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Monday October 31st 2017

Monday, October 31st, 2016

How about this shot up high above Three Valley Gap ?  - We have driven past this spot a zillion times, and often wondered why anybody would build a tourist attraction in a place that is prone to avalanches.


Sunday I went to Summerland for a ride with Graeme Manning, the sun was shining really nice until  I got South of Kelowna, then it was pretty much socked in.  - Not that this effected our day, and we enjoyed a great time exploring the ridge above the Valley  ( lots of rocks up there & not easy riding) - after that, we went along the trail that goes past that great section we called Grouse Hill, where we stopped while I showed Graeme the various lines we used ( including the one where Tony Down went over the bars of his Majesty- I wonder what he’s up to these days?)


Back home, I checked the results of the Formula One race from Mexico, and as usual it was a Mercedes 1-2 - but that was where the gong show started, with 3rd driver Max Verstappen turned away from the podium, because of an infraction, to be replaced by Sebastion Vettel, -  but it didn’t end there - about 12 hours later the Stewards, have now handed Vettel a penalty, which drops him to 5th, and Daniel Ricciardo gets the 3rd spot on the podium.  Oh boy what a shambles.


Jordi just posted this pic of him riding a Trial yesterday in what he calls his “Halloween Costume” - Good to see the Factory boss out testing the product.