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Thursday February 8th 2018

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Fed up of the snow in the Interior?  Well, the Victoria Club have a Trial scheduled for February 18th. Check for more info on the Club website, or by calling Dave Fair.

This is a photo I took up on the ridge above Rocky Mountain House a few years ago at an ATRA Trial - these are a few of the Classic bikes, at the Outlaw Series event. - I posted this because if the Environmentalists get their way, riding in this area could be a thing of the past. The fight for Off Road land use ( Crown Land) is definitely on in Alberta and could spread to BC.
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The mighty Norton name will have a top rider at the Isle of Man TT races this year, with John McGuiness. - they look “Cool”.

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I saw this poster for a Trial in the UK, and thought it a good way to attract newcomers. ( Note: They seem to cover all classes)

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Another old bugger who goes into work every day !! Sam is 85 this year.
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And here is a beautifully restored 1965 Sherpa T - the bike that Sam designed and changed the sport of Trials forever.

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More News as it happens.

Tuesday February 6th 2018

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

Today marks the anniversary of the death of King George 6th., in 1952 - it is also the date that one of my brothers joined the RAF ( That’s why I remember)  As many will recall Princess Elizabeth, was out of the Country when this happened, and had to fly back from South Africa, to be crowned a very young Queen of England. -       ( Touch of History)


Looking through the Office window early today, I don’t see any snow, which is good, as I have to deliver more Opti Snowmobile oil to the truck depot - ( Yesterday the side roads were a real mess)


Here is a neat poster, showing Bernie Schreiber - the only American World Trials Champion to date,  Bernie has started posting on FB, and re-connecting with some of his old friends - I believe he now lives in Switzerland.
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And here is a pic of the gathering at the TRS factory last weekend in Spain, when Importers from all over the World, got a chance to try out the latest models - Bob & Brett are in there somewhere.

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There is another book out - this one on the great Jeff Smith - World Champion MX rider but also brilliant at Trials.

I first met Jeff at a Scramble in Wales, where I was taking Photographs - then later at the 1976 Moose Mountain Cross Country ( well documented in previous blogs)

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Monday February 5th 2018

Monday, February 5th, 2018

So the “Dusting” of snow I mentioned yesterday, turned out to be about another 5-6″  before it finally quit - I took this pic on Saturday of the Evo Ground-hog checking out the weather, and no it didn’t venture out.
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The golf game was good to watch - very close with a few guys in with a chance - turned out with a play off at the end won by Gary Woodland.


Before that, I watched some video of the Barcelona X Trial - a bit of same old, same old, but I really am having trouble understanding the FIM rules this year.  - Last week Adam Raga finished second behind Bou in the Semi, but didn’t get to ride the final - Today it was reversed, with Adam winning the semi, but Bou was able to ride (and win) the Final.- Maybe somebody can explain, because to me, it doesn’t make sense. ( Although obviously the Strasboug ruling was crazy)
Of course the event is held in the Stadium named after Jordi, and Adam does ride for the TRS Team, and it does appear that Honda have a lot of clout with the FIM when it comes to making the rules, so ???
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Or as one bald guy said to the other “What the F?”
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How about these World Round results from 1977 - pretty high scores, but with a lot more names competing for the Championship.

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Another Monday morning, and another snow-day -!!  - At least I don’t have to do much shoveling as my neighbor  has the tractor & plow.


I saw this posted but that’s the only news that I’ve seen on this event, which usually gets a lot of coverage with live video etc. ( I watched it last year on live video)
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Sunday February 4th 2018

Sunday, February 4th, 2018

Another “Dusting” of the white stuff last night - nothing serious, but it’s starting to become tiresome..

Meanwhile here is an old pic that just popped  up. - It shows me in the middle, congratulating Tony Alan (left) and Guy Perret  after a Cross Country race near Kamloops. - We were sponsoring them both at that time with Opti Oil    ( see logo on Guy’s jersy.)

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The riders are “Warming up” in Barcelona for the X Trial.,  - Bob & Brett will be there to watch the action and hoping for a win by Adam Raga, but we know that’s unlikely with Mr B seemingly unbeatable at the moment. - No doubt there is a lot going on behind the scenes, after the fiasco at Strasbourg. - We will post more news later.

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Here are the scores after the first round.

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For me, my day will be spent once again “kicking back” and watching the golf ( no not the Super bowl)  - I enjoy watching golf, although I have never played the game, as I think it’s similar to Traditional Trials, in that it’s a “Head game” - knowing when to “Lay-up” and which club to use etc - Just as in Trials, planning a “Dab” when everybody is taking 3’s & 5’s, can help your score at the end of the day. There are a lot of very good players and riders, who never win, because they don’t have the right mental attitude.


2018 Oakland 450cc Supercross Results

2018 Oakland 450cc Supercross ResultsThe 450cc podium of Jason Anderson (middle), Ken Roczen (left) and Blake Baggett (right). PHOTOGRAPHY BY HOPPENWORLD


I took this shot of the Sand Cranes back a few years when I was out with Pete setting up the Outlaw Trial at Summerland - It’s a wonderful sight and sound every spring as they head North.

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Saturday February 3rd 2018

Saturday, February 3rd, 2018

With so much snow in the OK Valley this year, all we can do to relieve the cabin fever, is to look back at the pics and videos from other years. - Here is a shot from a great day I had out with Matt last year on the Evo 200’s, near Cherryville.  You will notice that my bike at the back,  has a different header pipe, and other trick bits that we sell.
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Brett & Bob have been enjoying a quick visit to the TRS Factory - here they are with Jordi, who is an old friend of the Clark Family from his days at Beta & Gas Gas.  - Sunday they will attend the X Trial at Barcelona, held at the “Palau Sant Jordi” -  before flying back to Vancouver.
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We have just heard that the Ormstown Vintage event for 2018 has been cancelled due to land use issues, Although its been held on Private property for a number of years, it seems some neighbors object  to the noise - the organizers hope to get things sorted for 2019. - Mick & Jill Andrews are always guests at this great get-together, which features both Trials and Scrambles competitions.


We had a surprise visit from Bruce Baker yesterday - he stopped by to pick up some boots, but also told us that he is planning on moving to Kelowna in the Spring.


It seems that the Beta Factory, have been quietly adding to their Teams for both Enduro and Trials - the latest is Travis Teasdale from South Africa - He surprised a lot of people by finishing 2nd to Graeme Jarvis at The Tough One last week, at Nantmawr in the UK, ahead of David Knight. - With World Champion Steve Holcombe already signed for another season, the Italian Factory should do well.


For Rugby fans, there is a big game happening today in Cardiff, South Wales - as I’m not a big fan, I’m afraid I don’t know who the Welsh Team are playing, but I do know that Taff will already be down at the local Pub in Sherwood Park to take it all in on the big screen.  - Have a great day buddy & stay out of the cold. UPDATE:

Wales were playing Scotland and beat them big time.

And finally - here is a Blast from the Past that just popped up on FB - Shows myself on the 325 Bultaco Sherpa T, on a big hill section, South of Calgary, back in 1973 - likely one of the last rides I had on that bike before joining Yamaha ( Wish I had kept it)

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Friday February 2nd 2018

Friday, February 2nd, 2018

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This is Team Beta 2018 - It will be interesting to see how they perform. -

As most readers know, I have long called the antics at World Indoor Trials more like a Circus, with little resemblance of what the sport is all about. - Mike Crumly has just posted this on FB, which really “Says it like it is”

X-Trial Circus
Does the F.I.M. and The FIM President Vito Ippolito Sell out the sport of trials to 2play and 2Play Event Production Manager Bernard Estripeau ? Is the money in this Promoter Agreement between them worth the destruction of the sport and a mockery to the record books to call this a championship ? This is not a trials Competition between the best trials riders of the world. This a circus meant to entertain and create revenue. They have changed the sport to be what they believe more marketable,They have not selected the top riders but ones they feel will sell more tickets. They reuse the same obstacles to save money to a point it all looks the same. They add time limits and rule changes to sell more tickets but put the riders at risk. Who are we as Riders, Fans, and supporters of Observed Motorcycle Trials if we allow this to continue ? Who are we if we say nothing ? Krash


Here is another great video - this time from the 1960 “Scramble” at Hawkstone Park in Shropshire UK. - I attended the 1955 event, and was blown away at the steep hill and the whole scene. - Unfortunately, somebody “Nicked” my street bike ( brand new James 197) leaving myself and my girlfriend stranded.


It could be said, that out of all Motorcycle Sport, “Scrambling” now called Moto Cross  - has had the least changes in format, since those early days. - The Outdoor events still attract huge crowds.

On the other hand, the sport of Trials, has seen a lot of changes, and in my opinion, not all of these are for the better. - Check out Albert Cabestany in the video at the top -( Sorry not available at this time)  all he is practicing is hopping on the back wheel, which although very clever, tends to send the wrong message to people just taking up the sport ( In fact many see these videos, and decide to take up something else) - Note: Fortunately Albert also practices some more normal sections in slick conditions.
Of course not everybody will agree on this, but with factories depending on sales to keep the doors open, I think the future of the sport of Trials, is in jeopardy. - The message as far as I’m concerned is simple - “Lets get back to basics”  - Just like Golf, Trials riding is a “Thinking man’s sport” - not about who has the biggest Kahunas.

While we continue to cater to all abilities, at our WTC Trials - lets not forget that the majority of the entry, is made up of ordinary working folk, who just want a nice day out on the bike, with other riders, to have a good time and a few laughs.

I know that to some, what you are reading today, is like an old record - play it again Sam - (not Miller or King) - but I feel it is time for many organizers - to take a close look at what they are trying to promote.

Anyway. That is my opinion. Outlaw Dave.

Breaking News.

It has just been reported that Ulf Karlson, the former World Trials Champion ( 1980) is gravely ill with cancer. - I recall meeting Ulf at our 1975 World Trial, when he fell on one of the very steep slopes coming off the mountain, and sprained his thumb.

Here is a pic by Roger Boothroyd, of Ulf collecting his award from Gerry Marshal at the 1975 World round at Bragg Creek - other people in the pic are myself in the doorway of the trailer & Ron Mallett.

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Thursday February 1st 2018

Thursday, February 1st, 2018

Well as most of us shiver and curse the winter snow - some jump in their truck and get the hell out of it - fresh from his Super long drive from Texas, Chris Hrabb has decided to head to the coast with his TRS and his Husky.

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If there is one thing I’ve noticed about the Social Media - there are quite a lot of people who post crap and vulgar language ( even if they can’t spell ) on a regular basis, Also, a ton of Political garbage being posted.

It could be said that the whole World has gone mad - The latest thing is a call to ban the “Umbrella girls” from the grid at Formula One and Moto GP races.

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Still on this topic - the posts after the Indoor X Trial at Strasboug France, have brought about a page full of comments, on the rules - all negative, and some quite nasty. ( A lot in Spanish)

The old saying is that “February brings the rain, thaws the frozen lakes again” - and for most of us, this can’t come quick enough, Shane stopped by last night and we chatted about the sport both in our small pond, and also on the big screen. - It should be an interesting year.


Here is a pic of a very rare machine from the past - It’s a “Special” built and ridden by UK rider Peter Gaunt, who was very successful back in the day. - It is powered by a 89cc Jawa engine, and while some might laugh at the small displacement bikes, it is a well known fact that for many riders, smaller is better.  Gaunt won “The Irish Experts” first time out on this bike, and became well known for his lightweight “Specials”.

Note: At the very first ISDT that I watched in Wales, back in 1949, we were amazed at both the sound and performance of the 12 speed 80cc Kreidlers, used by the German team, as they came across the Welsh moors.