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Saturday June 30th 2018

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

The last day of the month and we are already 1/2 way through 2018 - After the devastating Forest fires of last year, we have elected not to host any Trials events after this weekend - until Thanksgiving - the message is clear - if you want to ride our fantastic terrain - get out this weekend to the WTC Trial at Revy  -

You will see sights like this, as you travel the long loop set up by the Revy Riders Florian Schott and his crew. - They need your support - sections while at the upper level are challenging are really good - the Revvy crew have learned well, just like the Shuswap  group, who now put on some of the best Trials events in Canada.   Sammy has things under control at Malikwa - and dazzled me by pulling off a great Trial a couple of weeks ago,
With the Carl Kuster organization coming on board last year, and with Sammy King - the future of Trials riding in the Interior has never looked better . - But please remember - without support - all this could fizzle’

This year we saw entrees at the Ioco Super Stars drop - and overall numbers at Trials events have seen a decline out West. - Not the case in Eastern Canada, where they host a lot of Vintage Trials , and of course Quebec is a strong Trials area.

The sport of Trials, in Canada, has always been “Up & Down” - riders come riders go - for whatever reason. - at the moment, we get a lot of calls from Enduro guys, who want to learn how to ride like Graeme Jarvis, !! - I could write a book on that one.

I hope everybody has a good Canada Day Weekend - I know we will in Revvy - the campfire on Saturday night will be loud and fun. - No I won’t have my Harmonica !! (Need to buy a new one - never did get  around to that - dumped three in the garbage last week as they were out of tune - maybe too many fumes !!)

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. - I think  the best Trials events are run the old English way ( I know I’ve mentioned this before)  long loops over beautiful Countryside - ( In our case the Mountains and Bush) -

Want to try one of these ?  Come talk to me at Revvy this weekend.

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Steve Holcombe (Beta) is at the Italian Enduro this weekend and is seen here flying high at the MX Test today.
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How about this nice line up of Spitfires !! All converted to 2 seat aircraft
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Final bit of news - Marc Marquez is on pole for the Dutch Moto GP - Cal Crutchlow and Valentino Rossi are also on the front row.


Friday June 29th 2018

Friday, June 29th, 2018

What to do on a Thursday !!! A buddy phones and suggests a ride ?  - Wow! what could be better, except that I had just prepped my own special Beta Evo 200 for young Bodi Watts to ride in Revelstoke.  - Sold the other new 200 Beta the day before !!
Hang on ! I have a brand new TRRS 300 in the shop !! - - Lets rip!  -
Anyway, I took the Westside road today to meet up with Steve at Bear Creek -(Going through the Kelowna Traffic is such a drag) -  now you might recall. that our old “Staging” area has been closed off, since a vagrant caused a forest fire there last year.

- So Steve and myself headed up Bear Main. - Stopping at the first cattle guard.

I explained, that we originally started our first Kelowna Trials event at this same spot. -  Things have changed a lot in this area since that first Trial in 1985 -  A new Club and some really good places to ride for Dirt Bikers, in this area  - But that is all Enduro or MX
Anyway, We headed up the hill, while all the time I’m trying to figure out how to get to our old stomping grounds  - suffice to say that we made it - via a long loop over the top from the forestry road - Nobody has been down this trail this year and it is pretty rough from the winter snow melt, plus we had to clear a few branches, but  the route is now secure for all our Trials riders who wish to tackle the  old sections. ( Yes they are still good) plus the trail ride is fantastic.
Here are a couple of pics from today - taken with  my Olympus water proof camera ( it was raining)
I have to tell you that this new Raga TRS 300 is absolutely amazing - It starts so easily - it does everything just right and helps old guys like me.  - We went on quite an epic trail ride - I goofed a couple of climbs, but that wasn’t  the bike’s fault  -( I ride like an old man - feet everywhere)

Over on the West side of the Mountain, we saw a number of  deer - but they really weren’t worried about us.  We made a number of stops to take a breath (for me) while I explained to Steve where we had sections all those years ago.
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Here’s the latest Press Release  from Vertigo
Vertigo Motors regrets to announce that, exclusively for industrial reasons, it has decided to end its contract with trials young prospect Arnau Farré. From the Factory, we want to state clearly that Vertigo has no doubt about Farré’s talent and projection to become one of the best trials rider worldwide, and so, this isn’t the reason for such a decision.

The deal with Farré was specifically linked to the development of the Vandal model, which because of promotional goals, was meant to compete in several international Championships during the season. However, following product development issues, Vertigo has decided to stop temporally its launch, and with that, also all the activity and presence of the bike in competition, what means the Vandal won’t be competing neither in the Spanish Championship or in the TrialGP Series from now on.

We want to state as well, the fact that the rider has received the entire economic compensation of the contract in force, giving him the chance to find new opportunities and challenges in other brands or structures as soon as possible.

We wish Arnau Farré all the best, as well as good luck on continuing with his meteoric progression

Weather for the weekend looks just about perfect for the big Trial at Revvy - not too hot and the super loop that the guys have got set up is sure to please all classes. -

UPDATE :  Just posted - First pics of stunning new 2019 TRS

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2019 TRRS ONE …


New graphics.
Brake lever tip in microfusion with new design, better ergonomics and grip.

Gear lever tip in microfusion with new design, better ergonomics and grip.

Forged exhaust supports with silentblock.

New setting on rear shock absorver.

New plastic protector for the filter box.

New adjustment on front fork.

New cylinder distribution.

New curve CDI program.


Thursday June 28th 2018

Thursday, June 28th, 2018

So here we are heading into the biggest, long weekend of the year, and for lots of Trials enthusiasts - that means a trip to Revelstoke. - for Round #1 of the WTC National Trials Series. - This year, the event will feature a long figure eight (30km)  loop (gas stop midway) through the lush trails overlooking the Columbia River Valley. - Florian Schott is the Clerk of the Course, and along with Shane, Chris, Terry & Leigh, has created a stunning loop, suitable for all abilities.


While most people will camp out across from the MX Track - there are lots of Hotels and Motels in the area, but please be aware that Glacier House, is booked solid for a wedding party.

The action gets underway early Sunday morning at the  MX Track -  with sign in open at 8.30 am, followed by the riders meeting at 9.30 am. - We have elected to go group checking for the day, as this will be the easiest to control. ( yes you get to ride with your buddy’s)

As usual Julie and Judy will look after the scoring, with the tents set up in front of the newly erected Grand Stand at the MX Track.

For spectators, this has to be one of the easiest Trials to  watch - as you can drive your family car - up the fire road, and see a lot of the sections.
Any questions on the event - please either call or email me . We plan on being there Saturday afternoon.


As I think we have everything pretty much caught up - Tiffany drove in from Squamish yesterday to pick up the last Evo 200 we had in Stock - so today I plan on sneaking out for a ride. Will have more on this later.


Anybody interested in an old 1985 TY 350?  We had a visitor yesterday, who told me he bought the bike from me back then, but has not used it for many years - I told him to email me a pic ( He lives in Kelowna)


Roger sent me this pic of a couple of old Beta Alps - owned by a friend he visited up Island last weekend  - I’m still mad at myself for selling the mint one I had.

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Wednesday June 27th 2018

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

Another nice day in the Valley - hopefully these flash storms will be all done by the weekend.  - Anybody wanting stuff put on the Outlaw Van for the Revy Trial - please email me. !!! (Don’t leave it until Friday night!!!)

Today is going to be busy, with a lot happening - first off I need to take Babsy’s car  in to get it serviced. - then later a customer is driving in from Squamish to pick up the last 2018 Beta Evo 200 we have in stock.  - Seems like everything is either a “Feast or a famine” in my business - so much so that making a daily list of things to be done is a “must” ( now what did I do with that piece of paper?”


Sammy had a mixed day at the Rocks & Logs - He told me it was very tough and very humbling for him riding the Pro Class - He ended up 6th overall. - Here he is being interviewed before the event.

2018 red bull rocks and logs 2018


More news as it happens >>>>>>. Check out this video >>>  video


Tuesday June 26th 2018

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

This weekend is the “BIG” one - The WTC Round #1 at Revy - knowing what the lads have got in, I wish I was 20 years younger-  err - maybe 40 years younger . Anybody that misses this one really does miss big time - . NO excuses. ( Two guys are driving from Yellowknife !!!!!!!!) - I should mention that while the $30 entry fee may seem a bit much for some people - $10 of this goes back to the Revy Riders club for the use of their trail system.
Click for WTC National Championship (West) Round 1 poster


This is my 1973 Bultaco Sherpa T 325 - the best one of that brand I owned — We took off all the alloy fenders and everything else we could to lighten up the bike -  I joined Yamaha later that year, and like they say the rest is history. ( But it was not easy at first)
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The weather in the Valley has sure been interesting this past week, with storm after storm - power outages and lots of trees blown down - I wonder how many out on our Trials loop for the weekend?

Looking ahead - it should be  perfect for our WTC Trial at Revy - although the July long weekend is always busy on the roads, so please take care, when driving.  Although the Trial is just one day - Revelstoke is a wonderful place to visit, with lots of other stuff to do, so maybe take that extra time to go to the large Train museum or some of the other attractions.


A blast from the past >>

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Monday June 25th 2018

Monday, June 25th, 2018

Congrats toImage may contain: one or more people and people standing

local lad Malcolm Hett for taking the Expert win at the Calgary Rocks & Logs - here are some other results - not sure what happened to Sam.


It was a great day up at the Vernon Clubs family day yesterday - the location is quite far out - way above Lavington - not sure of the elevation, but it has to be around 5,000 feet.

The weather was perfect, bright sunshine all day, and the previous rainy days, made for great traction on the Trails - I thought the Organizers did a great job - very Professional with different routes for the whole family to enjoy. - We had the Trials bikes on display, and chatted to a lot of old friends - one lady told me that her late husband rode in Calgary Trials with me back in the early 70’s  -his name was Adrian Damini  -  it took me a minute to remember him, but I told her that I have a good black & White photo of him somewhere in my archives - will try to find it.
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They had 80+ registered riders and it was great to see the young kids having fun - well done all the Volunteers.


Saturday June 9th 2018

Saturday, June 9th, 2018

Something about this date, jogged my memory, when I typed it in - then I got it - bloody hell, it’s my wedding anniversary - better not forget that. while Babsy & myself don’t make much of  fuss over this stuff - we have been together now for 55 years. - It’s been a wonderful journey -Thanks for putting up with me Babsy.

Friday was the graduation of our youngest grand daughter, so we went to the official do in the afternoon, followed by the dinner and dance.  - I must say that while I have a bit of a hard time hearing some of the speeches etc - just like two years ago when Hannah graduated, we really enjoyed the occasion - of course it was all so different in our day - I left school at age 15 to take up a trade as a Photo-Engraver, and Babsy has a similar story, of working as a live in nanny.    - It’s good to see how they encourage the grads to follow their dreams, and to also see a number of exchange students from China and Japan.  - Our third grand-daughter Emma, is going to university in New Brunswick so we never saw her graduate, However she will visit us next week for her annual holiday.

Today, Saturday - I have a few customers stopping by  -then I will load the van for Malakwa - better remember to take at least one tent, because the forecast isn’t great.  Of course if anybody needs anything specific - they need to email me soon. - Don’t forget the bug spray !!!  Sam has promised a nice loop with fun for everybody.

This statue of Nicky Hayden has just been unveiled in his home town, where they have now made this an official “Nicky Hayden - The Kentucky Kid” - day on the calendar.
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Just came across this old pic from the days, when Interlube International helped out a lot of Off road riders and Teams - quite a few famous faces there, and one who will be Inducted into the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame in November.

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Friday June 8th 2018

Friday, June 8th, 2018

Only one more day  before the last round of the Outlaw Series at Malakwa - on Sunday -  points leaders after two rounds are

Expert Sean Bird  55 points

Advanced - Cam Collie - 53 points

Snr Advanced - Ted McDowell

Intermediate -   Lee Usher and Russ Skiver  30 points each

Sportsman - Bob Clark - 53 points

Junior - Harold Pospisil and Dave Seifert - 30 points each

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Sam says don’t forget your bug spray as the little critters are out & about.


Yesterday I mentioned about the Dougie Lampkin Autobiography that had arrived in my mail - Now I don’t read a lot of books, but this is one I couldn’t put down. - Dougie’s life story is fascinating and inspirational, while still adding some dry Yorkshire wit.

The very special relationship that he had with his father Martin ( The first ever Trials World Champion in 1975) and the amazing record of the whole Lampkin family in the World of both Scrambles and Trials makes for very good reading - I’m glad that I was lucky enough to meet both Doug and Martin more than once, and able to help Dougie by supplying him with some Outlaw tool belts, when he was starting to make a name for himself.  -

I first met Martin in 1972 at the Scottish Six Days - It was the Friday night and both him and his buddy Malcolm Rathmell were having a pint in the Grand Hotel, where I was staying  - As I was covering the event for Cycle Canada, I wandered over to their table ( just the two of them) and politely asked if I could have a word ( as the Brits say)  - “Of course, come sit thee down, said Martin , what you havin’?” -  meaning a pint.  - in later years we met  quite a few other times, and big Mart was always the same - the friendliest guy you could ever meet.

This being the case, I can only imagine the heartbreak his death created with young Dougie - I really hope that Martin Lampkin will be remembered with some kind of special Trial, the same as we have tried to do with our own fallen heroes.


A bit of history

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Naturally, Like all the Trials that I’ve headed up, I remember every detail, including the screw ups - that’s how you learn.  - Check out the scores - quite high, mainly due to the heavy rain that hit us right at the start, turning the rock climbs into skating rinks. - Also a lot of sections on a long loop in the old English style tradition.
Looking at the results above, I don’t see that many names of guys still even riding - why is that? - is it because of age, family, lack of interest, what? - or maybe modern events with big rock walls ?  Then there are the dedicated few, who have made Trials their life.

Interestingly enough - there were seven kids at this Trial, and while they are not listed in the results, at least a couple went on to do well as top Experts - Ryon Bell, Brandon Wince and Will Duggan.
Dougie Lampkin, likes Trials for the same reason I do - it’s all about getting out in natural terrain and out guessing /out riding, your rivals. - Even at the top of his career, Dougie’s favorite event was and still is - The Scottish Six Day Trial.  Trouble was because he could not afford to get injured - the Honda Factory did not let him compete , while he was under contract to them  ( Ironically, all his injuries, including losing his little toe - occurred in World Round events.)

Check out this video from some of the Indoor stuff.

Today in the Isle of Man- Peter Hickman posted a new lap record of 135mph - while winning the Senior TT. - no words to describe this.
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Thursday June 7th 2018

Thursday, June 7th, 2018

Here is an option for those older riders ? who might want to rest their legs a bit on a long ride - this will fit either the TRS or the Beta.
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Yesterday I had a nice surprise, when this book arrived in the mail

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Harry McKay sent this, after getting Dougie to autograph it - yes Dougie remembered me from the old days ! - I have already got well into reading the book - it’s a very “down to earth” fascinating account of Dougie’s life. - I just got up to page 191, when the Honda brass brought out the first 4RT Factory bike for him and Fujinami to test ride. - They were not impressed - in fact Dougie says it was the worst Trials bike that he ever  rode - a case of very much “Back to the drawing board”  - Dougie says the Scottish Six Days Trial is the best Trial in the World and the one that keeps him going ( Yes he has now won it 12 times - and finished 6th at his first attempt - riding with Nigel Birkett as his mentor)

It was a busy day yesterday - with parts & accessories arriving ( we now have the low pressure tire gauges back in stock)  then the Day & Ross Truck pulled in with the last Beta Evo 200 that we will get this year ( they are sold out) - This one isn’t sold yet, but doubt it will last long. - We also have the last TRRS 300 for this year, in stock - what a beauty this is. - We have fitted one of the new spark arrestors on this bike to see how they look - glad to say they are both easy to install and also look good.


Sammy called & we chatted about the Trial on Sunday at Malakwa - he has everything under control ( well nearly everything !!)  He will put on a Trials school on Saturday for interested people - contact Sam direct at the CKMP in Malakwa. - For those folk not familiar with this location - It is approx.: 6 km East of Sicamous on Hyway #1 going towards Revelstoke. - You turn left into the village and follow the signs over the tracks.  Riders meeting is 9.30 with start at 10 am. - Yes this is the last round of the Outlaw series - feel free to call me if you need more info regarding camping etc ( $15.00)

Weather looks like sun & showers for Sunday - rain Saturday ( for Vernon) on Saturday.


Here is another great book that just arrived - courtesy Dave Fair ( Thanks Dave)  Full of Spanish bike history.

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Wednesday June 6th 2018

Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

Today is the Anniversary of the “D Day” landings in 1945. - And watching what is going on these days in England - I think this pic sums it up.

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While World and Country Politics seem to fill every moment on both TV and Social media - thank goodness we have motorcycle sport to relieve the tension. -

Here is a great shot  of Mick Andrews, still going strong  and loving his Vintage Trials bikes ( In fact I’ve never seen a pic of him on a new one - except for the TYZ Yam of course - and that is now classed as pretty old)  - In this shot he is standing by his very special James 250, with his favorite Ossa in the foreground.
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Something that I would like to mention - As an old guy, I do things the old fashioned way - so if anybody needs to contact me, please use either my email - - or my land line (250) 545-6139 - Yes I have a cell phone, but rarely use it, so it’s no good leaving me text messages.


The TT races in the Isle of Man continue to thrill spectators, with lap records being broken it seems every day - although the riders start at one minute intervals - they often see close action around the 37.7 Mountain Circuit.