Friday September 11th 2020

September 11th, 2020

Did the PDI on the Goldie yesterday and noticed this is #99 out of 150 special editions, made for Worldwide Distribution - So NOW I know it must be good as it has that famous Hockey number of “The Great One”  -

This bike oozes quality and really is a credit to Jordi and his Spanish Team. - I will be taking it out for a test ride this weekend and will file a report - all pretty exciting for the old guy. ( It has a carbon fiber air box and other lightweight parts)
I was lucky to have my kids buy me a Go Pro for my birthday and hope to have that figured out this weekend as well.
No photo description available.


The winning TRS Team will be in Spain this weekend for what the FIM are calling Rounds 3-4 of the 2020 World Trials Championship.  - Now I noticed that Australian Roadrace Champ Casey Stoner posted on FB questioning why  the Moto GP events are also being called the 2020 World Championship, when in fact all the events in the shortened series are being held in Europe !!!!!  I think he has a point.


The weather in the Valley continues to be fantastic - cool mornings then sunshine later - perfect time of the year, and although we are getting some smoke from the Fires burning South of the border, it’s not bad.


We had word from Roger Boothroyd  that their new book  ” The first 100 years of the Victoria Motorcycle Club”  will be going to print  very soon and should sell out quickly.  The VMC is one of the oldest established clubs in Canada, with a wonderful history. - Check with the VMC if you want a copy.


The Nova Scotia guys have been hosting some closed to club -Trials events lately, with small entrees and social distancing - these are all very low key Fun days with Michel Traves doing most of the organizing.


The caption for this pic just posted on FB is “Real Trial” - and I think that says it all - especially for the older crowd. and Look at the spectators standing out in the pouring rain.  I’m not sure where it was taken or by whom - it could be a World Round as the riders have “Bibs” .
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Famous Road Racer and general”Crazy guy” Barry Sheene, would have been 70 today - had he not died of Cancer many years ago - Barry was the original “Play boy” - Wine women and song- and unfortunately cigarettes which likely caused his demise.  - This video shows his lifestyle - at a time when there were so many great riders battling for the World Championship. - His big Daytona crash which he was very lucky to survive have been well documented, but not so many people might know that Barry refused to race in the Isle of Man - because he said it was too dangerous. - In the 1970’s he was on Suzuki and up against Steve Baker and Kenny Roberts on Yamaha, plus Agostini on the MV. - Did you know that he started his Road race career on a Bultaco?

check out the video >> #HappyBirthday


Thursday September 10th 2020

September 10th, 2020

This is a shot from 1969 showing the charge to the first corner at a Scramble, with Jeff Smith (BSA) leading the way. - Although some of the newbies who look at these old pics and videos (8 or 16mm) might smirk a bit at the seemingly slow speeds etc - remember that the bikes back then were HEAVY and only had about 4″  suspension.

It wasn’t until the Japanese entered the market with lightweight exotic two strokes that things changed - and soon these super trick factory bikes were stored away - after the “Claiming rule” was brought in ( not sure what year that was).

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My very special birthday present arrived yesterday a 2021 TRS Gold Edition 280 - we also got the last of the 2020 Raga 300’s for an Alberta customer!!  don’t they look gorgeous ?  Goldie also has the estart with the battery behind the headlight. I weighed both bikes dry - stock Raga 300 =150 lbs - Goldie =153 lbs


Today is Jordi’s birthday - and I’ve figured it out correctly -he is 54. He must feel very satisfied at how well his bikes are selling Worldwide, and also getting great results at all levels.

Here he is goofing off with Adam Raga and Philippe Berlatier.

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Here’s a better pic of Jordi.

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Another big Trials Event has been cancelled - The only smart thing to do as far as I’m concerned - especially as this one usually had hundreds of riders on Vintage bikes.

Lets not forget what happened on this date 19years ago

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Wednesday September 9th 2020

September 9th, 2020

This is Terry Hyde from Vancouver Island with his gorgeous BSA Gold  Star - Back in the day - BSA built this model in Trials Trim- Scrambles Trim or Road race trim - It sold all over the World and was also used for Desert racing Stateside.  I never did own one or in fact ever ride one - I did know one of our local Road racers, who got killed on one in the Isle of Man when the oil pump failed, and my brother in law Scrambled one.
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Turk sent me this pic of Bill Smith receiving a trophy from Sammy Miller at a Trials school near Seattle many years ago - Bill lived on Vancouver Island and was a top rider in all forms of competition.
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This is David Tye in the Scott Trial - He was a BSA Factory rider and often rode our local Scrambles. - his younger brother Johnathon joined the RAF and flew Vulcan bombers.
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Today we are expecting a shipment of TRS bikes  - so looking forward to that -  Gord Rinke will be dropping by to put his together !!  - The 2021 Beta Evo’s will not arrive until November.


Weather is cool in the early hours, but the forecast is still for +30’s until next week. - We are getting some smoke from the fires burning South of the border.


Tuesday September 8th 2020

September 8th, 2020

A rare pic of Steve McQueen browsing through a Motorcycle shop someplace.  - Comerfords ?
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Image may contain: motorcycle, text that says 'Freddie Frith 1938 Bray hill.'

And Freddie lived to be an old man  - what a great pic.  - Anybody that reads this blog knows what I think about the Isle of Man about great racers like Bob Mac -Mike  Hailwood - the list is endless - I’m so glad I was able to see them in my lifetime  - quite a few times -  I urge anybody that has a Tag on their “Bucket list” - Do it - You will not believe it.

I have never been a Sidecar Fan - but just had to post this - wonder how he talked his young buddy into riding in the chair>

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And another young rider on one of the new TRS ebikes


Here are  Ross & Emily  - Listening  to Sammy’s instructions on bike set up and body positioning ( check out those neat rim tapes I put on the Evo 125 - thanks to buddy Nick Hellings for those)  -  for those that don’t know - Emily writes for Motorcycle Mojo Magazine ( I know its hard to find)  she is a very good rider and has done some amazing cross Canada trips on various bikes  - up to Alaska etc - she is quite a gal, and I’m happy to help her in her new challenge in the Trials world.


So back to Trials - the sport that I was first introduced to  in 1954 -  Of course none of the young guns today want to listen to the stories of- How great things were  -  “Back in the day”

The sad fact about modern Trials  is that it has become a circus -  a Hopping game   !  I have watched a lot of this,  and to be truthful - while I admire the skill of the new breed of riders, I find the new events which are mostly “Man-made” obstacles - rather boring.


video for today   >> Jitsie - Master Tip - How to Stoppie

and one more  >> #WeAreTrial


Cooler today only +3 in Vernon this morning!!  But at least no snow like they had in Alberta.

Monday September 7th 2020

September 7th, 2020

Here’s a a great shot of Mick on the Ossa at the Scottish - check out the spare inner tube strapped to the back of the seat.
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Two great riders from the past - but who are they? Not many Nortons were “Scrambled” back then.
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It would appear that the second day of the French World round went a lot smoother after the Saturday fiasco.

As you can see from the pic Adam Raga (TRS) took the win and  Busto (Vertigo) grabbed 2nd ahead of Tony Bou.(Honda/Montesa)

Interesting to see the top five all on different machines - TRS- Vertigo- Honda - Sherco - Gas Gas.


A great result for Jordi’s Team.

Adam Raga P1 Trial GP. Alex Ferrer P1 Trial 2 Toby Martyn P3 Trial 2
Alex Canales P2 Trial 125
Sandra Gomez P3 women GP
Lenna Volpe. P3 Women 2

Had a nice surprise when I attended Sam’s school in Scotch Creek  -Emily gave me this neat birthday cake - what a sweetheart - she also did really well in the school on the Outlaw Beta Evo 125.

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Emily showing great form practicing tight turns through the cones.

Sam did a great job at the School in Scotch Creek - He communicates very well to all abilities and I have to say that I was very impressed.  Also the sections that Ross has “Hand built” on his property are a Trials Playground.
This is Ross on one of the big “splat” sections - Obviously  he has been practicing !!


Sunday September 6th 2020

September 6th, 2020

Mix - welsh national anthem with lyrics Live Playlist ( 0 ) Mix (50+)

My sister in England sent me this link yesterday in a birthday card - a true tear jerker for any Welshman


My favorite lunch stop on the Westside of Lake Okanagan - it was a truly wonderful day and a great way to celebrate my 83rd birthday.

Roy got this neat old Cota 123 as a gift from John Baxter - he is thrilled and looking forward to restoring it.


As expected Toni Bou won the World Trial in France which was by all accounts a bit of a gong show.

I think this pic that shows some unhappy riders tells the story about this French Trial.

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Today I will be heading out to Scotch Creek for a visit with the boys & girls at Sammy’s Trials school - Should be good & I will take some pics


Last time I looked there was close to 200 birthday greetings on Facebook  - pretty amazing for the old guy & a big thanks to everybody for  that.  I still love to get out on the bike.


Saturday September 5th 2020

September 5th, 2020

Well today I get to post another trip around the sun - my 83rd time in fact - looking forward to taking a ride with Roy on the Westside - Will be taking my Beta Evo 200 demo for an outing - - we are planning a lunch break over at Two Chairs - But there will be other things happening before we get there.!! Watch for news and posting some neat pics later.!!

But here is a blast from the past, back  at a time when the ISDT (Trials) included a speed test around a road course - in 1965 in the Isle of Man - this took in part of the famous TT circuit - this shot shows three German riders fighting it out around the corner known as “Governor’s Bridge” - the last corner before the finish.

Image may contain: 1 person, motorcycle and outdoor, text that says 'AND V0 DECEMBER 1965 Germans Trinkner, Brandl and Lehner (Hercules, Zundapp, ditto), during the speed test, round Governor's Bridge.'


We hope that everybody manages to “Hang on” to their bikes this long weekend - stay safe.
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Results from the Trials Circus in France >>> Hoppidy- Hop- Hop Hop.
Image may contain: text that says '10:57 Sat Sep R1 FRANCE / DAY 1/ RESULTS TRIALGP TRIALGP WOMEN SEARCH: TRIAL2 RIDER TRIAL125 SCORE TIME TOTAL TRIAL2 WOMEN 2 S3 TRIAL E 67 RAGA SANS Adam S10 12 FAJARDO Jeroni 1 0 S11 S12 $13 12 $14 5 Jorge FUJINAM $15 $16 $17 $18 Benoit 8 MARCELLI Gabriel 15 GELABERT ROURA Miquel 0 PEACE 5 5 5 21 DABILL 2 5 5 5 5 5 0'


Image may contain: text that says '10:49 Sat Sep TRIALGP TRIALGP WOMEN SEARCH: TRIAL2 RIDER TRIAL125 77% SCORE TOTAL TRIAL2 WOMEN S1 GRATAt HAGA Sondre TRIAL S6 $10 0 0 $11 S12 3 $13 0 S14 212 MARTYN 2 $15 S16 $17 $18 808 Alexandre 5 DUFRE FARRE 205 MORET CLOTA 12 12 210 GANDOLAoez 0 3 207 268 Carlo 16 3 1 matias 227 5 5 0 Marco 2 5 247 23 253 NILSEN Mats 22 23'


Caption says “Pilots are angry”  All stop!!


And in other news - Unfortunately the Cannucks were totally outplayed last night in game #7 - in fact if it hadn’t been for Thatcher Demko in goal - the score would likely have been 10-0 - Having said that - Vancouver did draw two of the top teams to start the series and did well to get this far.  So with no more Canadian Teams left - I guess that’s it for me watching Hockey for this year.

Friday September 4th 2020

September 4th, 2020

The Start of the Labor day long weekend - weather is hot around +30 in the Valley and the roads & hiways are packed - beaches and campsites will be full, and likely two weeks from now we will see a spike in Covid 19 cases!!

Not very cheerful but in our Motorcycle World - some of the Alberta guys are already down in Penticton for another fun filled weekend - Gord Rinke stopped by on Wednesday on route  and he thought some of the Ioco crew might also attend.  ( Not sure how things are with the Forest Fire  situation? - but everything is super dry)
Of course tomorrow is a big day for me as I turn 83 years old, and as usual I’m planning on going for a ride this time, with Roy on the Westside  - not sure what will happen after that. -likely a small family dinner later.   I feel very fortunate in being able to ride a Motorcycle as the years go by - Not that I try to do anything silly - just nice to get out in the woods, and back country.

Sammy has his Trials school happening this weekend at the Rathbone Scotch Creek property - the  Itinerary   is as follows. All days Sat/Sun/Mon.

9am Sign in - registration

9 30 School starts -

12noon - Lunch

12,30  Follow the leader drills/Instruction

3,30  - Finish & general  wrap up.

Please ensure that you arrive at the Location not later than 9am !!!!!!

If you need directions Phone Ross at (250) 371-1380
We will be up there on Sunday with some  parts/accessories on the van -BUT you have to email us to let us know what you might need.

Note! Social distancing will need to be followed - and a waiver signed.   IF YOU HAVE ANY FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS PLEASE STAY AWAY.

Last night it was a make or break night for the Cannucks as they headed into game # 6 of the Stanly Cup Playoffs. - And they put on quite a show, dominating the Vegas Knights 4-0 - However, the next game is the one that will show if they really are “Contenders”  - Game #7 goes tonight.


Your video for today >> Two of the bikes that ruled Road Racing back in the day.
Sammy Miller Bike Profiles: AJS 7R and Norton Manx


Congrats to Dominique - who moves into her new home in Lumby this weekend - there are now a number of Trials riders located in this area, but because of the Covid 19 - We have seen nobody really this year. ( Max  & Britta)

The 2020 TrialGP World Championship gets underway this coming weekend at the Isola 2000 resort in France. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the contest will feature many changes to which the current champions Repsol Honda and other Teams will have to adapt.

COVID-19 has affected the 2020 the TrialGP World Championship season. The originally scheduled season opener in May was subsequently postponed until September. Of the seven previously scheduled events – a total of nine points-paying trials – the calendar has been restructured to a series of four double-date events.


Happy belated Birthday Greetings to Helmut Clasen - who celebrated another trip around the sun yesterday

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Thursday September 3rd 2020

September 3rd, 2020

Not Trials I know but I think Flat-track - Speedway - Hill-climbing and Trials all fall into the same “Small Sport” category   This is great shot of an old friend Don Galloway from Edmonton who lives and breathes Flat-track - Don worked at Yamaha Canada for a short time in the Accessory Dept. - but this was not his gig and he moved on to become a partner with  Ed McDonald when they started Cycle Works in Edmonton. - They were very successful and Don is still very involved in the Motorcycle Industry, being a board member of the MCC.

- I last saw Don at the Edmonton “Hall of Fame” in I believe 2016 - I drove in to attend as one of my heroes Steve Baker - was being inducted along with my long time friend from Yamaha days,  Bob Work. - I remember Don’s comments when I met up with him - he said “I knew you would be here”

I think Don  Galloway  has done a lot for Canadian Motorcycling - especially Flat-Track - .
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Video  for today >>>


The Labor Day  long weekend is coming up, and for a a few years, this was when the lads at Ymir held their Trial - A round of the Outlaw Series. - I took this pic of Steve Day on what would be described by Kit Williams as “A bloody World Round section”  - Certainly a challenge for the Experts. - Taff was acting as minder.  This year we see a big change with no scheduled events.  However, Sammy is hosting a Trials School at Scotch Creek - at Ross Rathbone’s property, so we will zip up there on Sunday to check it out. ( Social distancing required)
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Here is another shot from Ymir - this one starring Pete Bustin.

Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor and nature


Here is a rare photo of Mick Andrews - 360 TY Prototype with the early Mono-shock frame - Mick told me it was OK but too powerful and hard to control .
No photo description available.

This is a taped recording of Yamaha Factory Moto GP manager Lin Jarvis, being interviewed - it’s very long but very interesting to me of course, because of the 10 years I spent working for Yamaha Canada.- Jarvis now heads up the Yamaha Moto GP Team.
MotoGP™ Podcast: Last On The Brakes


Check this out   >>


John Baxter posted this pic from up on Vernon Mountain - I’ve been past that spot many times and it certainly is a great view.


Wednesday September 2nd 2020

September 2nd, 2020

We don’t subscribe to this great Mag: - only the modern Edition - but I know one of our readers John Kitchener rode both Trials and Enduro versions of the Gori models, while living in the UK.


A shot of the Montesa Museum in Spain - Of course this brand would have gone the same way as Bultaco and Ossa back in the late 70’s if Honda had not been able to buy the factory, -  but the only reason they did this, was  so they could get could sell their Honda Scooters over there. A huge market compared to the small numbers of Trials bikes sold.


Some Industry News

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. posts half-year financial results

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has announced consolidated business results for the second quarter/first half of fiscal 2020. Net sales for Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.’s consolidated accounting period for the first six months of the fiscal year ending Dec. 31, 2020 were 685.5 billion yen (a decrease of 170.4 billion yen or 19.9% compared with the same period the previous fiscal year).

Operating income was 19.1 billion yen (a decrease of 49.9 billion yen or 72.3%), ordinary income was 20.7 billion yen (a decrease of 49.5 billion yen or 70.5%), and a net loss for the quarter attributable to owners of parent was 2.8 billion yen (the same period the previous fiscal year recorded a net income of 52.0 billion yen).

For this first six months consolidated accounting period, the U.S. dollar traded at 108 yen (an appreciation of 2 yen from the same period the previous fiscal year), and the euro at 119 yen (an appreciation of 5 yen).

For net sales, although sales increase in the Robotics Business and Financial Services Business were achieved, the Land Mobility Business and the Marine Products Business saw a large decrease in sales volumes, resulting in an overall decline in sales due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Operating income declined in all businesses due to the effects of exchange rates, decreased sales, and the effects of factory closures.


Something different a beautiful RAF fighter jet.
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When Sammy Miller joined Bultaco in 1964 - it pretty much put a stop to any Trials success for BSA - except for this man Alan Lampkin who took  this 250 BSA to a win in Scotland in 1966.

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A reminder that we lost all our contacts on the CP about  a month ago - so a lot of people that we are normally in touch with - may wonder why they have not heard from us - Simple solution is to drop me an email and I can then add you back into my file - or phone - Yes we still have a land line!!! (250) 545-6139  - please try to avoid calling after 5 pm .


Your video for today >>>


And finally - I see the Cannucks won last night so are still “In the game”