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Wednesday October 3rd 2012

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

The temperature in Vernon early this morning is +2, and we had the furnace cut in for the first time for a few months. - However, the forecast is for sunshine for the next week, with highs around +15 so that will be great for riding in the woods - we just need a drop of rain for Vancouver Island this week to help the Victoria crew setting up the WTC National.


Yesterday, after doing my month end paperwork - I unloaded my Beta Alp, and checked it over - the bike hasn’t been started since I loaned it to Chessy Knight at the Outlaw - but it fired up on the 2nd kick - so after pumping up the tires - I played around in the back-yard for a while. - Got to say I love this bike, the motor is sweet. and the way I have it set up, with the Costa rear mounted footpegs, and the 6″ rise Renthals - it’s good for both sections and trail riding. - In fact I intend taking this down to Summerland on Friday. - This style of bike with the 2 stroke engine is perfect for the occasional rider who wants a lightweight trials type bike, with a low seat height and lots of torque. - The 2013 Sherco model designed for this purpose should be a winner, as it comes with a lighter frame and a modern engine.


It’s hard to believe, but the entree’s open this week for the 2013 Scottish Six Days Trial - we haven’t heard if any Canadian riders plan on going next year, but it’s always interesting to check the list to see which Europeans are taking it in. - Tony Bou has stated that he would like to ride the event at some point, but with his World Trial schedule, I doubt this will happen for a couple of years.


I see that Kawasaki have pulled their support for the USA Off Road Racing Team, citing the economic situation as the cause - This is a big blow to the Green Machine riders, as the team goes back about 25 years. - However, don’t be surprised to to see more big cut-backs from ALL the factories, as they try to make ends meet.

The gallery pics are getting a lot of hits, with the Ymir Trial album, very popular - maybe it’s Pete Bustin’s sidecar outfit that causes people to “Click on”