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Sunday March 31st 2019

Sunday, March 31st, 2019

Today we are featuring a nice photo  of Steve Day at Ioco - Steve has been riding Trials for a very long time-  first in Alberta, then in BC after moving to Vancouver. - It was Steve who first told me about the new clutch technique that they were starting to use on the modern bikes in 1985. -Those were the days of the Stan Bakgaard Trials shows, which were held all across the Country. - The TY mono was replaced by a Scorpa then a few Gassers, before his latest model the very nice Vertigo. Ride on buddy. ( Note : Steve is wearing a Wulf Trials Helmet and a Outlaw toolbelt)
Steve Day at the 2019 TRS Trial


Bit of news from South of the Border - Dale Malasak is joining Vertigo as their Eastern Distributor - He was the USA Gas Gas Importer for many years, and prior to that put out a lot of great Trials videos on VHS.


So who fancies a nice Electric Bicycle from TRS ? Jodi has given it the “Thumbs Up” after some vigorous testing.

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Saturday March 30th 2019

Saturday, March 30th, 2019

Just one more day to go in the month - and the last chance for us to get out for a ride - We have usually been out a few times by this time, but the long cold stretch we had in February with lots of snow has kept us house-bound. - However this past week has been very pleasant - in fact we were able to enjoy the sunshine sitting out on the back porch last night.

The new Trial Mag - will soon arrive in our post box and looks to be another great read.
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Here is a classic shot of Don Smith in the 1968 Scottish  - as usual with a cigarette in his mouth - it looks like a Grey Mares Ridge section - the same spot that Gordon Jackson lost his only point at the 1961 Trial. - It looks like another typical Scottish day- weather wise!!   Not sure who took the pic.
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This is a great and unusual photo of Stevie Baker - Who I’m proud to call a friend - we also share the same birthday   September 5th. -
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Some old results from 1974 when the USA were  starting to do well in MX .
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Friday March 29th 2019

Friday, March 29th, 2019

Thursday was another busy day in the parts department - a sure sign that Spring is here and people are fixing up their bikes ready for the riding season. The weather is looking better each and every day, so a trip to Summerland can’t be that far off.


Transporting your bike to an event, is always a challenge - in the old days in the UK, we used to ride our Trials bikes to the venue, as they were always street legal.  Later in Canada, it was a bumper carrier on the back of the family station wagon followed by a trailer. - However, this would appear to be a cheap way to do it - I remember Pat Horan hauled his race bike on a small trailer behind his Yamaha Virago - back in the day.

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Today I’m off to Kelowna to deliver Opti - was hoping to tie in a ride over on the Westside but that doesn’t appear like it’s going to happen


Saw this posted from back in the day of Scrambling in the UK - However, I had nothing to do with this event !!!

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More news later >>

Thursday March 28th 2019

Thursday, March 28th, 2019

Maybe the caption for this should be “Yellow Fever”

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It’s hard to believe that this pic was taken 3 years ago at Easter - Bob brought this first TRS  300 to Summerland for me to check out. - And like they say -”The rest is History” the brand has really taken off  and we have sold lots.
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With the warmer weather now officially here in the Valley - riders will soon be out in the woods - but remember for riding on Crown land, you need to have a spark arrestor on your bike, plus be insured for third party liability. We just renewed our policy through BCORMA - very straight forward on line, plus you are putting back into the sport.

We now have the spark arrestors in stock for both TRS and Beta Evo models - made in Vancouver and very professional  - email me if you need one.

Check out this video from 1989 - the first year that Jordi rode the Prototype Beta Zero - I saw this at the Scottish that year, but the weather was so bad, that the mud clogged up the rad and the motor seized.  >>>   post


Wednesday March 27th 2019

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

Now here is a truly wonderful pic of two of the greatest Trials riders of all time - Dougie Lampkin and Sammy Miller. - Dougie paid a visit to Sam’s museum and took time to get in a little Trials ride on Sam’s Ariel 500, while Sammy rode his BSA 250 - ( Sammy is now 86 I think) ( I would love to hear Dougie’s thoughts on the Ariel -  likely now thinks Sammy is a superman)
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Dougie is of course a regular visitor to Goodwood - where they hold the annual vintage rally - check out this video of one of the road race segments from this event a few years ago. - unbelievable riding by Troy Corser on the old hand shift Beemer.  -

# GoodwoodRevival


Well this is interesting and a bit unexpected > check out the new TRS Electric > post


The Squamish club have some upcoming events - here is a post from Chessy.

Hi everyone,
we have a couple of events coming up, so save the dates!
1. Sunday afternoon, April 21, 2019: Social ride in Crumpit Woods, for novice to intermediate level riders. Don’t be shy, come meet some new folks.2. Carb cleaning school: May 6 at 5 pm. Derek and I decided to do one more of these before we move on to other topics.3. The Squamish Trial: Sunday, May 26. The event will be held in Crumpit Woods and will have classes from Junior to Expert (not sure if there is a Champ class?). This event is part of the CPTA points series.I will send out more reminders closer to the dates, but if you want to sign up for carb school, you can respond to this post or PM me. We are asking for a $10 donation to the club to reserve your spot.=======================================>

Having been in both the motorcycle and the Trials business for a very long time, we get a lot of strange emails from companies all over the World wanting us to sell their products - recently we were approached by EM the French Electric bike company, and after being very polite the first response, I had to be more assertive to my second reply. - We have had companies from Pakistan, Korea, China - you name it wanting for us to make a fortune selling their goods.

Which leads me to a funny story - when I first started Outlaw Accessories, I had quite a few connections from my Yamaha days and one of these was a little Japanese guy by the name of Dougie Tanaka - Dougie ran an accessory business called Tesco Trading or something like that out of Vancouver, and conned me into selling some of his products - he used to say “Dave I make you Millionaire”

Well sad to say that never happened, but more importantly I found that Dougie’s products were not all that they were cracked up to be - I remember one time that I had a bunch of helmets on the van and at my first dealer stop, I took one with me to show the dealer. - However, while waiting my time- I decided to open the box and take a  look at the full face helmet - It was awful the face shield looked like somebody had cut it out with a hacksaw and the quality was to say the least poor. - Taking time out - I zipped back to the van and then returned to talk to the dealer about my other products. - The truckload of helmets and other stuff was returned to Dougie. - with a Thanks but No thanks message.


World Trials Champion Bernie Schreiber will be in Ontario July 27th to hold the “Schreiber Experience” trials school near Lynden Ontario.Entries are limited to 25 riders, so don’t delay, these spots won’t last long! Go to for the application form and further information.

Bernie will also be the guest of honour at a dinner to be held July 27th. Dinner is included for school participants, additional dinner tickets can be purchased when you register. M


Tuesday March 26th 2019

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

We see a lot of  old newspaper clippings being posted these days on FB - but this one caught my eye because of the name Frank Yarwood - He was quite a good local Scrambler in the area that I lived in the UK - but I remember him best from a long overnight Ferry ride to the Isle of Man to watch the Senior TT - We were sitting in the Bar and some of the stories he told were really hilarious.
No photo description available.


This is quite a funny clip from a recent road race - not sure who the riders are, but they were both banned from racing for two years - enjoy  >>post


We’ve heard from Roger Boothroyd of the Victoria club, that the Reg Shanks Trial at the weekend was very well attended, with 47 riders. No doubt the warm spring weather had something to do with that, but certainly a great start to the season. Rick Whiting also called to chat and said he had a good day out even though he scored a lot of points. -  I’m sure the full results will soon be up on Trials Canada.


My Monday was spent cleaning up the yard & making a trip to the dump to get rid of a whole bunch of motorcycle crates - the rain that was forecast, did not happen.


I see that the CMA have announced the Teams going to the ISDE in Portugal this year, and we have a local lad going - Ian McKill will be making his first appearance riding for Team Canada, while the ladies will have Melissa Harten and Shelby Turner from Alberta. - We wish them all lots of luck.


The twin shock fans will be out in force at the Scottish Nostalgia Trial in June - Bernie Schreiber will be guest of honor. - This might be a good time to remind riders that we will again be promoting the old bikes at our Outlaw Series, so time to dig them out and service them ready for Ioco. - followed by Scotch Creek on the May long weekend.

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Monday March 25th 2019

Monday, March 25th, 2019

Enduro News - Beta Factory rider and World Champ Steve Holcombe started the season in brilliant fashion, winning both days of the Round one event.

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This is new Beta signing - Toby Martyn who finished runner up to James Dabill last weekend at Round #1 of the British Trials Championship - and yes they some mud sections.

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And a great Heath Brindley shot of Ben Hemmingway on the Beta Factory 300 4T

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James Dabill in full flight  at the British Championship Trial last weekend - already lots of controversy  about the “No Stop” rules - which are used for FIM modern Trials. ( However both the Spanish and Italian Federations dumped these rules in favor of stop allowed)
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Snow is melting at Scotch Creek - home of the 2019 WTC National and Outlaw Trial on the May long weekend - Here is a pic Ross took yesterday while trying out his new Beta Factory 300. - Russel is the guy in the pic.

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Sunday March 24th 2019

Sunday, March 24th, 2019

Steve Doel showed up with this old & very tall trailer on Friday to pick up the bikes - but still loaded them by hand - without a ramp - big strong guy, !!
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Here is the podium at Round #1 of the British championship
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And congrats to young Chris Stay  (TRS) from the Isle of Wight on winning the Expert class.

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Helmut Clasen posted this pic from the ISDT in Germany back in 1968 - Optimol supported the event- Helmut has been using the product ever since.
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And now for something a bit different a video about Steam Engines. - When I was a lad ( a very long time ago) I used to belong to the schoolboys Train watchers club. - We had small books with all the engines operating in the UK at that time listed.  What we did, was spend hours at a local Train station  - and wait for the trains to pass. - Then we would note the name of the engine and number, which would then be underlined in our book as being “Seen”

I know that I became quite friendly with the guys who operated the Signal box at the Whittington station near Oswestry - I was able to spend time up in the box and even got to be shown how to pull the levers that operated the signals for the trains..


Yesterday I drove up to Magna Bay to deliver Ross Rathbone his new Beta Factory Evo  - I quite enjoyed the drive via the back road to Salmon Arm  - I saw a gaggle of white Snow Geese flying low over the fields  a  very nice  sight.


Saturday March 23rd 2019

Saturday, March 23rd, 2019

Beta shipment arrived yesterday on a beautiful blue sky day - did the set up outside it was that warm. - Old friend Steve Doel stopped by to pick up a new Beta Evo 300 Factory, and also loaded up a new TRS to drop off for fellow Albertan Glen Kemp on route going by Canmore. - With this warmer weather things will soon be buzzing in  the woods.  Over the years, I have supplied Steve with Gas Gas and Beta plus Sherco, and know his family quite well.
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Today I will deliver another Beta Factory to Ross up in the Shuswap - as I’m sure everybody is anxious to get out riding. - So as of right now, the only unsold bike we have ( apart from my demos) is a new Evo 300 Super Smooth - This bike has been getting very good reviews from the old guys at the coast.  Next week.we have more TRS bikes coming in -(all sold) so it’s turning out to be a busy Spring.  ( just as well as the Oil business sucked in January/February)


The question tonight - will be  ” Do I chance a ride on Sunday? “  - Hopefully the answer will be yes.


Another shot of “Real” Trials - this time it’s the wonderful lady rider Debbie Evans on the Yamaha TY 175. Of course the place is Scotland. ( Section looks like “Grey Mares Ridge”)


So Honda have announced an electric  MX bike, and no doubt a lot of people will be going “Ga Ga” over it - Just as when Yamaha showed off their TY E a few months ago. - Well for me I’m afraid I have to say “so What” - Obviously there is a huge push by Government to promote the use of Electric - but without getting too Political - Does any of this stuff make sense? ( Yes I’ve read all the pros & cons) -

Like most of the current generation, I grew up in the gas engine era - and for me it was a wonderful time, (because I’m old) seeing all these exotic  bikes and the development. - Not only with Trials bikes or Scramblers as we used to call them. - Who remembers the 60’s and 70’s when the Japs were making multi cylinder 125cc road racers -  Honda did a lot but so did Suzuki and Yamaha. ( they even had a Moto GP 50cc class back then)


Friday March 22nd 2019

Friday, March 22nd, 2019

Here’s a blast from the past an ATRA Trial showing Pete Arnell shaking hands with Walt Healy - Walt always attended Trials when he was able, including in 1992, when he came to the Scottish Six Days Trial with me. Plus he sponsored numerous events, the 1975 FIM was one of the first.

Pete dropped out of Trials and is now involved with vintage cars out of his sign shop in Cochrane AB.
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How do you like this section from the Welsh Championship last weekend -?
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Well the question for today is “Did my Beta shipment make it to Kelowna?”


Just heard that the CPTA have a Trials Training session going on Sunday at Ioco  - instruction for all abilities - great way to get involved.


We often mention the “Born again biker” but how about Toni Sharpless - ( sister of Blair)  making a return to road racing after a 30 year lay off, and at age 59? AND WINNING. What a fantastic example.

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