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Friday April 22nd 2016

Friday, April 22nd, 2016

So looks like Sammy bought himself a bus - he told me about this last Sunday at Ioco, but has a few details to sort out before we will see him driving this into the Trials Campsites. The idea is to use this as the base for his shows that he is planning for 2016.  ( nice air horns)


Meanwhile over in the “Land of the rising sun”   - the practice is now over, and all that remains is for the riders to check out the sections tonight, before the event starts tomorrow. - The designer of the sections is once again Takumi Narita - the brilliant Beta rider from the 80’s who not only did great in World Trials, but put out an all action Trials video, doing amazing stunts on his Beta Techno. - I still have the original VHS version of this, and can make CD copies if anybody would like one.

Here is Takumi posing with his old Team Mate and rival Jordi Tarres - no doubt they got to share some memories from the past.


The results from Round One of the Outlaw Series at Ioco, are now available on line, we will keep these on file with the totals and points. - Interesting to see the scores - some really close at the top end, but one thing I noticed on checking young Koltan Morrison’s  card, was not only did he win the Inter Class first time out, but he did this by 20 points clear of second place - plus he posted no “Fives” - A very good debut for the teenager from Scotch Creek.


Taff called last night, and we had a good chat about all the latest stuff happening in the World - he is still off work, with the shoulder injury, and it appears he will miss the 2016 season all together.


We had a bit of a Thunderstorm in the Valley late yesterday - no damage, but nice to get some rain to cool things down.


Today we are expecting a big shipment of Opti Oil to arrive, so that will take care of “Fun Friday”


With most of the Hype at the Japanese World Trial, centered around Honda and the Twin Ring Facility, which they own - I thought readers would like to see that Yamaha, also have a large museum, with wonderful racing and competition bikes from the glory years.

Thursday April 21st 2016

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Everything seems to be getting organized in Japan for the World Round that starts tomorrow - here is a pic of the “Observers package”  - as we all know this is a job that is not easy at any level, but especially at top events, where the Officials are sometimes verbally abused for what the rider and his team feel is incorrect scoring ( maybe the bottle is Bear Spray to keep the minders in order !!)


Today is the Queen’s 90th birthday, and whether you like the British Monarchy or not - her every day work schedule puts most people to shame, so three cheers for the old gal. Hip Hip !! - Plus she also learned to ride a Motorcycle back in the day.

Queen Elizabeth on Motoress


We found out yesterday, that the ATRA have a Trial happening at Blackfoot Park in Calgary on May 1st  ( just one week away)  - This is a WTC Sanctioned event, and you can see a poster on the front page of Trials Canada - We are going to try and be at this one, although Sam King’s Beta will not arrive by then.  More on this as the week goes on.


The soaring temperatures in the Okanagan this week, will ease up this weekend, with some rain in the forecast - we are planning to go to Scotch Creek on Sunday to check out what Ross & the boys have in store for the Outlaw Trial.


If you are an enduro rider, or would just like to help out the Vernon Off Road club, have a meeting next Monday night at Torro’s Pub  in Vernon to discuss trail clearing for their big race later in the year. Everybody is welcome.

Wednesday April 20th 2016

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

This is a pic of young Kolten Morrison from Scotch Creek at Ioco last Sunday - I was able to help his Dad find this used Evo 200 in Edmonton last week - it is one I originally sold to a guy in Kamloops, then when he had a workplace accident, and had to sell it, I found a buyer in Edmonton, who also bought a 300 Evo and a Beta RR350. Anyway for some reason he decided to sell the lot, so Kolten got lucky with this little used beauty. - Last year Kolten won the Outlaw Junior Series, and he has now moved up to Intermediate - winning first time out at the Vancouver event.


We had another call from a West Coast customer trying to register his Trials bike - so once again I suggested he visit a branch of Johnston Meier Insurance Group - they appear to be one of the few places that know how to cut through all the Red Tape. - In Vernon, the person to contact is Sue Wall -

We have heard that the RCMP have been patrolling the Noble Canyon area near Vernon, and impounding uninsured bikes, so be warned.


Here is a great pic by John Hulme of Trial Mag UK  of Dec Bullock blasting his Beta through one of the many water sections in last weekend’s British Championship Trial - Won both days by James Dabill on the Vertigo.



It’s a hectic time for the top British riders, who are in Japan this weekend for the World Round - then they fly back & get ready for the Scottish Six Days Trial coming up the week after. - I see Jordi and his TRS Team have been doing the Tourist thing in Tokyo - visiting the  local “Ginza” and temples in the area.  Hopefully there won’t be anymore earth-quakes while they are in the “Land of the Rising Sun”

It will be a big celebration for the Honda Team, as popular rider Fujinami will be riding in his 300th World Championship Trial - Of course the event is held on land owned by Honda, so the flags will be waving for sure.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 10.38.57


Tuesday April 19th 2016

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

Update: Nice pic by Dale Coull of Melissa at the Ioco Trial last Sunday.


This is a pic of the TRS  Team just posted on their arrival in Japan for the upcoming World Round.


Still waiting for the complete results from the Ioco Trial - but it’s worth mentioning that Bob Clark would have had a “Clean” day - if he had not “Nudged” a marker in one section - a really good performance on the TRS. - As mentioned yesterday, Brandon took the Expert Class, and young Koltan Morrison did win the Inter class on his 200 Beta - this was also a very good performance in his debut as an Intermediate.  - Beta also won the Advanced class with Todd Nordin - we will post the full results as soon as we get them.


It seems as though summer has arrived in the Okanagan with temperatures in the high 20’s - managed to catch up on some chores yesterday, but must confess that I got my head down for a “nap” after lunch. ( needed that after the long day Sunday)


This is a nice pic of the Mick Andrews replica OW Mono-shock Trials bike built by Ferry Brouwer - not sure if the original is still in the museum at the Factory in Japan or not. This was extremely “Hi-tech” for the time, and Mick did really well on it.


Here is a letter posted on Facebook - Please read and perhaps understand why we support the WEC/WTC in Canada - Keeping cost of participation low - especially for families, we feel, is key in order to promote the sport. - That is why we operate on a volunteer basis - no overhead to worry about plus any extra money  is given to Charity. ( Since 2009 the WTC have donated thousands of dollars to Cancer and other worthy causes) - DR

Open letter of Antonio Trueba
Like to help the sport
Let’s talk about sports. Specifically of trial and categories of initiation as are junior and juvenile. Are the categories of the future pilots that the day of tomorrow should be the protagonists of the elite championships or GP as they call it now.
It’s normal, that these impatient drivers, who are in the middle of the stage of evolution, try to take advantage of the slightest opportunity to improve their level. And what better than to participate in a test of the world championship to be held in our country to be put to the test and get to know the reality of the trial of high level at which they want to get some day.
As it turns out to make a single piece of evidence, and in Spain, the licence of the rfme costs nothing less than € 494 to this we must add the license of the necessary backpacker, which is 306 €.
Total, that a kid full of illusion, you must pay 800 € before I left home to go to a single race. Is this normal?
Because here the licenses cost twice as much or more than in France, England or Germany? It is still the GP riders, paying for the Federation, if they win a title when they already have contracts worth millions? What’s wrong with young people?
As we’re going to have future champions if we give them the vase of cold water to your illusions, and pockets, with some exorbitant licensing? Eight hundred euros to be able to go to cal rose bush, it’s a toll too high.
Antonio Trueba

Sunday April 17th 2016

Sunday, April 17th, 2016

Just a quick word this morning before heading out the door bound for Vancouver at 4am -( WTC Outlaw Trial at Ioco)

Here is a pic of Matt & his new Evo 200 yesterday as we were out “breaking it in”


Glad to say that we managed to get caught up on all your emails last night - sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused - The Cyber stuff is a bit tough for the old guy - We have been swamped with calls from people  trying to get their bikes registered - best place is Johnson Maeir in Vernon - ask for Sue Wall - Good luck -

More news Monday >>


Saturday April 16th 2016

Saturday, April 16th, 2016

Good News - It only took Matt a few minutes last night to fix my email problem, so we got to spend more time going over things on his new Evo 200 - today we will go for a “break in ” ride out at Cherryville.


I just came across this story about my friend Al Perrett .

Perrett rides into retirement

Perrett rides into retirement

Al Perrett (right) has sold his Kamloops Harley-Davidson business to Brian Barnes and the Barnes family, which has rechristened the outlet as Barnes Harley-Davidson.
Dave Eagles/KTW

Al Perrett is saying goodbye to Harley Davidson after 50 years in the business.

This year marks his last as the owner of the local dealership, which he has sold to the Barnes group.

The family has been in the automotive business for 32 years, since Greg Barnes purchased a General Motors dealership in Camrose, Alta.

They have owned several car dealers in B.C., but were introduced to Harley Davidson when they purchased the Langley shop in 2003 and another in Victoria in 2013.

“It’s a big decision, but the timing is so right,” Perrett said. “I’m a fossil in this business”

At 78, he has taken a backseat at the Iron Mask Road shop over the last decade.

The Kamloops store is the second-largest Harley Davidson dealership in B.C. with $14 million in annual sales.

Perrett said he had some apprehensions about selling, but after numerous conversations with friend and former Victoria Harley Davidson owner Steve Drane, who also sold to the Barnes family, he grew confident it was the right decision.

Perrett said the shop is in good hands with new owner Brian Barnes, whose philosophy and way of doing business he said will elevate the shop.

“Steve and Al, they’re legends in this industry,” Barnes said.

“I’m a firm believer that without the right people in place, you’re really not going to anything and this staff is legendary in the Harley Davidson business.”

Perrett opened his first bike shop in Richmond in 1966. He started selling Harleys in Kamloops in 1977, when Honda bikes comprised most of his inventory. By the mid-1990s, other brands had been phased out of his shop.

“Harley Davidson wasn’t the standout brand it is now,” Perrett said. “I call it a worldwide phenomenon, the Harley craze. It was a craze around the world and, of course, in North America the Harley Davidson stores grew and they became the envy of the motorcycle industry.”

The Kamloops dealership has doubled in size in the last 20 years.

Barnes said there are no plans to build or expand, only to maintain the status quo.

The shop will commemorate Perrett’s 50th year in the business in June, while also saying farewell.

“Once you join the Harley family, you bleed black and orange,” Barnes said.

“So, Al’s not leaving the Harley family.


I met Al back in the 70’s - racing Cross Country’s  - and although we have not seen much of each other in recent years, I still recall many, many great times, and would like to share one of these.

It was a few years ago, and we were putting on a Trials demo at 100 mile house  at the request of another old buddy Bob Work. - We were set up at the end of  the air strip, and during a break, I heard this fairly loud bike approaching - the rider dressed in shorts, ball cap on backwards, and sun glasses. - Yes it was Al. -” I heard you guys were here he said” - as we exchanged pleasantries - ( I should mention that one thing that always came up when we met was our age as Al is six months younger than myself)

Anyway as we chatted, Al was looking at the stuff we had set up ( Stan & the boys did a fabulous job) and he noticed a Sherco 320 4T, I had parked close by. - Asking about the bike, I jumped at the chance to goad Al into taking it for a ride -” Ok he said, but if I ride that - then you have to take my Harley for a spin” - done deal - now I don’t think Al had ever ridden a modern Trials bike, but he had no problem going around in circles with that usual big grin on his face. -  After he stopped, he said OK now it’s your turn  - “Oh Shoot Al” I said, looking at my watch, we have to get another show going right away ( I was doing the announcing) and all these people are waiting - maybe another time!

The fact is, that although I have ridden a lot of different bikes in my lifetime, I have never had the desire to throw a leg over a Harley - not even Jimmy Corkle could get me on one. - So there you have it, just one short story of two old friends, involved in the Motorcycle business. - I’m sure Al will remember that one. - Enjoy your retirement buddy.


Friday April 15th 2016

Friday, April 15th, 2016

We got a call from Chris Walton yesterday to let us know that the property where the CPTA hold their events at IOCO belongs to BC Hydro, plus Some Crown Land, so therefore under the new BC Off Road legislation, all bikes should have the decal displayed. - While they (the club) do not expect to see any “CO” show up - it is up to the individual rider to be legal. -( Nobody is going to be stopped from riding the Trial on Sunday)  - Chris told me that they have been checking for registration in Squamish.

Most of the people that I’ve spoken to have already registered their bikes, which is certainly a gong show for many owners. - Just for the record, we have found the best Insurance brokers to deal with are Johnston Meier Agencies, and in Vernon, you should call Sue Wall.


Meanwhile Thursday was another busy day - shipping parts - then washing bikes & vehicles, before cutting up all the cardboard from the Beta crates, and taking that and all the wood bases to the dump ( shame really to throw these pallets away because they are made of good wood) - Met up with Andrew from the Vernon Club - who works there, so the trip was quite long, as we discussed a lot of Bike stuff & upcoming events - Andrew will be on his way to the Island as I type this, to compete in the two day races which form part of the series.


As most of our readers know - we are having issues with our emails - and have not been able to receive or send anything for the past couple of days. - Matt is coming over tonight to pick up his new Beta and will hopefully solve the problem.  - I did go the phone into the Shaw help line, but all this did was tell me that “They” were having technical problems. - Then I went on line & eventually had a tech person call me & after going through a bunch of questions, he informed me that he could fix my problem for about $150.00 !!  - It was at this point that I said - I’ll get back to you.

Funnily enough,  early yesterday, I decided to stop off & have my hair cut at the local barber shop - this is always busy with four chairs going steady - Anyway, the gentleman sitting in the next chair to me, began telling his barber, that he was having problems with his computer, and the story pretty much matched mine. - I guess it must be some sort of scam to make money. ( At least everything else is working on the CP)


This is a neat shot from the Spanish World Round last weekend ( Thanks to Trial Mag: UK)  - it shows James Dabill walking up to the podium to receive his 3rd place award - the first time since 2012, and it was nice that he said “This ones for you Mart”  -


And finally today - this pic just showed up as a “memory” on FB  - it shows myself and Babsy by the beach in Cattolica, on the Adriatic coast of Italy, in 1962 - We made the trip on a 600cc Norton Dominator - putting on approx 3,000 miles, through France & Switzerland & to this spot in Italy where we spent our Honeymoon the previous year. ( Not many people did tours like this back then)


Thursday April 14th 2016

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

Email is still not operating


Wednesday turned out to be a very busy day around the Outlaw Shop,  with first Brandon stopping by, followed by Debbie Ashton to pick up her new Evo 250.  - Both Debbie and Jonathan ( who bought a 300 from us earlier this year) are from Banff. AB, but work in the Invermere area of BC.

No sooner had they left and Scott Chisholm stopped by to pick up his new Beta Evo 300 - Scott is new to the sport, but has a number of other bikes - we look forward to seeing all these new folks ” Out on the loop”

Now I just need Matt to pick up his new 200 and the barn will be bare again - except for the kids electric bikes.


The BIG event this weekend is the Outlaw Squid Trial at Ioco - We have heard that Clerk of the Course Steve Day has 20 sections all set up on a short loop of approx 3 km - so it will be good for spectating,

Sam, Sean & Brandon have all confirmed they will be there, and some of the Shuswap guys will also make the trip for this 1st Round of the Outlaw Series. For the full poster see Trials Canada. -

Note! As this event is all on private land the new Off Road decal is not required. UPDATE : WE HAVE JUST BEEN INFORMED THE IOCO EVENT IS INDEED ON CROWN LAND.
Click for CPTA Outlaw Poster


News from the UK >>

With the 2016 RT Keedwell sponsored British Trials Championships almost back with us, it is time to look at this year’s series. We are now up to no less than 11 rounds starting on Sat 16th April with ‘The Lakes’ and concluding on the 2nd October with the Edinburgh Club event.

These are the rounds and dates for 2016:

Round 1: 16th April. The Lakes Trial organised by Lakes MTA    Venue:Fell Green Bootle, Cumbria    

Round 2: 17th April. The Lakes Trial organised by Lakes MTA    Venue:Fell Green Bootle, Cumbria    

Round 3: 15th May. The St David’s Trial organised by Neath MC

Round 4: 4th June. Scarborough BTC organised by Scarborough & DMC

Round 5: 2nd July. The Anthony Rew Trial organised by West of England MC

Round 6: 30th July. The Hookwood Trial organised by Hookwoods Trials Club

Round 7: 31th July. The Weston Trophy Trial organised by Witley & DMCC

Round 8: 28th August. John Hardaker Trial organised by Guisborough & DMCC

Round 9. 18th September. Organised by Tynemouth & DMC.

Round 10. 1st October. Organised by Edinburgh 

Round 11. 2nd October. Organized by Edinburgh 

All events will start at 9.30 am and the courses will contain 3 laps of 12 sections.


Wednesday April 13th 2016

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

We got a a call from Sean Bird yesterday - he was busy working on his Beta, getting ready for the Trial this weekend at Ioco - Sam has also arrived back from China, so we are looking forward to hooking up with these guys on Sunday.


It’s been pretty busy around the Outlaw shop lately, with a load of new Evos to  set up & deliver - the first Factory 300 went to Ross up at Scotch Creek, and I zipped up there on Monday evening - managed to do the trip in 1 hr 30 mins - door to door - the Salmon Valley road is twisty, but saves some time.  - After chatting to Ross for a bit - I went up the hill to see Jake & drop off a couple of things for him. - We will be doing this drive a lot more in the next month, with the Outlaw Trial coming up on the May long weekend - as usual Ross and his helpers have things all figured out - but one change this year, will be a return to running the Vintage class on Saturday starting at noon, followed by the kids event around the campsite in the evening - then the Modern Class goes Sunday (just one day) - We will have the poster up next week.

If anybody is traveling from Edmonton to the Shuswap or Okanagan area in the next few days - please give us a call, as we have a Beta Evo 200 to pick up.


Please Note ! - my email is acting up today - so if you sent me anything in the past 24 hours I likely have not seen it - phone me at (250)545-6139


This is a memory from a few years ago - Ben, Harold & Mark at the Outlaw Trial


Like a lot of riders in the current World Rounds - young Jack Shepard was frustrated by the FIM “No Stop” rules at the Spanish event. - The WTC ( World Trials Canada) have not moved to this checking system, which we feel does not do anything to improve the events, after all, the sport has always been about “Balance and Throttle control”

Here is Jack with his team minders.

More news as it happens >>>

Tuesday April 12th 2016

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

We are dedicating the blog today, to Martin Lampkin - RIP.


HUNDREDS of people gathered to mourn motorbiking legend Martin Lampkin at his funeral today in Silsden.

More than 200 well-wishers listened to the ceremony outside St James’s Church because the building had filled up with hundreds of people long before the 1.30pm start time.

A loudspeaker was erected outside to relate the service, which was led by the Rev Susan Griffiths and included tributes from friends and family.

The overriding message was of a “true gentleman” proud of his roots, full of Yorkshire grit, who would help anyone.

Even during his last days, despite his own illness, Martin helped fellow patients by bringing them water or, on one occasion, helping a young cancer sufferer connect to the Internet to hear a sports commentary.

Martin, 65, was part of the Lampkin trials riding dynasty of Silsden and in 1975 became the first-ever FIM Trial World Champion.

His brothers Arthur and Alan excelled in the sport and his son Dougie has also won the world title several times.

Speakers at the service highlighted the many and varied sides of lifelong Silsden man Martin’s professional and personal life.

The Rev Griffiths told how Martin and his wife Isobel met as young people whose families were both involved in trials riding, and were engaged within five weeks, marrying eight months later in August 1974.

At various times of his life Martin was a coal merchant, engineer, welder, publican, restauranteur, newsagent, farmer and entrepreneur.

Following his professional career as a trials rider he remained heavily involved in the sport, supporting Dougie and organising high-profile events, most notably for 21 years the Sheffield Indoor World Championships.

The Rev Griffiths told how Martin liked to play down his world champion status in trials biking, but to his grandchildren claimed to be the world champion at everything else, including tiddlywinks and snowboarding.

Jake Miller, who had worked with Martin for more than 20 years and regarded him as a father figure, described enjoyable days of travelling the world with ‘el Martino’.

He said: “Martin lived the life of 100 men, sharing such experiences with his family. He stood for trust, honesty, hard work and wanting to do the best job he possibly could.”

Since Martin died on April 2 his Isobel has received hundreds of tributes by post and on social media, most containing comments such as “a true gentleman”, “a lovely man” and “a legend”.

Martin is survived by Isobel, sons Dougie and Harry, and four grandchildren.