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Monday April 15th 2019

Monday, April 15th, 2019

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We had a good day out yesterday down the Valley - Met up with this group out enjoying a ride - couple of enduro bikes in there.

We later split with these guys and sent them on the easier long loop, while Andrew, Dale and myself took the lower mountain trail, which we guessed would need some clearing. Armed with only a couple of small hand saws, the boys had a  real work out, and a big thanks to them for doing all this work -the old trail is now passable, but still not a good one for junior riders. - We have had some brilliant sections along here in the past, including Grouse Climb. - ( Some of the older riders will maybe remember this one) - We will have a map to show people who show up next weekend listing the various routes.
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We saw a bunch of Sand Cranes heading North  - a wonderful sight - they make a loud racket as they fly high overhead in a narrow corridor each year.

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In other news, we heard that Tiger won the masters which is great to hear, we watched the action the first couple of days. - Also Stateside, It was Suzuki rider Alex Rins who took his first big win at the US Moto GP - narrowly beating out Valentino Rossi, after Marquez crashed out.


Sunday April 14th 2019

Sunday, April 14th, 2019


Neat old pic of Steve McQueen on his Six Day Triumph - not sure who the other guy is.
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Blast from the past - Ben, Harold & Mark
'The ATRA Team at Round #1 of the Outlaw Series in Shawnigan Lake BC last weekend.'

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A new happy TRS customer from Oliver - Brent Lines has never had a Trials bike before - but has jumped in the deep end with a  Raga 300.


Saturday April 13th 2019

Saturday, April 13th, 2019

Just to show we do sell quite a few Beta Trials bikes >>>>>>
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Now that’s a good name for a section !!!
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The Scottish Six Days Trial is only a couple of weeks down the road - and this is a wonderful photo of Gille Burgat on the section called “Pipeline”

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With the warmer weather, everybody is getting the bug to go riding, and are picking up new bikes & gear - we have been very busy for the past few weeks, with both. - A nice Beta Evo went to Alberta on Thursday, and a TRS is being picked up today - Wulf riding gear and Helmets are in big demand, with another shipment due in on Tuesday. - Just had a GG Pro dropped off for some “Fettling”  ( Yes we can service and supply parts for most Trials bikes. - As most folk know, we sold GG for25 years, and Sherco from 1999 to 2013. - Give us a call if you need more info .

On Friday, buddy Chris Hrabb stopped by & we grabbed lunch down at the local - Chris said he was still sore from the Desert 100 Cross Country Race last weekend , but the he had a lot of fun. - Being lined up with 1500 other riders, was no doubt pretty daunting - Tristan Hart from Invermere BC  took 2nd overall. - Chris finished, but forgot to ask him what position. - I remarked that this must be one of the few big desert races still on the Calendar - Back in the 1950’s the “Big Bear” run was huge as was the Baja -Vegas event.

Friday April 12th 2019

Friday, April 12th, 2019

Does anybody recognize this Trials rider? not usually seen on a Bultaco
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Interestingly enough - the original Bultaco used by Sammy Miller to develop the Trials bike that changed the sport forever, is now up for sale — no price has been listed.  - Notice the unusual cylinder head as seen also in the top pic - and yes that is Mick Andrews.
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Here is a pic of Jordan Szoke on the TRS at last Sunday’s Ontario Trial  - He finished 2nd Expert behind Beta rider Jon English - Jordan of course spends most of his summer racing Super bikes and is a Multi time Canadian Champ.

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This was just posted on FB and is a bit of a shocker - I happen to know  Dave French and called on him when I   was on the road selling Opti and other stuff - He is a really good guy who promotes the sport, and to have this shit come down the pipe - is hard to swallow. - I have never met any organizer of an Off Road event - that did not try their best to follow guide lines on running events on Crown Land. - I feel this to be a vindictive   act by someone  involved in either the Political or Environmental  department to ban off road motorcycle events on Crown land. Everybody who has been reading the reports, knows that it’s money from the US Environmental groups  - that are trying to take over land use in Canada -   I SAY THAT IS WRONG  -  Hopefully, there will soon be a new Government in Alberta who will change this biased way of trying to control land use.

They are using scare tactics to stop all off road use. - Hey Wake up Manufacturers - who is going to buy your bikes, quads, side by sides,  when Governments controlled by a foreign Environmental  organization -  dictate land use? - Good luck to all the dealers who have been trying to make a living selling Off Road bikes - a few already shutting down in Alberta, -

Many years ago - I made the statement that ” The Dirt biker’s would never complain - until the gates went up to their favorite riding area”

Believe it >>>>>>>>>>>>>
This is the post on the case >>
The Brooks Motocross Club and a member of its executive have each been found guilty of contravening the Fisheries Act and Species at Risk Act, and face thousands of dollars in fines.

In his decision given Dec. 17, 2018, Judge Jerry LeGrandeur said the club and David Allen French contravened the acts by allowing motocross bikes to race through streams containing sensitive fish habitat, killing a number of bull trout, as well as west slope cutthroat trout, which are designated a threatened species.

“It is clear that, but for the race and the failure of Brooks Motocross Club to prevent or adequately mitigate the effects of the stream crossings, both species of fish died,” LeGrandeur said in his decision.

During a sentencing hearing Tuesday in Lethbridge provincial court, the Crown recommended fining the club a total of $70,000 – $35,000 under each act – and fining French $20,000 under each act. Defence for French suggested a range of $5,000 to $10,000 for each count, while defence for the club recommended the minimum fine under the Fisheries Act of $25,000 and $5,000 under SARA.

The Crown also recommended prohibiting French and the club from organizing motocross races in Alberta that include water crossings, and suggested the club should publish an article in an approved media describing the offence and the importance of not disturbing fish habitat.

Defence for both clients, on the other hand, opposed the ancillary orders and said ordering the club to publish an article is malicious and paramount to public humiliation.

The two charges stem from a motocross race at Racehorse Creek in the Crowsnest Pass, Aug. 30, 2014. The Crown said during trial last spring the race crossed north and south Racehorse Creek at a number of locations, and although French, who was charged as a party to the offences, said he built bridges in 2014, Crown witnesses who took photos of the race testified there was only one permanent bridge.

Defence for the club asserted there was no evidence to connect the club to the offences beyond a reasonable doubt, or that fish were actually harmed or harassed by the racers, especially since there were non-racers had also used the course. Defence also asserted if the club did commit the act as charged, it was operating under the assumption it was authorized to run the race and was in compliance with government requirements at the crossings.

French’s lawyer asserted his client, who was club vice-president at the time, was operating under the mistaken belief that another individual had obtained temporary authorization and the race was being conducted in accordance with that authorization, so he exercised due diligence and should not be liable.

Defence also said French was not an organizer of the event and didn’t contribute to the perpetuation of the race other than in a peripheral way. However, LeGrandeur noted there is evidence of racers crossing the creeks several times, and a video shows French giving race instructions to the participants.

LeGrandeur didn’t sentence French or the club Tuesday, but adjourned the matter to April 26 when a date for sentencing will likely be set


Then again - there is the good news !! - Yes there are a number of places that we can ride in the OK - Although with the latest developments — I’m reluctant  to say where - who knows the  fish cops might be checking my site. - One thing for sure, they will be out in force on the Easter weekend checking for registration papers ( yes you need to carry them with you)  -Insurance and spark arrestors.
But you can always email or   call me - 250 545-6139 - Although my years may be numbered,  I want to ride all the time.


Thursday April 11th 2019

Thursday, April 11th, 2019

Looking for something to do this weekend? - Check out this poster for a trip to California.
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or you could take in the PNTA Trial in Victoria.

Click for poster for the 2019 PNYA Trial in Victoria

A reminder that we will have a Vintage class at the Outlaw on the May long weekend.

It won’t be long now and the flowers will be blooming out at Rowdy Flats - This is pic of myself and my son a couple of years ago.

'It won't be long until this meadow is full of flowers - and with a trail running through it's a wonderful experience on a Trials bike, in the Okanagan Valley'


It was quite busy on Wednesday, with people stopping by to pick up  riding gear and parts, with a few saying they are planning on coming to Summerland for Easter.


Wednesday April 10th 2019

Wednesday, April 10th, 2019

This old pic of Malcolm Rathmell on the Factory Montesa, shows perfect style for making a turn - check it out.
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And this shows the old guy taking yet another break while out riding with John Baxter a few years ago . The bike -as usual, is a Beta Evo 200.  - This is overlooking Lake Okanagan just South of the Predator Ridge Golf Course.

John & myself had a couple of good days riding this area - and also at Summerland, but we haven’t seen him out on his Gasser for quite a while - he tends to ride his Enduro bike much of the time. Note : Just found out he sold the Gasser & only has one of them orange things !!
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I doubt many people remember this Norton “Kneeler” which was raced by Aussie Ray Am back in the day - He was later killed testing a Suzuki - This pic shows Sammy Miller trying it for size at his wonderful museum in the UK.
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FOR SALE. - 2014 Beta Evo 300 Factory  $5.300- Dean at Sorrento

- 2014 Beta Evo 200 - $5.300 - Colten - Scotch Creek

Call me for further details  as these bikes will likely be snapped up quickly.. -

Remember when Moto X was called “Scrambling” ?  - This was back in my day growing up in the UK - The courses were more open with no huge jumps like today, but then again the bikes only had about 4″ of  suspension travel  and liked to swap ends at high speed - very exciting & called “Tank-slappers”  - The spectators often watched from the surrounding fields-   - One of the most Famous tracks, - “Hawkstone Park” in Shropshire was the first big event that I attended back in 1955, and is still in use today. - It has also been used for at least a couple of World Round Trials ( we were at the 2005 event)
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So Monday - I had a visit to the dentist for him to check on the screw up he made last November plus get an estimate on filling in the gaps in my front teeth - no wonder these guys live in big houses & drive fancy cars  !!

Sorry people You are just going to have to get used to looking at me with a “Hockey Player”  mouth, because at my age I can’t see paying out this kind of money.

Funny comment he made was ” Of course in the long term” - I said - Buddy I’m coming up 82 - there isn’t any “Long term”  - Good guy - and I will go back if I have problems as he did help me out at a time when I had really bad toothache.

Talking about  Dentists - does anybody remember Neil Manderville ?  - Neil was a pretty good Trials rider out of Summerland and along with his buddy Ted Pepperdine, introduced me to the riding area we used for the Outlaw Trial for many, many years. -That was back in 1987 -  Well Neil and myself had a bit of a deal going, he would fix my teeth cheap, and I would give him a super discount on his Trials bikes.  Sadly Niel dropped dead of a heart attack a few years back, so now you know the “Rest of the Story”


Tuesday April 9th 2019

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

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With Spring in the air, and upcoming rides at Summerland, I came across this pic that I took of Peter Brown in 2011 -  It was early April, but still quite a lot of snow up high. - In spite of some health issues, Pete tried his best to make it up over the top of the Mountain  with me - and looking back at this now, I realize just what a great effort he put in on most of the days we were out plotting the Outlaw loop. - Pete knew that he couldn’t ride like he did in earlier years,  ( Yes I picked him up quite a lot) - but still he was always there for me - he never let me down - ever.

And that is why we have the small plaque on the tree stump on the section that we called “Devil’s Staircase” -

Maybe I will show it to some people on the Easter long weekend.
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Now here is a different photo from a bygone era.
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Check out this drone video of the start at last weekend’s big Desert 100 race -

More news as it happens >>>

Monday April 8th 2019

Monday, April 8th, 2019

Well the wet day forecast didn’t happen - in fact the weather in the Valley was great, but as I had already cancelled my planned ride - I just spent the morning cleaning the TRS & Beta - changed the oil etc. - Afternoon was couch time. - A midweek ride may be in the cards.
Results from Ontario. ( Would be nice to see what the bikes were ) - We know John English is a Beta and Jordan is now on TRS - but don’t know what Tom Farr is riding these days.
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Chris Hrabb is all smiles after completing the big  race South of the border on Sunday - over 1,000 riders on the line for the shot gun start - can’t wait to hear the stories.
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Sunday April 7th 2019

Sunday, April 7th, 2019

Looks like a bit of a rainy day - so we will be staying home - maybe do a bit of bike stuff - oil changes etc.

The CPTA are hosting their annual Classic event today - always a lot of fun with some interesting old twin shocks showing up - some immaculate - some not quite so - but the Trial has been a fixture at Ioco now for many years - I rode it once on my Sherpa T plus loaned my other Sherpa to another rider. -


2019 SSDT Rider Numbers Revealed

carlos casas 2019 ssdt storyIn a break with tradition popular Catalan, Carlos Casas will start the 2019 SSDT to mark his 30th Scottish The 2019 Scottish Six Days Trial is now less than a month away and the build-up to this most famous of motorcycle Trials continues this week with the release of the rider’s competition numbers by the organising Edinburgh and District club. A total of 281 numbers have been allocated and, whilst there may still be some last minute changes, this is effectively the final entry list.

Tradition has been for a Scottish rider to start the event each year, but this year that tradition will be broken as the first man to be flagged away from the Fort William Parc Ferme at 7.30am on Monday, 6th May will be respected Catalan, Carlos Casas - Vertigo. The honour of riding with the No 1 plate not only marks Carlos’ 30th start in the event but is recognition from the club for the decades he has spent as the Trial’s Catalonian ambassador. There is no doubt that he has made a major contribution to the popularity of the SSDT in Spain.


For me, one of the best things about owning a Trials bike, is being able to get out in the mountains - in fact it was likely this very thing that really got me hooked on the sport - riding long loops in the Welsh hills, following mountain tracks, through the mud and water - And the fresh air - what could be better? -

This pic is from Northern Italy and shows a bunch of enthusiasts stopping for a rest and to admire the scenery.

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The Ontario group have a Trial on today - they are having a lot of success with their events “Keeping things simple”

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Saturday April 6th 2019

Saturday, April 6th, 2019

We had a visit from Chris Hrabb yesterday - as most people know, Chris flies helicopter for Selkirk out of Revelstoke, and has bought a bunch of bikes from us -   quite a few Beta both Trials and Enduro, but right now,  has elected to go with Husky and TRS. - He was heading down to the big desert race South of the border - this is really something, attracting about 3,00 campers and 1500 riders on the line ( Yikes) - Sounds a bit like the old Big Bear run featured in the movie “On any Sunday”

It’s nice to look back on some of the old pics and think that yes - I met these guys and shared some laughs. - This is Mick Andrews who I got to know quite well during my Yamaha days. ( Note the old fashioned section - which we still promote)
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Not long now ’til the 2019 Scottish - check out this video clip >>


Here are two of the “Greats’ in the Trials World - Dougie Lampkin and Sammy Miller - Happy to say that I sponsored Dougie and his Dad Mart with Outlaw toolbelts & Bakpaks back in 1995 -6 - We dealt with Sammy for 30 years, Importing Trials parts, but never actually met him although I talked to him on the phone, and actually rode in the 1957 National Lomax Cup Trial in Wales, that he won.  ( Note : we used to buy the NZI Helmets from Sammy back in the day, before they went out of business - Frugal Sammy is still wearing his ( and I still have my Carbon copy someplace)
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We had a visit late Friday from Russ from Celista, who just got into Trials last year on an ex Ross Factory Beta & is loving it - He picked up some new Wulf pants and while we were chatting - Andrew Vipont stopped by to talk Trials - he has a Gasser and really wants to get involved with our group, so I told him about our Easter plan and I hear Russ and maybe Ross might come down that weekend for a camp-out and fun weekend.


So you want to talk cool ? - check this out >>>

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Check this out >>>  post


Just in case you thought the Japanese invented multi cylinder Road racers - check this out >>>

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Yes this is a British AJS - when the union jack was hanging high and the turmoils of non-stop immigration from European Countries   - destroyed the economy, -  However, the best Trial in the World, is still “The Scottish Six Days” - Local riders, might be surprised to learn the number of Canadian riders who have answered the challenge  and competed in this the the greatest Motorcycle Trial in the World.  - I can only remember a few - but I know that both Bob and Brett Clark of Mountain Motorcycle  and Beta/TRS fame - both rode and finished - Stanly got a 13th in 1983 - the best ever for a Canadian rider, - numerous Eastern lads have competed from back in the  day including  John De Gruchie - and more.  - it would be good to have a record of all the Canadian riders who have ridden the Scottish - Of course the more we think about it - the more names spring to mind - Sparky Bill, Christy Williams, & sister Kerry, - John Dearie did it on a rented Scorpa that proved to be a challenge, but managed to finish - a real good ride, as it is for anybody that tackles the Six Days.

To enter and complete the Scottish Six days , is perhaps the ultimate for some of the World’s top riders, but consider that Toni Bou, has never been entered ? the reason is that Honda don’t consider this event Important. !!

So while you get your head around that !! - - consider what the sport of Trials is all about. - It’s about family - it’s about having fun on the weekend - camp outs etc - all of these.

The smaller European Factories understand this - and cater to the market - the latest and most successful, being Jordi Tarres   and the very popular TRS line of bikes.  - Nobody that is familiar with the Trials World will ever forget the fantastic Jordi - he was and still is “The Man”

The TRS Trials bikes that we are now selling - are absolutely incredible - not just in design - but the way they are put together, - we have been in the business for a very long time, and have sold quite a few Spanish bikes - most of which left a bit to be desired. - The TRS is the best bike out of Spain to date - no question.