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Friday November 30th 2018

Friday, November 30th, 2018

The last day of the month- and with the Entry list now open for the 2019 Scottish Six Days, I thought I would share this link to the Trials Guru site, and a report on the 1979 Scottish, as written by a rider from New Zealand -  most people who have ever ridden this great event, will I think enjoy,-  as a spectator on  at least three occasions - I could relate to a lot of the sections mentioned. - And yes certainly to the cold weather.



This is young Chris Stay on the Steve Saunders sponsored TRS bikes - Heath took the photo at last weekend’s BVM Test day. -

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Heath says that the Brexit stuff in the UK, has really been a downer for Motorcycle sales in England, and many shops are facing tough times - We can only wonder how this will effect the Factories in Europe. - All of the factories do projected sales, including the Japanese, who work on a 4 year plan. - If this backfires, due to an economic downturn, or a miscalculation in the market.  Things get very difficult.

Here is a video of Scrambling at Hawkstone Park in Shropshire England - these were the “Glory” years for British bikes and riders, with Jeff Smith at his very best. - Hawkstone was approx  30 miles from my hometown. - The circuit is still in use today, and as demanding as ever. - It has also hosted at least two World Trials ( we were at the 1995 event)

Here is a still shot from the top of the hill at the 1965 event - which was the first ever Scramble that I went to watch - it ended badly, when I found somebody had nicked my brand new James from the parking area.

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Thursday November 29th 2018

Thursday, November 29th, 2018

Well my visit to the dentist yesterday turned out to be short and painless - After checking my mouth after the recent surgery - it appears that things are not healing properly, and it has to be redone. - Certainly not the news I was expecting, as this saga drags on into the Christmas season.

Roger Boothroyd sent us this great pic from the VMC archives - the twin-port CZ was quite popular in the late 60’s early 70’s - Martin Spriggs is still very active and living on Vancouver Island - He was always a top Trials rider as well as MX. - The other bike in the photo looks like an Ossa Stilletto ( Pic by Roger Boothroyd)
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As we have mentioned more than once, the Classic Trials scene in Europe, is huge, with enthusiasts spending a ton of money updating their old bikes. - Here is a fine example of a 240 Fantic.
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Here are a couple of video clips for today. - The first one is about the growing number of ladies now involved in Trials riding.

# fimwomeninmotorcycling

This second one is for all the Spitfire enthusiasts.

# WWll


We have another large order of Wulf gear arriving next week - just in time for Christmas, but you need to order soon if you need stuff shipped out.


Breaking News - Malcolm Rathmell has just signed the Peace brothers to ride Sherco for 2019  - They were previously on Gas Gas.   - So will there be any more changes for next season ? your guess is as good as mine. - but there are certainly a number of good young lads from the UK climbing the Trials ladder. - Perhaps the one to watch will be Toby Martyn, who jumped ship from Montesa to Beta for 2019. Plus one of the young Stay lads. (TRS)  - However at the moment, James Dabill (Beta) seems to have a firm grasp on the British Championship.
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Wednesday November 28th 2018

Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

Today is another “D” Day - with the D standing for Dentist - not looking forward to this at all.


Saw  this on FB - Churchill was famous for his quotes and wonderful speeches plus his like for good Scotch.

So if this is true of being 60 - then for sure nobody gives a damn about what you think when you are over 80 !!
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Anyone who grew up during the Second World War, ( As I did) might be interested in clicking on to this link.

Battle of Britain


Check out this video >>>>


Christmas is coming - shop at Outlaw for the best deals. Riding Gear-Boots - Helmets - parts for your bike We have lots >>> plus our famous hand crafted toolbelts. PLUS of course your new Trials bike !!!!!
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How about this shot of the great Joel Robert on a CZ twin port ( check out the crushed pipe) - Zoli Berenyi Snr and Jr - raced these back in the day.

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Forgot to mention that we heard from Tino Marin last week - says he is doing well flying helicopter for one of the media channels but has  not ridden a bike since he moved to Toronto.


In other news - We were able to donate $830 to the Cancer fund from the Ady & Peter Brown  Memorial Trials - A very worthy cause and a big thanks to all who put on the event and made contributions.   ( I think we have now donated something in the region of $5k since we started doing this.)

I see that Albert Cabestany is on the injured list  - a pic of the Beta Factory rider was posted on FB, with his arm all taped up. - Seems he was in getting surgery on his elbow.

At the Hall of Fame Gala - I failed to note who it was that presented me with my award, but it seems his name is Josh Baron, and he is a rep for Yamaha Motor Canada. - So thanks to him for that.

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Photo courtesy Roger Boothroyd.

Another nice Golden Oldie - a 1954 DKW three cylinder road racer - the two strokes of that era had fantastic performance - but were prone to seizures.  - Riders of these were used to having one finger on the clutch (long before it became the norm for Trials riders).
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And finally ! -we got a nice email from Bill Brown ( owner of Wulfsport UK)  he had seen the Hall of Fame photo and remarked that it was nice to put a face to the name after all these years of doing business.


So the Postal Service has been ordered back to work - funny thing is that even with the work slow down - all our bills arrived on time - only the cheques appear to have been held up !!!!


Tuesday November 27th 2018

Tuesday, November 27th, 2018

Here is a pic of Steve Saunders competing in a sidecar Trial for the first time - his son is in the “chair”  - no he didn’t win, but might be tempted to do more of this.  ( Pic by Tom Ford)
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Check out this action >>>
FIM Speedway Grand Prix


The Jordi Tarres - TRS Factory is in full swing, cranking out the 2019 models - everything looks to be on target for the new year ahead.  ( This shot courtesy Jitsie)


At the HOF in Vancouver, I spoke about how I came to be in the Motorcycle Industry - It was 1973, and I was having a coffee with Bruce Cameron, the owner of Blackfoot Motorcycle in Calgary. - Bruce was a great guy, a Scotsman, with a wonderful sense of humor,  who died too young of a heart attack, - he sponsored me on a Montesa for a short time, but the bike never suited my riding style.

Bruce suggested I contact Trev Deely in Vancouver, as the Yamaha Factory had just opened a plant in Canada.  - This I did, and a few short weeks later, I was working for Yamaha Motor Canada. - Many people thought I was crazy ( including my wife) as I had been in the Printing Industry since age 15. - But as I mentioned to the audience in Vancouver - that was the best decision I ever made, and the ten years I spent with the company, had me not only traveling all over the Country, but also meeting so many great people.

In the 1970’s - Yamaha were involved in Motorcycle Sport big time - all aspects, from Trials to MX, road racing and later Cross Country racing. - Working for them at this time was like “Living the Dream”  - but like all dreams - they only last so long - then you wake up.  However, I still have many vivid memories from this time, and also many friends from this era.

Here is a pic from the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame - I’m pointing to my name on this large plaque - Interesting that they chose to put the old Trials pic at the bottom - this was taken in 1985 at the Kelowna  Trials demo put on by Stan Bakgaard - (I’m kneeling in front of the Team)

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Yes there is snow up on Vernon Mountain - but this hasn’t stopped some of our local lads from getting out to enjoy the winter wonderland.  When I was a bit younger, we were always out in all weathers either on a Trials bike or Cross Country bike.

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Monday November 26th 2018

Monday, November 26th, 2018

Sunday, I drove down to Peachland to meet up with Shane for a ride - unfortunately the weather wasn’t like Saturday, and I got pretty cold - mainly because I didn’t dress correctly - even so it was great to get out in the fresh air on the new 2019 Beta Evo 200.  - Shane got some good practice in, and I was impressed with how he has improved over the past year.

This shot is looking down the Lake towards Summerland, from our perch up above Peachland. ( Taken with the Olympus which then quit with a drained battery)
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Results from the Ontario Trial from Sunday - Looks like another great entry. From what I have seen of the photographs from their events, they cater to a wide variety of classes, using old style natural sections ( lots of mud)
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As we head into the Christmas season -  it’s time to put together the Trials Calendar for 2019 - Applications for any WTC Sanctioned event, can be sent to me - and obviously the earlier we get these date the better, as we always seem to have to make changes. ( Plus we now have a short season due to Forest Fires)
The only Trial date that doesn’t change in our area, is the Outlaw Trial - which always goes on the May long weekend - Started in 1987, this is perhaps one of the most popular events of the year.

The Outlaw Series has also been quite a success  story- and for 2019, it will once again kick off with round one at Ioco -in April - ( We always sponsor this one for the CPTA)

One important  topic we need to settle - is what we want to do about having a Classic Series - This is Huge in Europe and while we had a lot of success in the early years of our Outlaw  by hosting this as the first day Trial - interest declined a couple of years ago, but I believe this could be revived, with maybe a connecting series with both the CPTA and the ATRA in Alberta.

Anybody with thoughts on this can shoot me an email.


Sunday November 25th 2018

Sunday, November 25th, 2018

The 2019 TRS Trials bikes will be available very soon and look fantastic - not a lot of updates, as they are already “Top of the Class” -  If you are looking for a bargain, we still have a slightly used demo 300 in stock.
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How about this classic DKW ? - An old friend and very good mechanic Art Gavel -  - told me a long time ago, that there are no new inventions - just re-introduced stuff, with a twist.
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Today the weather looks like it will be pretty good - so I plan on meeting up with Shane for a short ride this afternoon ( Yesterday was absolutely brilliant)

More news later. >>

Saturday November 24th 2018

Saturday, November 24th, 2018

Following up on the theme generated regarding  modern trials versus Classic >>>>
Yrjö Vesterinen Earlier I made a comment stating that within trials we have two different sports. In order to understand what has happened and why, we need to go back in time. In April 1974 there was the first indoor trial that I know of in Gothenburg in Sweden. It was organised in order to showcase trials to the wider public. It was a success as a commercial entity, but I doubt many new riders entered trials because of it. The feel good factor was there though. Outdoor trials continued to prosper as before and entries were at record levels . New markets in far away countries were opened as well. The Japanese factories had also entered the game.
Little changed until Bernard Schreiber started to make his mark in the World Championship culminating in his 79 Title. He had brought us some new trick riding techniques. In the meantime there were already more and more indoor trials being organised. These events at times also paid at least some of the riders to attend as well as paying prize money, which was very welcome.
In hindsight it was easy to see that trials had started to change also in the outdoor events. Most events now had one or two indoor style man made obstacles and bigger and bigger steps were also brought in for a good measure. Us riders were turned into entertainers. Nobody had asked us riders if we liked the idea! Some did some didn’t. The main change though was that trials was turned from a sport purely originally designed as a participant sport into some sort of entertainment to please crowds that were not paying a penny towards staging the show.
In the early eighties I was elected to represent the riders world wide in the FIM. I had no voting rights, but I was allowed to speak in the meetings and voice my opinions. Towards the end of my tenure I could see some dark clouds on the horizon. In my last speech at the FIM I voiced my concerns about the future of trials. My concern was the ever more increasing enthusiasm of the World Championship Organisers to please crowds. With all my respect to speedway riders in the world I used speedway as an example what might happen if we follow down the path that many of the organisers were now taking.
The number of speedway riders world wide then as well as now is relatively small. Most of the riders are professionals and make their living out the sport. There are no proper factories building bikes as the rider numbers are too small to warrant building bikes in numbers. Most importantly speedway followers have never ridden a speedway bike and never will.
Round about this time I got married, started a family as well as started a business. My trials riding career as a professional rider was over. It is important to state that my main livelihood had come from Bultaco as well as from a number of outside sponsors. Bultaco were selling that many bikes that they could pay their riders, including me, to earn a living.
From that point on I kept a keen interest in trials and observed what was happening within my beloved sport.
Very rapid development with bikes tyres and suspension followed. The new breed of riders came up with new amazing riding techniques. Every one was in awe. Organisers came up with even more amazing obstacles to challenge the riders. Some organisers started collecting money from the spectators. The riders were given none. They were entertaining the crowds at their own cost. My worst fears were becoming true. Today a small number of “gladiators ” entertain crowds and the factories can’t even support all of them. Apart from two or three riders nobody makes a decent living anymore. Dream job for all the new comers? Organisers paying the riders? I think I would far rather consider a career as a speedway rider if I was young again!
Trials have been changed beyond recognition and what now looks like a fairly irreversible situation.
Now back to the point of having two different sports within trials. Classic trials offer me and countless others a sport that we can enjoy. We don’t mind spectators, but neither are we there for them. We are not asking a penny. Our classic side of trials sport does not need changing or altering in any way, as far as I am concerned anyway. On the contrary it needs preserving and we are proud of our history and heritage.
As for modern trials I can see more challenges ahead. Somehow I do not see the speedway business model working too well! Good luck and needless to say, but I do have great respect and admiration for all the modern riders and their incredible riding skills.
In order to stop any further confusion I would like to see the current Trials World Championship change it is name and add the word Extreme to it. As for the Classic Trials the original name Trials will do fine!
Here is a great old pic of Mike Hailwood when he was riding the NSU Sportmax - he is pictured with Frank Cope, who was later killed road racing.  - The Cope Family had a large Motorcycle store in the Midlands. - I bought my first motorcycle from them & they shipped it up by train.
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Another morning when I expected to see snow outside, but glad to say that everything is nice and clear - maybe even a ride tomorrow?
Yesterday was quite a busy day - unloaded a skid of Opti - then did a trip to the Landfill with a bunch of pallets and other junk - had a chat with Andrew while I was there.
And for the folk who think snow bikes are a recent invention >>>>
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Friday November 23rd 2018

Friday, November 23rd, 2018

Here are some comments from Lane ( One of the best ever riders from the USA) - He is referring  to the recent Costa Brava Classic Trial, and the state of the sport as we have it today.
Lane Leavitt What was fun for me, was Seeing Dougie on his dad’s motorcycle, what an incredible heritage, and how it honors Martin Lampkin, a giant of the sport. It was also amazing to see some of the younger riders with the more modern riding techniques used on the classic motorcycles we rode. I really like that, it makes me think, why didn’t I do that back in the day?This blending of cultures, techniques, and generations had a real healing effect for me on many levels. The pressures we all faced as professional riders honestly took a toll and all the fun out of riding, but it did not crush the passion we had deep inside for Trials. This is an incredible sport and the brands are legendary, and so are the men who designed and built those historic machines. We honor them when we still ride them today because they still bring us joy, which is why men like Sr. Bulto built them in the first place, to capture the joy of “Dynamic Balance”.That passion is driven by Brand, as Bernie said, but also by the Legendary riders who have graced the sport. Both riders and machines as Bernard Schreiber stated are what built our sport, and why we all started riding, and still do.

Seeing some of the young riders doing things on those old bikes, you have to wonder. Maybe that kid would have been a champion if he had been born 40 years earlier?

Events like this, are like a living history of Trials! Each individual riding or spectating have their passions for the sport, “Fueled” by any event done right, and this combination of passion and sport has been nailed for sure with this event. Perhaps that’s the Magic?

Finding that magical tradition, of ceremony, pageantry, history, and fueling all those passions of imagination, perhaps this is the path forward?

Why Vintage Trials appeals to me, is that it’s part bike show and part competition. Then when someone legendary is also in attendance, it just puts the icing on the cake.

It’s a triangle, of Passion and honoring historic machines and their preservation, honoring historic figures of the past, with a mixing of young riders which is awesome and recreating the atmosphere that made the machines and historic riders inspirational. I was not there, but it sure looks like an event I would like to attend someday, either as a rider or spectator.


Meanwhile David Chambers is down under in OZ on a Motorcycle Adventure - bet he didn’t expect this !!!!

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They are calling this “Black Friday” and it seems that everybody is having sales  - so therefore, if anybody decides they want any Trials accessories today - They will save a lot of money. - We also still have a slightly used ( 2 hrs) TRS 300 for sale at a HUGE saving !!! - but you have to call us TODAY 250-545-6139


Thursday November 22nd 2018

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018

This is a great shot of former World Trials Champion  - Vesterinen riding in the Barcelona Classic 2 Day, which had 485 entrees. - Dougie Lampkin won the top class, riding his Dad’s old Factory Bultaco Sherpa T - That must have been really special
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Here is another shot from the Costa Brava Classic - That is a really nice looking old Yam.

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This pic just popped up on FB - It shows the Canadian Team at the 1983 ISDE in Wales.
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And this one from six years ago - me forgetting that I was 75 years old at the time on a new Beta Evo 300.
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We are still trying to ” Settle back in the Groove”  after the hectic weekend in Vancouver - answering emails. etc. - People have been very kind with their comments, and I find it all very humbling.


A dusting of snow on the driveway this morning, which did not surprise, as it felt very cold yesterday - I had to zip down to Kelowna to pick up a skid of Opti Oil - We tend to be pretty busy at this time of the year.

Also with Christmas jut around the corner, we need to order some more Wulf stuff - they just sent us a new Catalogue - with new Trials gear - Let me know if you would like more info” - Our order will likely go in Sunday night.


I have been watching all the dialogue in the media, regarding the state of Trials, both at the World and Club level. - Some very high profile people appear to think the same as I do, -  in that the sport has “Lost it’s way” - and needs a total “Re-think” - at least at the World level.


Wednesday November 21st 2018

Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

World Trophy Team

In front of a packed-out circuit in Vina del Mar, the Australian World Trophy Team once again brought the fire to their international rivals, producing world class riding to remain well ahead of Team USA by just over seven minutes. Trailing behind USA was Italy, France and Spain, with Spain following behind Australia by just over 21 minutes. After five days of performing a tango with his USA counterpart, Taylor Robert, Daniel Milner maintained his first-place position overall for 2018 by nearly two minutes whilst also being awarded the title as the 2018 E3 Champion! France took out fastest time for day six in the World Trophy Class but could not impact the domination of Team Australia in its bid for the 2018 title. Milner scored the fastest time for Australia in day six of 13:18.84, followed shortly afterward by Daniel Sanders, who clocked in a fastest time of 13:20.73. Based on Sanders’ world class efforts throughout the past six days, he has successfully secured his place on the podium as second place overall, sitting eight seconds behind Team USA’s Taylor Robert, and second place in the E3 category behind Milner.


A nice presentation recently to honor Martin Lampkin - Dougie and his Mum looking sad.
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And here is Dougie winning the Costa Brava  2 Day Classic Trial last weekend, riding his Dad’s Bultaco Sherpa T

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This exhibit was at the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame - It shows the 1983 ISDE Program, which I brought back for Danny, signed by all the Team riders,

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As a final comment on last weekend - This only happened  for me, because Harlow Rankin nominated me to the Board of Directors. - ( I was told by Ivor Lloyd that they only accept a few of all the ones they get each year) - so a big thanks to Harlow for writing my Motorcycle story.


World Trials Calendar for 2019

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