Wednesday October 6th 2021

October 6th, 2021

This old pic of me just popped up on FB - it was taken in 1971 by John Whitby and I was riding one of the many creek sections that we had back then in our long distance Trials.  - I think I might have won that event. ( Note the high front fender as we always went through a lot of muskeg in Alberta)
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Nobody came up with the correct answer to the two quiz pics we posted yesterday - in the first one - it’s Gerrit Wolsink -Barry Sheene and Roger De Coster. - The Trials rider with the big smile is Mick Andrews.


I hope many of you took the time to check out the video selection from yesterday - The Jitsie one of Dougie and young Alfie is brilliant, and the one from the Trial in the South of England shows just what type of mud sections they usually ride. - Lots of others on U Tube - including a great Jitsie one of the 2019 Scottish - Dougie did not win that one, it was James Dabill who overturned his bad luck from the previous year and took the top spot on the podium, for Beta.


Video for today >> Leven Valley Classic 2 Day Trial 21 Day 1 Day 1 of the Leven Valley 2 Day Classic Trial 2021Featuring Steve Colley as Guest Rider


More Wulf stuff arrived yesterday, and we noticed the costs have gone up - especially on shipping, so we will need to pass these increases on. - Not sure how these changing times will effect the 2022 Beta models that are due in at the end of the month.

You only have to visit the grocery store to realize how prices have   gone through the roof - plus gas in BC is expected to be up by 10cents a ltre today.  - I went into town last night and filled up the van at $1.43. - but one station was already posting $1.57.

Tuesday October 5th 2021

October 5th, 2021

Seems Face Book had a World wide issue yesterday which resulted in a lot of people  being cut off  ( including us)   - This may also have been the reason some people could not see  of the pics on our blog.

Anyway quite a few got the answer to our quiz - which was fairly easy - Jeff Smith and Roger De Coster .

How about this one??
Name all three riders relaxing at a Moto Cross event.
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And who is this smiling Trials rider - not usually seen on a Bultaco and an old one as well with the radial head.
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Looks like the new Sherco Distributor in the USA either has a large Trials Team, or has given away a lot of T Shirts!! - Ryon Young of course did a wonderful job for the Brand Down South and we also sold a lot through our Importer from 1999 - 2011 . - Good bikes, but we elected not to sign up with the new Distributor - a wise decision as it turned out as the brand has gone through two or three since then, with parts a bit difficult to get.
We will have  Pete Brown’s 2003 Sherco  290 ( Cleaned up)  on display at the Brown Memorial Trial this Sunday -

No description available.

Please note that we will not be there on Saturday, so if you need something for your bike or body - best get in touch - Also if you need directions to Magna Bay - shoot us an email.

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Pat Smage took the 2021 number one Trials plate Stateside one more time.

Who ever thought that the gals did not ride Motorcycles in the old days. take a look at this pic - wartime dispatch riders.
The Flying Wrens: All-female British dispatch riders of WWII


Video selection for today > Scott Motorcycle Trials Aka Scott Reliability Trials (1919) Item title reads: “Yorkshire - 80 Motor Cycles - compete in “Scott” Reliability trails over extremely difficult course”Yorkshire.WS. Two riders attempting to…




41 years ago World Class  MX rider Malcolm Davies , was killed while competing in a national Trial.  - He was very successful riding Bultaco machines.
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Monday October 4th 2021

October 4th, 2021

This is the Terry Good Museum of Classic MX bikes in the USA - A big opening event was held last weekend with a ton of old MX riders and Champions - including Roger De Coster, and Bob Hannah - Jeff Smith and others.
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Quiz for today - Who are these old guys?

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Seeing this pic, reminds me why I became a Beta dealer back in 1993  !!!! I can still remember the call I got from Don Clark “Dave how are you getting along with that Yamaha?” - Next Day I became a Beta and GG dealer.
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Yesterday I was over the Westside - out for a ride with Roy to check out the area after the Fire. - Glad to say that most of our trails are fine, but  a large fire break has changed the landscape a bit - I had the Go Pro recording all the devastation. - This is just one spot - we rode through a lot of trails where each side was black - all the rocks - black, but it’s amazing how nature rebounds and we saw green bushes amidst all the decay.
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This is part of the long long Fire Break - which cut through our natural forest trail system.
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It took a couple of detours, as everything looks different in places, but we eventually found the Ridge of Sorrow. and what a spectacular view - it was great to just sit ( I got the chair - some bastard had tossed the other really important one down the hill  - we had a wonderful day, which has been a long time coming. ( Yes that’s our TRS Xtrack in the foreground - fabulous bike)
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results from day #2 at the Ontario CMA Nationals. - It seems Sean Bird had a nasty crash . - not sure what the Final results will be  but maybe Alex Walton is the Expert Champ.

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Team TRS at the National in Ontario -

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It’s that time again - The Famous Scott Time and Observation Trial - not held last year due to the Covid - but all set to go this year. - Advertised as the “Greatest One Day Trial in the World” - it is always oversubscribed and it takes a good man (or woman) to finish the 80 mile race on the Yorkshire Moors - throw in about 70 sections, which would likely make some of our Experts go pale !! and you can get the picture - Yes to finish the Scott is an achievement. - Your reward if you do well !! A silver tea spoon !!!!!!!!!
In 1972 I started a Scott type event in Alberta - the idea was to try and get members of our Calgary Club to get together at one event, so they could “put their money where their mouth was”"  - We had a lot going on in Alberta at that time - MX was getting quite big, as was Cross Country racing -  there were the Flat Track boys and lastly these new funny talking guys wanting to promote “What”

Of course I knew all about the Scott. and although I never did ride it - I did ride the Welsh version. -  Anyway - my plan was to have about a 30 mile loop ( before KM)   with just ten sections, which I figured should work.

Surprise on that day back in 1972, was that we had a ton of riders - I’m sorry to say I can’t remember - how many -  but they arrived on MX Huskys and CZ’s - and lots of other odd bikes. - It was interesting that the following Wednesday night Cub Meeting ( The Calgary Club had  a club house on the shores of Chestermere Lake ) - It was amazing to see - all branches of the sport mingling together after the general meeting  was over, chatting about what a fun time they had. -
The object of a Scott Trial, is that riders leave at one minute intervals, and your overall time is recorded at the finish - In addition, a rider’s score in the Observed sections is noted and compiled with time to record a final total.

I remember that Bob Sadownick won that first Alberta Scott Trial - and I also recall that he came flying into the finish on his Bultaco Sherpa T and knocked over the table where Babsy was doing the scoring.
The Alberta event continued for a lot of years, and I was lucky enough to win it twice, but when I moved to BC - in1981 -  it seems enthusiasm fell by the wayside - maybe the new guys just didn’t understand.


Answer to the Quiz yesterday - Manx Norton, first called the Manx Grand Prix  - started life  in 1935.  - The other bike is a 1920 Royal Enfield. - Only Roger Boothroyd got the correct answer - but he did it via wilkieleaks,


Sunday October 3rd 2021

October 3rd, 2021

Two photo quiz pics today - one easy, one not so easy !!! name the bikes and the year they were first produced.

Nurse Flora Ferguson with a motorbike which she used to visit patients in Inverness-shire in the 1920s.


Mike Hailwood on the Honda 297cc 6 cylinder.  - Lots of posts and comments about Mike on Social Media. - I was lucky enough to see him at his first race in the 1950’s at Aintree near Liverpool - Can’t remember what he was riding but might have been either a Mondial or an NSU. - He had-  “Ecurie Ecosse” painted on the Fairing, which is French for “Love of the Sport”  - His early years were spent racing with Dave Chadwick in South Africa during the winter months ( Dave was sadly killed racing)  - Later in 1961 I was in the Isle of Man to see ( and hear) Mike howling the Honda 4 down the Mountain, to where Babsy and myself were watching at Hillberry -If I close my eyes I can still hear that sound!!
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More Nostagia from Trips overseas. - I can’t remember which magazine this went in, may have been Cycle Canada.
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Jonny Walker  is getting to grips with his private Beta Team - on the podium yesterday .

May be an image of text that says 'RESULTS 24MX HIXPANIAHARD ENDURO -OCTOBER1-3 3,2021 1. BILLY BOLT 2. 00:49:279 JONNY WALKER +00:00:274 DOMINIK OLSZOWY 4. +00:01:221 WADE YOUNG 5. +00:01:964 MARIO ROMAN 6. +00:02:200 ALFREDO GOMEZ 7. +00:02:402 TEODOR KABAKCHIEV 8. +00:02:993 MANI LETTENBICHLER 9. WILL HOARE +00:03:224 10. +00:03:273 MITCHELL BRIGHTMORE +00:03:520'


Indoor sections everywhere at Magna Bay. - Just choose your line.
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Looking for a Trials bike ?  New - Used - We can help - give us a call.

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Looks like Sean Bird ( Scorpa) took the win on day one at the CMA National - with Alex Walton (TRS)  2nd and Felix Belanger (Beta)  3rd  -  Sounds like they had a very wet day, and scores were high.May be an image of 3 people and people standing

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Saturday October 2nd 2021

October 2nd, 2021

The weather on Friday for my trip around the North end of the Valley, was gorgeous - there is simply nothing I like better than a drive or ride in the Fall on a nice day, seeing all the trees turning color.  ( But the traffic was horrendous - lots of street bikes)
This pic was when I stopped for lunch in the Shuswap. - Our daughter has a trailer parked just around the corner in Cottonwoods Campground.

I got to visit with Ross while in the Scotch Creek area and checked out  the huge tent that he has erected for both the upcoming Trial and Indoor winter practice - The guy is a real work hound. ( And a dedicated Trials Promoter)


This weekend the CMA are hosting a “National” Trial in Ontario - not sure if anybody from the West will attend, but the Quebec Beta crew will be there, likely telling stories about their trip to the TDN.
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This pic that just showed up on FB - reminded me of a time when I was helping Zoli  Junior at a Mission MX - it was raining   big time and really muddy so  I suggested to Zoli ( using all my Trials experience) that we should let some air out of the tires !! Sounds like a good idea - BUT it didn’t work and Zoli  was on his nose. - I can still remember him coming back into the pits mad as hell - and saying  “that doesn’t work” - BUT Zoli never, and I say NEVER - would  criticize.  - We remain friends to this day.
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Remember when the Nazi’s tried to build a Spitfire   ? - It didn’t work and this Prototype was destroyed in an Allied bombing attack. - ( They stuck a big nose and a Daimler-Benz engine on a captured Spitfire)

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Friday October 1st 2021

October 1st, 2021

Well !  the month of October means that it’s time for us to start on our Opti Snowmobile oil deliveries !! Yes I know, we can only reminisce about a Summer full of Forest Fires and Covid restrictions !!

Trials events and riding, have been shut down for most places for many months in BC, and we can only dream about things that “Might have been”   - Today, I’m off up North to deliver Opti Injecter oil and visit Ross to drop off stuff for the upcoming Trial on Oct 9-10.

We have had a number of people contacting us regarding the Trial  with concerns regarding the Covid 19 restrictions, and obviously with an upsurge in cases these need to be addressed.
Anybody that plans on attending this event should check with Ross regarding any directions  and special requirements -he is the Private Promoter and  as  it is on his property, he is the person to contact if you have any questions .  - Phone number is (250) 371-1380. -
I’m happy to say that we have heard of no health issues after the Revy event,  so  it looks like we dodged the bullet on that one.

We  did  receive this Government Health Info - which will hopefully explain the current Status as it pertains to events. - It would appear that we are operating under the posted guidelines.


Yesterday I zipped down to Kelowna to pick up the printing for the upcoming Trial, deliver some oil - then came back via the Westside road - the first time on this route since the Summer Fire Storms.  - Everything looked pretty normal as far as Valley of the Sun, where I stopped for a coffee with Roy, who told me all the horror stories of both being evacuated, and the current issue they are having with Bears in the area.

After leaving his place, I turned on my dash mounted Go Pro and filmed the devastation   done by the Forest Fire, very eerie to see some houses, untouched but surrounded by scorched & burnt up forest and littered with  blackened vehicles - especially on the Indian land. -  It was also good to have the Go Pro on, as I had some idiot turn in front of me as I approached the main hiway. - Luckily my reflexes are still pretty good, but my language on the video is not!!!

And talking about idiots!!! Check this out.
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I’m so glad some folk post these old reports of how things were back in the day - The Brits have produced so many World Class  riders, in all branches of the sport.
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Thursday September 30th 2021

September 30th, 2021

Below you see a pic of Outlaw Dave taken 17 years ago at a Classic Trial in Stony Plain  Alberta.- I’m riding a TY 175 that I had tricked up a bit with a Sammy Miller tank/seat unit plus other stuff which I don’t remember. - The bike worked really well and I had good success with it, before I sold it to Mark ONeil. - You will also note that I am wearing the old traditional Trials gear, much of which I had especially made in the UK. ( Pic by Steve Richardson)
No description available.

Like anybody who has been riding in competition for any length of time - I’ve accumulated quite a lot of hardware - a lot plasters the wall of my shop with others either in boxes hidden away someplace or given to clubs for recycling. - However, none are more precious than these few that have somehow survived all the moving around over the years, including the trip across the pond, I know that I still have the first ever award that I won in a Trial back in 1956 someplace, but it’s not one of these, although it looks very similar.

Back in the old days, you did not know how you had done at a Trial on the day, and would only get this result, by checking out the National Motorcycling Newspaper the week after - where all results of the previous weekend events were posted.

Don’t forget that in the 1950’s - most Trials had an entry list of around 100 riders and everybody rode the same line, so at many Trials you were competing against the top “Works” riders.

Here are a few that I found, notice that they always engraved your name on the award, which you received in the mail a few weeks later.  - It took me a minute to remember the name of the B&B MC club. - I think it was Broughton and Bretton - from the Cheshire Center. - WMC may have been Wrexham. - and as I recall the cup was for finishing runner-up at  a  Trial in Wales. - Ah! yes - lots of memories.


Below you see a pic of Sammy Miller  - note that Sammy is using “Body Lean” or as the Americans called it “Body English” to avoid running over the section ends card. - If he had knocked that card over, it would have been a “5″ mark penalty. - We often neglect to explain the rules at riders meetings, but I did remember to do this at the Revvy event. -
No description available.

And one of Mick - showing the importance of body position - no hop & bop in those days.

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Check out this video link as it pertains to the suggested hook up between MCC and CMA - It will obviously get mixed reaction especially from BC where many of the top Trials riders in Canada reside. - On the plus side, at least it’s something, and only time will tell if in fact any clubs West of Saskatchewan decide to join any new alliance. - The bottom line is that most  Western clubs have now forged ahead with their own event Insurance, and do not need any National body except for any rider wishing to participate in either the Scottish Six Days, or the Trial Des Nations. - I think we just need to keep an open mind, and hope that any new joint Administration is for the  good of the sport.

On a personal note - I take my hat off to anybody that spends their own money and goes over to Europe to compete. -

Wednesday September 29th 2021

September 29th, 2021

This is a great shot of Revvy Rider’s Florian Schott on his Outlaw Beta a few years ago - Flo has now moved on to a TRS Xtrack and also put on the recent  Outlaw Trial at Revelstoke.  “Stylin”
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And what a great Trials pic this is of Gary MacDonald riding a sponsored Triumph Cub at the Leven Valley Trial last weekend.  Gary only lives minutes from where all these great sections are, so does have a home town advantage. He is the most successful  Scottish Trials rider “Ever”
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Yesterday we caught up on  the news from the Hare Scramble at Castlegar last weekend - a bunch of local Vernon riders went down and enjoyed what will be the only race for this year - Andrew Christiansen, told me that it was a tough event, with 70 riders, - he also mentioned that he got 2nd in his class and that Emily Roberts was there as well, riding in her second cross country race. - no doubt the full results will show up someplace soon.


Yesterday was also a day to make contact with a couple of old friends - I called Jimmy Corkle to see how he’s doing as we all get older - Jimmy has had some medical issues, but glad to report that he still gets out and about driving his Russian Sidecar outfit, visiting back country lakes and streams to do a little fishing. Yes he still has his Beta Evo and we have shared some great times over the years when I was a Traveling man - Jimmy’s place backs onto a Trials riders Paradise and we have lots of memories from riding there on a variety of bikes.

video for today  >>> Corduroy 2021 Big Iron Moto 4K Experience the 2021 Corduroy Enduro in first person along with some cinematic coverage and interviews (including one of Corduroy legend Blair Sharpless). Sta…


So with October and  the Ross Rathbone 2 Day Trial coming up - a reminder that due to the increase in the cases of Covid 19, we would prefer that only vaccinated people attend. - We need Ross and everybody else to stay safe and healthy.


Pic shows Bob Hannah bunny hopping his Team Mate back in 1974 - I remember we had those Yamaha  Bicycles at our Dealer show that year, and Stevie Baker & Bill McLean were riding them up and down the stairs at the Hotel.

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Tuesday September 28th 2021

September 28th, 2021

Here is a pic from last weekend’s Leven Valley Trial in Scotland - would you believe that  this Two Day Twin Shock event was over-subscribed ( all Pre-Entry) by 170 !! Yes you read that correctly - Classic Trials in Europe are HUGE - maybe because they run more of the old style sections which don’t require stunt riding, plus they are more suitable for older riders. - We have also heard that there are talks of a new Twin-Shock club opening up in Edmonton.
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Trystan Hart was the big winner at the Corduroy Enduro in Ontario - the young man from Invermere is on a roll.

We just received this pic of the huge Tent, which Ross has erected on his property before the Thanksgiving and Brown Memorial Trials coming up on OCTOBER 9-10. - I suspect the local gang will also utilize this for Winter training .

No description available.


I remember seeing a lot of riders in this predicament  back in the 70’s racing in Alberta Cross Country Races. - Mel Skaar was usually on the other side of the Creek shouting “Cross here”  - then of course killing himself laughing when they drowned out.  ( That was one thing you learned real quick - never trust Skaar)
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And this was just posted from the Corduroy Enduro last weekend - been there done that - !!

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Monday September 27th 2021

September 27th, 2021

The British Championship round in Wales last weekend was sponsored by Wulfsport - the gear that we have been Importing and selling since1995 - Lots in stock - Helmets, Boots, Clothing. - all great quality at very good prices.
After losing the top spot on Saturday by a single “Dab”  New World Trial 2 Champ Toby Martyn made no mistakes on Sunday and took the win on his Steve Saunders Sponsored TRS - In fact the Trial 2 Class was also a TRS win with Ross Danby doing the job.May be an image of motorcycle, outdoors and text that says 'WULFSPORT ACU TrialGB Supported By point T& Autocare Network Round 8 26th September 2021 Hafren Dirt Bike Club Glyn Hafren, Llanidloes Official Programme MHS points TMX SHERCO SCORPA m TRRS'

Toby Martyn jumps out of a Welsh Stream - pic by Heath Brindley.

The Alberta Ladies cleaned up at the Corduroy lst weekend - here they are on the podium.
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We were surprised to get a nice email from Andy Huddleston, who was a former contender in the World Trials scene riding a Hamilton UK Yamaha. - Outlaw supplied Andy with a Toolbelt  and we later met him at the 1995 UK World Round. - We kept in touch over the years, and he stopped in to to see us a couple of years ago, with his family. - He sent us this pic of himself trying out a very nice TY 175 at a Trial ( dressed in his Mont gear!!)

He mentioned that when he got to ride this bike it reminded him of his visit to our place and seeing our TY 175 which we have parked in a corner of the shop. ( Although ours is very stock, not all tricked up like this one)
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