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Wednesday January 25th 2017

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

As mentioned previously, we did not attend any of the 2017 Motorcycle shows, but this is a nice pic from 2014, when Mountain MC were still the Beta Importer. - It shows our very good buddy Peter Brown chatting to Ron Walsh. - Pete and myself used to spend the day at the Vancouver show, and enjoyed meeting old friends from the past.

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We heard from Jimmy Corkle yesterday, he said there were 13 snowmobile riders, given $300 tickets last weekend in his area near Elko. BC - It seems they have 20 Conservation Officers doing checks for the Off Highway Decals in that region - so be warned - they are going to be out everywhere this year, a big concern for everybody who doesn’t have the sticker on their bike.


Also chatted to Sam King on Tuesday - he brought me up to date on what he’s been up to - seems he had a bunch of buddies over from Oz, and they toured around BC in his bus ( No doubt creating havoc) He mentioned that Tim Coleman might be over this year - possibly be at the Silver  Star event in September.

If the Alberta Government have their way, scenes like this in the Pincher Creek area, will only be captured by hikers, as they plan to stop all Off Road activity in this region. - Check out the info: being posted on Face-book. Local enthusiasts from Lethbridge  have got a petition going.

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Here is my Retro: pic of the day  - Former World MX Champ Jeff Smith. - Jeff moved to Canada to work for Can Am in the 70’s, and raced at the 76 Moose Mountain in Alberta. He now resides in the USA.

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TRS in the News with Trial Mag UK >

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Tuesday January 24th 2017

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

The video we posted on FB from our Sunday ride, certainly got a lot of views - the one of the old guy had over 90 last time I checked. - It’s only Tuesday, but I’m already looking forward to doing this all again at the weekend.

The caption to this photo was “Why we ride” - and a very good reason for buying a Trials bike.

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Without a doubt, there is no better feeling, than reaching a spot like this high up on a Mountain, with the breath-taking scenery stretched out below. - This is one of our favorite pass-times, and also the reason we encourage people to ride our OK Trials, - there is more to Trials riding, than hopping from rock to rock.


This is a great photo by Heath Brindley of Kurt Brain (TRS) winning a high scoring January Trial in the Wessex Center Championship Series. -

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Here’s my “Retro” photo of the day - this is a 1978 shot of Charles Coutard on a nice SWM - a popular bike at that time.

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Some good stuff in this issue - check it out.

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Monday January 23rd 2017

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Well yes, it’s still January, although on the video I posted on face-book late yesterday from our ride at Bear Ridge, I said it was February !! - Old age plays hell with your memory !!

Anyway, Shane and myself did get out for the first time this year, and had a blast - although I got played out pretty quickly having had no exercise & too many calories over the holiday.

I took the new 2017 Beta Evo 200 for it’s debut - and as expected it worked fantastic, except of course brand new tires are very firm, even at extremely low pressure.  - Shane was on his TRS 300, and soon found out that this bike is more than equal to the Beta,  getting traction in the snow - which was, by the way, quite slushy with the +4 temperature. ( very easy to lose the front end)

I took quite a few pics and video, with this smile on Shane’s face saying it all. - Goodbye cabin fever !!

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Here is a video clip that Shane took of me - 4th gear on the 200 was a must to go anywhere in the loose slushy snow.
Now Playing David H Rhodes What a 79 year old guy does on an Okanagan Sunday in February - 4th gear on the 2017 Beta Evo 200.- Better than watching the Football game !! “I don’t want a pickle - I just wanna ride my Moto-sickle” 530 Views 0:41

And here is Shane in the same spot - it was the first time he had ever ridden a bike in the snow.

We found a few brown spots in the parking area, and made up some tight practice sections - there is a slippery tree root on this one, before Shane has to wick it up the hill, then down into snow on an adverse camber followed by a very tricky exit - all very good stuff.

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Later on Sunday night, Lee Usher stopped by, to pick up the new 2016 Beta Factory 300  - we had a great chat, about some of his rides with his two youngsters, Oscar and Nina  - what a great family they are, with Momma bear also helping out at our Trials over the years.

Lee has his 2011 Beta Evo 290 up for sale now - great bike for somebody at $5700.

How about this great photo of Jordi, back in his prime on the Beta !!

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Sunday January 22nd 2017

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

I saw this photograph posted today, which shows Italy taken from Space, an interesting shot ( although one person responded that it was fake) - As recent events have proven, this land is very volcanic, with earth-quakes not uncommon.  - To the right is the Adriatic sea, a wonderful area for people going on vacation, and I often think of the last trip my wife and myself made to Cattolica, near Rimini, riding a 600cc Norton Dominator, in 1963, traveling through France and over the Swiss Alps, to camp on the white sandy beach overlooking the Adriatic - it was late in the season, and we had the place pretty much to ourselves.
This is a land full of racing Heritage, with the Beta factory in the North, plus Ducati, Ferrari and other well known manufacturers.  It is a land full of passion for the sport, as well as people who love Opera.

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Today could be the first ride of 2017 - if it doesn’t snow !! - the temperature has been above zero for the past few days, so Shane and myself, will be checking out our favorite spot near Kelowna - I will take the camera along and post some pics later - I will be taking out the new Beta Evo 200, as well as the TRS 250, so we will see how they stack up riding in the snow. ( We already know the Beta is fantastic in these conditions - easily pulling 4th gear gear)  - Shane will bring his TRS 300, so it should be fun, but after almost two months of very little exercise, I’m sure we will feel some aches and pains later tonight.

This weekend has been the Super Enduro of Alles in France, with the three part race, bringing out all the usual Hot shoes - Graeme Jarvis , Alfredo Gomez, Jonny Walker, and newcomer Billy Bolt, all seem to be well up there to take the overall. - We will post more on this later.


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The Second Super Cross race of 2017,  went last night - we will check out who did what via Cycle News.

2017 Anaheim 2 Supercross Results

2017 Anaheim 2 Supercross ResultsRyan Dungey got the win and, with it, the points lead. Photography by Steve CoxThis video shows Ken Roczen crashing while chasing Ryan Dungey in the Main.



Like Italy, Spain is full of passionate people who  love Motorcycles - but for them it’s mostly Trials - for years, tiny factories have built small numbers of machines for the World Market, with Bultaco being the first to take over most of the sales, back in 1965 when Sammy Miller joined  the company. - The latest Factory to challenge for a piece of the small Trials Industry, is TRS - the brain child of 7 time World Champion Jordi Tarres. - Here is a neat video from last year, showing why these bikes are being bought up like “Hot-cakes” -  check it out. >  TRS – Craftsmen of Dreams


Here is another good video from 1987, showing the top riders competing in the US - including the only American to ever win the World title - Bernie Schreiber - mounted on a TY 350 at this point as his career was winding down.

1987 storia USA GP


Saturday January 21st 2017

Saturday, January 21st, 2017

Glad to say that this pic is from January 2015 - not this year, although we have had quite a lot of snow to date in 2017. ( hopefully no more big storms coming)

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Here is an interesting shot from 1983 - it shows that moment of panic, when you have to decide to let the bike go, or hang on & try and save it. - The rider is Pedro Olle and the bike is a Beta - Of course in 1984, Yamaha came out with the TY 250 Mono-shock, which made all the other bikes obsolete .

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Another old video   -1990 - 30 de Septiembre - Trial - Albaida - Campeonato de España

and another one >


More bad news for Off road enthusiasts in Alberta, as the Government plan on closing off more land in the Pincher Creek area.  - In the ’70’s the Lethbridge club ran  the “Table Mountain Cross Country,” - but that is long gone.

Crowsnest Pass Quad Squad

Public input on the draft Castle Parks Management plan is encouraged and important. You can access and review the draft plan as well as submit your comments, suggestions and concerns by visiting Feedback on the draft management plan for will be collected until March 20, 2017.

For more information on regional planning, please visit the Land-Use Framework website at or for more information on the new Castle Parks or the Alberta Environment and Parks website and>As most people know, we have been stocking Wulf Clothing for many years (since 1995) - The quality is great and the pricing very reasonable.   - Wulf also make a full line for the kids as seen in this pic, and it only takes  four days to special order this ,  call or email if you would like a catalogue.Image may contain: 1 person


Yesterday, I mentioned being contacted by Pete Matheson from Grand Forks, who used to live in Vancouver, many years ago. Pete suggested I visit his website to see what he has been up to since hanging up his Trials boots - You can read all about this tiny house he built by googling petemathesongrandforks  - interesting concept for the homeless people.

10 Pete on porch

Friday January 20th 2017

Friday, January 20th, 2017

Although this day will most likely be remembered by many as “Trump Day” - to me it’s just a normal Friday - looking forward to a warmer weekend, with time to work on the bikes..

I saw this neat pic today, showing an Italian youngster on his Beta E20 - this is the competition model, with all the Bells & whistles ( but it also comes with a hefty price tag)  - We don’t have this model in stock - just the smaller E16 standard, but these are also very “trick” little bikes, with a reasonable price tag.

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Nobody came up with the correct answer to the quiz yesterday - the pic shows Mick Andrews, on an early 1966 Bultaco Sherpa T, complete with radial finned head ( the bike not Mick)  - A Calgary rider by the name of Al Lindquist used to ride one of these in our events back in the day.

I see that the new “Rust” magazine has hit the web today - although not Trials - It does have one pic on the back cover of  Juan Knight’s ( David’s elder brother) old Ossa Plonker. Juan still rides this in vintage Trials - I saw this model for the first time, when Kelvin Marshal and Dave Wildman, showed up at our  National Blackfoot Trial in 1969 ( The event was won by Murray Nutt on a Montesa)

The Spanish bikes used a lot of fiberglass in those days - which looked good in the showroom, but broke easily. - Mick Andrews soon developed the very successful  MAR model, on which he won the Scottish Six Days Trial in 1972 ( I was there to watch)

The Ossa had a very upright steering head, similar to the modern bikes of today, while the Bultaco had the bars farther back ( which was how Sammy Miller liked them)


Checking my emails this morning - I was surprised to see one from Pete Matheson from Grand Forks -he was asking about a photo posted on the blog a year ago. - Pete used to ride a lot of Trials at the coast, and did in fact ( so I’ve been told) have his own sections set up in his back yard. - Pete also rode the 1975 World Round which I was involved with in Calgary.


Jordi has signed another young “Up & Comer” - TRS bikes are in huge demand Worldwide.

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Not Trials - But I love Italian bikes, and with Lorenzo on Ducati this year  Moto GP should prove interesting. - Valentino failed to tame the red rocket, maybe Jorge will have better luck. - The fact that Australian Casey Stoner did so well on the Ducati is even more credit to him as a rider.

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Thursday January 19th 2017

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

The warmer temperatures yesterday, also brought a few cm of snow - but nothing to worry about, and things are finally looking up. - Unless you happen to be traveling over Mountain Passes - It’s the Vancouver Motorcycle show this weekend, but I haven’t heard of anybody going from the Valley.

Taff called last night & we had a good chat, about the upcoming year, including the seemingly lack of interest in the Edmonton show - In fact we have not seen any pics posted or news on either of the Alberta events.


Here’s an interesting old pic, but does anybody know who it is? and what the bike is? - and the year? - We will post the answer tomorrow.

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Check out this great video from a few years ago - Jordi on the Beta TR34, Michaud on Fantic, Lejeune on the Factory Honda - great sections as well, before World Trials became a hopping contest.



Looking ahead to the World Trials scene - will we see any new faces in the results this year?  It goes without saying that both Bou and Raga will be up there, but the 3rd  rider on the podium is harder to predict. - In UK trials, I think we can expect to see James Dabill still the man to beat - but I’m expecting to see young Toby Martyn making an impact this year - he has just signed with Dougie Lampkin to ride the Vertigo, and early practice videos are impressive.  - Jack Peace is already the World Junior Champion, so big things are expected from him - but the pressure of competing at the top level are immense, and not all are capable of coping with this.


On the local front, we haven’t heard from Sam for a long time, so we don’t know what his plans are for the upcoming season - same thing with Tino, who now has his Helicopter license, so work may interfere with his schedule. - We still expect to see Brandon out on a regular basis, but not sure if Sean Bird will  be returning from China anytime soon, along with Alex Walton and Tanner Nordin.

Young Kolten Morrison will be moving up to the Advanced class this year, so that will be interesting, and hopefully, we will see some new faces out there, giving the sport a go.

Check out the Calendar dates on Trials Canada  and plan your season - it’s going to be lots of fun.

Please note that the “Fun” days listed are simply that - non-sanctioned days when everybody can come out for a laugh and maybe try either the new Beta and TRS models.  - call or email me prior to the dates to see if we are still on. - Don’t forget that all bikes need to be registered for riding on crown land - best place to do this is Johnston & Meier Insurance - they know what they are doing.

The WTC has announced the proposed dates for events in the BC region for 2017. Two Western National dates are included, along with the BC dates for the Outlaw Series.


February 26th  - Fun Ride at Bear Ridge
 March  26th    - Fun Ride at Summerland
 April 2nd      - Fun Ride at Vernon (By Invitation only)
 April 23rd     - Team Squid-Outlaw Round 1, at Ioco, BC
 May 20/21      - Outlaw Trial at Scotch Creek
 August 13th    - WTC National #1 at Revelstoke, BC 
September 23rd - WTC National #2 at Silver Star Mountain. Vernon, BC.
 October 15th   - Brown Memorial Trial                     


Wednesday January 18th 2017

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

I guess we should all be celebrating in the Valley today, as the temperature will rise to above zero, for the first time this year !!! - Not that +4 is exactly life in the banana belt, the thought of getting out riding again has everybody “Pumped”

Last night I attended the VOMC ( Vernon Off Road Motorcycle Club) meeting, and while I’m strictly the “New Boy” in this organization, I find everybody very friendly with the same desire as any other Dirt-biker - and that is, lets keep the trails open for ourselves and future generations.  - One thing that is common to this club, and all the other clubs that I’ve been associated with, is this. - It tends to be the same few people doing all the work.  However, unlike many other clubs, the VOMC have a plan for the future, I commend them for this, and look forward to working with them, as the “Trials guy”.


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I saw this old advertisement, which reminded me just how far Trials Tire technology has come in the past 20 odd years. - The Pirelli Tires that came stock on the old Montesa models, certainly left something to be desired, and were about on a par with the 4 ply Dunlops fitted to the Sherpa T -  Then Michelin came out with the X11, and suddenly riders were getting grip, where they had never had before -  fast forward again, and we now have the Tubeless versions of these, plus the latest offering of the X lite - perhaps the ultimate on the market at present, although we have heard good reports on the new Dunlop 803.

When new people decide to try Motorcycle Trials, having knowledge on Tire Pressures and types of product, is essential, with most being amazed when we tell them that we sometimes drop the rear to as low as 2-3 lbs.   - There is nothing better than having a sharp edge on the tires - both back and front, and sometimes a rider will  take the rear tire off and reverse it, to make it last a bit longer. - Over the years, Michelin Tire prices have rocketed, so at Outlaw Trialsport, we now stock the new Dunlop as an alternative.

When it comes to fitting tubeless Trials tires, experience is beneficial, and having one of the rubber rings that we import, makes life a lot easier - we also stock the handy repair kits complete with CO2 cartridges, for “On the trail” fixes, and having a low pressure tire gauge is a “Must”.

If you need any more convincing about how things have changed regarding Trials tires - check out this old video clip>

Rock, Moor & River Motorcycle Sports In Yorkshire From The 1950’s


This neat pic of Japanese rider Kio Hattori shows the huge crowd at a World Trial , back when the sections were a bit more normal, and not requiring “Circus like” skills.  - True Trials fans will stand out in all weathers to see either local or factory riders tackle difficult terrain. - The Scottish Six Day Trial, is a perfect example of this, where the natural creek sections provide excellent viewing - but in Scotland, you need to take both warm and wet weather gear - in fact you might need both on the same day.

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There is nothing like a good muddy trial to sort out who has good throttle control - this is former World Champ Yrjo Vesterinen on the Factory Bultaco Sherpa T. - The Sherpa had lots of torque, similar to the modern day Beta, making it ideal in these conditions.

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Here’s another old video >>

Motorcyclepedia Museum


Tuesday January 17th 2017

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

So what do you do on a cold winter night, when cabin fever is bad, plus it’s what they call “Blue Monday” - the most depressing day of the year? - Well you get together with a couple of buddies and go play in the snow.  Check out this great pic of Blake Plysiuk on his Gasser - what a fantastic shot.

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I recall that we used to do a  lot of snow riding in Alberta during the 70’s  - I don’t think we ever went out at night ( except by accident) but we had a ton of fun  - These were very happy times, working for Yamaha, and being involved with all sorts of different projects. - I think my best “Snow bike” was a 1978 TT 500 - I replaced a lot of stock parts with lightweight aftermarket stuff, drilled a million holes in everything, and studded it up. - It was the king of the hill in the snow out in the Waiperous Creek area, North of Cochrane - but woe betide anybody getting it stuck, as you needed lots of big buddies to pull you out.

- In those days, we rode on the snowmobile trails ( Until those guys got upset and had us booted out)  - I remember one time Murray Nutt and somebody else ( not sure if it was John Arcand) - decided to drop down the backside of one of the steep “Cut-lines”  - I recall some of us saying ” Don’t think you should go down there”  - and we were right - the lads had to basically dismantle the bikes and carry them back up the hill piece by piece. -  Fun times and great memories

Another time, I was out in the same area with a buddy on Trials bikes - I was on the new 1974 TY 250 - the snow was deep, and we decided to ride down the river bed, the plan being to make a long loop back to the forestry road - Of course we hadn’t taken into account,  the fact that deep snow requires big throttle, and although we made it out of the river bed, by that time we were out of gas and it was getting late !! - decision time, with my buddy saying we should build a fire & wait to be rescued !!  - The hell with that I said, and we hiked out to the van -  ( about 10 km) - not easy in knee deep snow. -  We recovered the bikes  next day - another time when having a camera would have been awesome.  ( I was fairly fit in those days)

Here’s another old photo from around 2002 - it was taken at an area between Vernon and Kelowna that we used to ride, during winter months. ( The new Highway now goes right through this spot)

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I see a couple of the guys are holding trophies - so we must have had an event that day - top row - Paul Throssell, Luke Towers, Banjo Bobby & Joe - bottom row ( and the only guys still riding)  Steve Richardson, Taff Parfitt, and Outlaw Dave.


This is an interesting photo of Heath Brindley testing a “New” Greeves trials bike, a few years ago. - As many people will recall the Greeves brand had fantastic success in the 1950-60 era, in both Scrambling (MX) and Trials, before going broke. - The model in the pic was supposed to be a new British Challenge to the dominant Spanish and Italian Trials bikes, but although the owner had plenty of money, the bike lacked development,  and was released too soon, so like many others, it disappeared.

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Finally a reminder that tonight is the first Vernon club meeting of the year,  at Toros Pub - 7pm - everybody welcome.


New Years Day 2017

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

A late start to both the day and the year - which I’m sure people will understand !!! - Although once again, I failed to make it to the magic 12 O Clock bonanza. I guess the surprising thing, is the fact that I made it through to 2017 !!

Jordi sent this - ( Nice when the owner of the Factory posts stuff)

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It was another busy day yesterday - counting inventory for year end - but glad I got this done -( It only takes a couple of days for my small business) I did have my son doing the Opti count - so that helped. - later I took a break  & watched a bit of the Canada v USA hockey game - but that didn’t end well for our team.

A video showed up today on FB from three years ago on this day - it has me playing in the snow up on Bear Ridge, with the new Evo 200 - amazing bike then, and the newer models have improved even more.  - This isn’t going to happen today, but I do plan on getting out on the latest Italian offering as soon as it warms up a bit.


We hope all our readers had an enjoyable  Holiday, lets also hope that 2017, will bring everybody fun and happiness out on the loop - Trev Deely  used to say “I don’t care what you ride - as long as you ride” - a very good way I think to start the year - of course if you happen to like either a red or yellow bike from Outlaw - that’s even better !!!