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Tuesday September 29th 2015

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

Here is a neat shot of Sam King doing a “Back-flip” at the Red Bull Rocks & Logs event in Calgary - not sure who took the pic, but Cody Webb (standing on the left) - seems to be enjoying the show.


The poster for the upcoming Ady Brown Memorial is now up on the Trials sites - (see below)¬† This will again be in OK Falls, and put on by Jason & Ricky - The poster shows a picture of the new Plaque, that was made up and sent over from England, by Ady’s Mum & Dad. - While I’m not sure if I have all the results from when we first started this event to honor Adrian - I think it’s fair to say that Brandon Wince holds the record for most wins in the Expert Class. - As always the proceeds, will be donated to the Cancer fund.

If you would like a full size image - just email me

We got a call from Jimmy Corkle yesterday, and as it’s been quite a while since we last chatted, my ear was pretty red, by the time we finished - He says he has been busy, and was sorry to miss the Ymir Trial, he might make the Ady Brown, but it’s a long haul for him. - We talked about the economy, and how the Political scene is affecting business - there have been huge cut-backs in the mining industry through the Elk Valley, and with many of Jimmy’s Alberta boat customers being in the Oil & Gas business - this has also had a big impact on the area.


And with regard to the Election Promises - I think Archie Bunker  says it all >>