pat Horan at speed on the Walt Healy Yamaha TT 600. - We needed a 600cc bike for the Trophy class team, and as I could not get one from Yamaha Canada, Walt stepped up to the plate ( As he so often did)
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Steve Holcombe (Beta) won the first round of the 2019 Enduro Championship held in Italy last weekend.
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Some interesting results from the UK - Well done Ben Hemmo ( Beta Evo 4T)  beating his cousin Dougie.

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Monday March 4th 2019

March 4th, 2019

Can anybody name this section ? Hint - it’s in the Scottish Six Days every year.
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I know I’ve posted this before - but it just came up again on FB - Our Yamaha Team at the 1983 ISDE in Wales - Walter Short, Pat Horan, myself, Bernie Graffunder, (?) Chris Castles. Tony Allen.
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Jonny Walker won Round #2 of the British Enduro Champion on Sunday - Graeme Jarvis was not entered for some reason.

Saw this classic photo on FB -
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Looks like they had a good turn out in Ontario at the “Grand Prix de Snow”

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Cody Webb took the win in Texas.

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Sunday March 3rd 2019

March 3rd, 2019

Now this is a nice Norton - new model & only 40 built for the UK market.
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Yesterday we had a visit from Steve Taggart and his lovely wife Jill  - we haven’t seen them for a few years, when they were traveling through to the coast and dropped off a Sherco for me to sell - Anyway, after spending a few years out on the Sunshine Coast  - they moved to Naramata, and from what I hear this is a wonderful riding area. - Steve is buying a TRS Xtrack, which will be ideal for the type of riding he wants to do. - Steve is another older ” Born again trials rider” so we are looking forward to some great rides this year. ( Old guys get to ride during the week !!)

Guest of honor at the Highland Classic Trial this year, is Bernie Schreiber, the only American to win both a World Championship and the Scottish Six Days Trial.
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Here is your video link for today >>>> post


How about this nice old Francis Barnet? restored and still used. - check out the bulb horn mounted on the front. Also fitted with modern foot-pegs and tires, etc.
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Steve Saunders is in Jersey attending the Annual two day Trial , and is riding an Xtrack this year - we will post results after the weekend.

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A bunch of Cannucks  were in Texas this weekend for the “Rev Limiter” race - I saw some of the video and it looked like a tough one.  - Steve Foord took the 45 A class win, and Melissa Harten finished 2nd in the Ladies class - Both were on Beta RR machines. - Chris Hrabb from Revelstoke grabbed 9th place in the 45 a class.

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Saturday March 2nd 2019

March 2nd, 2019

A little Welsh Humor !!! On another very cold day.
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Good video clip on the TRS Xtrack. >>>>>> post


So you thought you would like to ride the Scottish eh?  (Hint - Hop & Bop don’t work worth a shit on the moors)
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This is Steve Taggart, who used to ride Trials back in the 70’s in Alberta, after spending his life doing some globe trotting, he has settled down and now lives in Naramata, and with access to some great riding - he decided to buy himself a TRS Xtrack.
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I see that Adam Raga beat out Tony Bou at an Indoor Trial in Spain last night - Benoit Bincaz was the 3rd man on the podium.
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Friday March 1st 2019 “ST DAVID”S DAY”

March 1st, 2019

A very Happy St David’s Day to all my Welsh friends around the World.

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This is a photo I took of Shane back around this time in 2017 - the TRS in the foreground is a 250 model, while the weather and snow conditions were great on this day - this year, Shane will instead, be jumping on a plane to Hawaii.  And who could blame him, we have just recorded the coldest February in History in Kelowna.

Ironically, over in the UK - which includes Wales, they have just had their warmest February for decades.
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This is a great shot of Theirry Michaud (Fantic) at a World Round back in the 80’s - look at the crowds. ( Nice natural section)
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And this is another Fantic shot, this time of Beta UK Owner and former World Trials competitor. John Lampkin. - Check out the lever positions - both John & the Fantic team seemed to like them really high. ( Also note that John is not wearing gloves) - John Lampkin was a top rider, until a bad car accident left him with a broken leg. - We see that he ( like a few former “Greats” is returning to ride in Classic events) - I think this photo must have been taken at the Scottish, as John has a face mask on his goggles - very popular back in the day for riding in Scotland where the long road stretches in driving rain were and still are, hard on the face.  - They were designed for MX, but soon after full face helmets became mandatory. - Another bit of news regarding John, is that Stan Backgaard used to stay and travel  to World rounds with him in the early 80’s

And finally, as most people know, John is the cousin of Dougie Lampkin.
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Thursday February 28th 2019

February 28th, 2019

When it comes to general news on Motorcycle Sport - Trials tends to be in the same class as Speedway, or  Hill Climbing - Very little news is posted, except by people involved in the Sport.

Small wonder then, that the average person who sees the World Videos that are posted on the Social media gets the wrong idea about what Trials are all about.


Pat Horan posted this pic as a memory of Cross Country racing back in the day  - the starts were often a bit chaotic, when the shotgun went off - In this shot you see Al Perrett getting a bit sideways (#2) while Pat is over on the right on a Yamaha. - Not sure where the race was held..
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This weekend will see the Annual Snow event put on by Lawrence Hacking in Ontario - they usually get a good crowd out for this, as enthusiasts try to shake off the winter blues. - Unfortunately it appears they will be getting  quite a lot of snow, for this one.
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Also on this weekend >>
Trials Demo’s at the Nova Scotia Bike Show in Halifax

Here is the schedule for trials demo’s at the Moto Show in Halifax:

Friday, March 1 5:00-5:30pm TRIALS 8:00-8:30pm TRIALS  Saturday, March 2 12:00-12:30pm TRIALS 4:00-4:30pm TRIALS 7:00-7:30pm TRIALS  Sunday, March 3 12:00-12:30pm TRIALS 3:30-4:00pm TRIALS                             

Stephen Howland of Beta Canada has mentioned that he will have a couple of demonstrator bikes there, so it should be fun


I have chatted to a couple of would be customers this past week, on getting into the Sport of Trials, and once again the subject of “What is it all about” came up - both had clicked onto the Social media, where Trials is portrayed as a Stunt Show, done mostly on the back wheel, so it came as quite a relief for them to learn that No - our club Trials events are not like that, -  in fact you could say that the World Trials events, are a different sport entirely.

With this in mind, we would like to remind everybody, especially the new riders, that we will be out at Summerland on the Easter long weekend April 19-21 - for a FUN time with routes and sections to suit everybody, from beginner to Expert. - We will have both Beta and TRS bikes there for people to try under supervision.  We will post more details nearer the date.


There are not a lot of advantages  to getting old - but if you are a Motorcycle enthusiast, remembering the bikes from the past, might be one of them - This is a photo of Sammy Miller’s Museum, with the wonderful V8 Moto Guzzi in the foreground. I was lucky enough to see two of these race in the Isle of Man, back in 1957 - when “Dustbin” fairings were popular, but were later banned as they proved to be dangerous in cross winds.

I can still recall the amazing sound as they passed by on Sulby straight at over 100mph.
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A special birthday wish goes out to my brother Don in the UK today on his 87th trip around the sun. - Don rode Trials with me back in the UK, and later when he was over on a visit, I was able to take him for a ride up on Vernon Mountain - I think  he was 72 at the time. -

This pic shows Don after a 75th birthday flight in an RAF Tornado flown by one of his former cadets. ( Not many 75 year olds get to go through the sound barrier in a jet fighter- I heard it took a lot of “String pulling”)
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More news as it happens


Wednesday February 27th 2019

February 27th, 2019

We don’t get this Classic mag - but maybe we should, as it’s full of great articles and photos.

This cover shot looks like Bill Wilkinson on the Greeves ( fitted with conventional forks)
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Check out this video - the guy is amazing on the Fantic - ( Very trick)


Still very cold in the Valley -19 last night and not warming up a lot this week - The old saying of “March comes in like a Lion, and goes out like a lamb” - might be true this year.


Here is the final rider entry list for the 2019 Scottish.

The complete entry list for the 2019 Scottish Six Days Trial, which will run from Monday to Saturday, May 6th - 11th, has been released by the organising committee following the passing of the final date for payment. A total of 286 riders have been accepted, including those lucky to have been accepted from the official reserve list.

The entry includes the most successful SSDT rider of all time, reigning and 12 times winner Dougie Lampkin - Vertigo. Doug said recently, “I am burning to win another Scottish to equal a record of World Championships set by Spanish racer Angel Nieto. He won 13 titles but being superstitious he called it 12 plus 1. It would be really cool to have 12 plus 1 SSDT victories.”

One black spot is that no fewer than 20 riders failed to take up their offer of a ride and worse, failed to contact the organisers to say so. This is simply unacceptable and not fair on the riders on the reserve list who face the uncertainty of not knowing if they’re in or not and face ever-rising accommodation costs as the event draws nearer.

That problem aside, the stage is now set for another epic head to head battle between Lampkin and fellow Brit, James Dabill - Beta, but there is a very strong line-up with the likes of brothers Dan and Jack Peace - both Sherco, Jack Price - Gas Gas and Michael Brown - Gas Gas.

The Continental threat looks like coming from young Spanish rider Francesc Moret - Honda Montesa whilst countryman and former Scottish winner, Amos Bilbao - Honda Montesa makes a popular return.

No fewer than nine Ladies are proud to take their places including reigning Women’s World Champion, Emma Bristow - Sherco and German challenger, Theresa Bauml - TRS.

With such a large and diverse entry it is inevitable that there will be a few more changes before the start of the 2019 edition of the Scottish, but this is the definitive list as it currently stands.

Note: After checking the list - the only name from this side of the pond I recognize is Dennis Sweeten from Portland.

Tuesday February 26th 2019

February 26th, 2019

It won’t be long until the season gets into full swing, in fact the CPTA have already had an event, and the VMC Trial goes this next weekend. - Check out the dates listed below the WTC Logo to plan your year in Trials
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March 17th - TRS Trial  at Ioco -BC - CPTA

April 28th - Outlaw/Team Squid Trial - at Ioco - BC-CPTA ( Round #1 Outlaw Series)
May 18th - Outlaw Trial - at Scotch Creek BC - ( Round #2 Outlaw Series)

May 19th - WTC National (West) - at Scotch Creek. BC
May 20th - Outlaw Classic Trial - at Scotch Creek.  BC
August 3-4 - Cow Patty Trial - Rocky Mountain House. AB   ATRA (Round #3 Outlaw Series)

September 1st - Bustin Bonanza Trial - Ymir BC - (Round #4 Outlaw Series)

For other upcoming events, check out the various websites plus this one.


This is a pic of James Dabill on the Beta Evo 4T - Not sure if he plans on riding that in the Scottish, but he seems to like it. Ben Hemingway always rides the Beta 4t in the Scottish.
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I saw this nice pic of one of the Nanaimo Club riders, out having fun, in somewhat slippery, and unusual weather on Vancouver Island. ( Looks like a neat area)
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As most people know, we have been making these Outlaw Tool belts since 1987 - all hand made in the Okanagan - We used to supply them to the bikes shops, but now only sell them direct. - We have sold them all over, and perhaps the most famous Trials rider to use one back in his Beta days, was Dougie Lampkin -  We still get emails from people telling us they still use theirs after 20 odd years, still in good shape.  ( Guy Smeeth used his about six times in Scotland)
No photo description available.

This is the “Stan” version - smaller with bottle carriers and straps for a pump or light jacket.
No photo description available.

For long distance riding, we make a very good back-pack ( designed for our first Joss ride ) it holds 3 gas bottles and has a waist belt to keep it secure. - These are all made to order and can sometimes take 4-6 weeks for delivery, so if you want any of these belts or bags - get your order in to us asap, before the busy season starts.