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Saturday December 1st 2018

Saturday, December 1st, 2018

Christmas is coming, so lets start off by mentioning one of my pet peeves - not about the Holiday season - but about one of the things we see almost every week, with regard to the printed word.

Our sport is called TRIALS not TRAILS -  we see this misspelling   pretty much every week in some shape or form. - The latest was in a report by a well known Canadian Motorcycle Journalist ( who should know better)  - Just makes me want to send them an email. - But of course I never do.

There, so I’ve got that off my chest - lets get into the Christmas Spirit !!


This is a great poster from back in the day - showing Jordi after winning the Scottish Six Days. -  We were not there for that Historic win, but did attend the 1989 event, when Jordi rode the new Beta Zero Prototype - this only last a couple of days, before it seized with the rad plugged with good old  Scottish mud.
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A few days ago, I posted a couple of long posts, taken from FB, regarding the state of our sport, as seen through the eyes of two Champions - One USA, one World.

Here is the link to the one by Yrjo Vesterinen.

Here is a pic taken by Roger Boothroyd at the 1975 World Round  near Bragg Creek AB - it shows the winner - Vesterinen on his factory Bultaco - US Honda rider Joe Gugliemelli is behind him - Joe later died in a trail riding accident - seems in 1982 - he was racing his buddy back to the truck at dusk, when he went off a cliff, falling some 30 feet into a creek bed - he died instantly  -   Pete Smith is also in this pic.

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So was Steve Colley trying to send us a message, when he started performing with no front wheel all those years ago ? At the World level, nearly all the sections are ridden on the back wheel these days, so maybe they should rename World Trials “The Uni-Trial Championship”


This is a topic that I’ve mentioned more than once on this blog and I’m glad that other people seem to share my views.  - But as we all know, it’s easy to criticize but not easy to find a solution.

As I see it, we can’t turn the clock back, so what we need to do is accept that the World Trials events, are a different sport, and concentrate on promoting regular club Trials, the way they have been for generations.

The new bikes are unbelievable, but they do not have to be thrown at rock walls to have fun - simply riding these new machines, with their light weight and super grippy tires, on the same type of sections we rode back in the day, can bring smiles without fear of injury. - Need more difficulty? just add a few cambered turns etc.   - Yes the Experts need to be challenged, especially at Championship events, but we will never get new people into the sport, if all they see is “Stunt” riding.


The new issue of Classic Trial Mag: is out now and full of good old nostalgia - We don’t have a Subscription to this - just the modern, but might sign up for the New Year. ( I would like to read the test on the Rob Sheppard Honda - Some of  this was covered in Sammy Miller’s book which we have)


Somebody posted this really nice photo on FB - I think perhaps one of the best things about owning a Trials bike - is being able to get out into the woods and see wonderful places like this.-  The bike is an SWM - which were quite popular back in the day.Image may contain: outdoor and nature