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Friday May 31st 2019

Friday, May 31st, 2019

Yes we have no Bananas !! - But we do have Betas for sale - You won’t find a better deal anywhere - Call us.
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This is Brad Smith from Kamloops - he took his first ride with us Thursday evening, since picking up this new  Outlaw 2018 Evo 300 -

Suffice to say, he had a ball - Yes a a long way to go on the Trials road  - but the smile says it all - Yup I think we have “Hooked” another one.
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I posted a couple of videos on FB that Brad took of me riding the TRRS 125 - the area is not easy, and the last time I was there, I failed miserably on the little bike, but after some tweeking by my ace mechanic - we managed it quite well. - Not that I’m a big wheelie guy at my age. - but I do find it satisfying  to show what a small capacity trials bike can do - and no we are not finished yet. - because we are having fun. - At this point the Beta 125 is the better bike with regards to torque  - easier for the novice rider. - But watch this space as we continue to work on the wee bikes. - Somebody once said that “You don’t need a big bike to win a Trial”  - I happen to believe that. ( and it’s lots of fun)

Last day of the month which seems to have come up pretty quick , and another warm one as we head into June - We don’t have anything on our calendar but the Vernon Club have a kids event happening this weekend - up in the Noble Canyon area, which always gets a good turn out of families. Turn left at Lavington & follow the signs.
The Joe Brown Trial goes Sunday over on the Island  - Joe was a great guy and Yamaha Dealer for many years, who died too young from Cancer.


Thursday May 30th 2019

Thursday, May 30th, 2019

Here is the report on last Sunday’s Trial at Squamish - Sounds like there were quite a few DNF’s because of the heat., etc - but a good rider turnout. - click onto Trials Canada or the CPTA site for full results.
Honda Centre Trial at Squamish, BC on Sunday, May 26
Sean Bird takes Expert win

Story from Don Doerksen

After a couple of rainy days, May 26, 2019 dawned sunny and warm, as 49 riders showed up in Squamish, BC for the Honda Centre Trial. The ground was just damp enough to keep down the dust and conditions were great. It was either the sunshine or the locale that brought some of the local riders out to try something different than their usual trail riding.

The warm conditions were a bit of a surprise and a number of riders failed to finish because of fatigue related to the heat. Those that soldiered on found an interesting and challenging trial that seemed to be just right for section difficulty. Some of the downhills on the trail could have had signs for a mandatory brake check, though! The views were worth the drive - but what goes up must come down…

Sean Bird won the Expert class, while a few of the other experts DNF’ed.- Brian McNeal just squeaked the Advanced class on cleans, and Ted McDowall just flat forgot to put his feet down in Senior Advanced.- Jake Loebe took only eleven points from thirty sections in Intermdiate, and Bob Clark just bettered that with ten points in Senior Intermediate.- Sportsman went to Erin Evans, as her scores got better each loop.- Pat Argue was the sole Junior rider.

Thanks to the members of the 99 Trials Club who organized this great event, and thanks to the Honda Centre for their sponsorship.


Well! - it was sure a “Cooker” in the Valley yesterday - I did a quick trip into Kelowna to drop off stuff, and sure glad for the air conditioning in the old van.  Of course while warm weather is nice, especially for the Tourists - it is always a bit of a worry these days because of the Forest Fire situation, so please be careful if you are out in the woods. The CO’s are checking for spark arrestors, so make sure you have one fitted - ( We sell them for Beta and TRS) - Not that we have ever heard of a fire being started by a Motorcycle.


Next Sunday is the Vernon Off Road Club’s annual Kids day up on Vernon Mountain - ( Noble Canyon area) check out the club site for details - I’m betting that young Jeremy Bonnefoy will be Wowing ! the other kids on his little Osset, plus his mini gas powered bike .


In other news, the TT races are happening in the Isle of Man - a tradition on the first week of June since the early 1900’s. - They started on the Island, when racing on Public roads in England was banned.


More News as it happens

I Think the Erzberg Rodeo goes this weekend - and I believe Canadian rider Triston Hart is entered - - We wish him luck.


Wednesday May 29th 2019

Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

Here is a nice Fantic pic from Europe, where the old bikes are still really popular for Vintage Trials - As most of you know I recently bought back one of my old 240 models, but elected to sell it to Walter Cukavac from Spruce Grove  Alberta, to add to his collection and also ride it, in Vintage Outlaw Trials.
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Below is a nice pic I took of Ross with his new Beta Factory bike back a few years.
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Below is a pic of me after finishing the 1973 Moose Mountain Cross Country  two loops of 50 miles. Yes I was knackered - riding likely my last event on the Bultaco Sherpa T 325 - the best Bultaco I ever owned ( I joined Yamaha later that year)  There were 172 starters  and 10 finishers - I guess that tells the story - I got 3rd Open class & 6th overall - I got passed by a Husky rider about a mile from the finish, because my front wheel was so plugged with mud it would not turn !! - Yup those events were tough
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We have a few Beta Trials bikes for sale if anybody is looking !!!
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Tuesday May 28th 2019

Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

Here are a couple of old pics of me - top one is  passing a stuck Greeves rider in a Welsh Time Trial in 1957
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The one below is me “Scrambling” back in 1956, - I had a big “Get off” the previous week, and bent the frame a bit on my James,  plus broke the front fender - I think the bars were bent as well, but we had very little money to fix things. ( Note the short “Stubby” exhaust which was common back then )
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Looks like it’s going to be another warm day - forecast is +29 - Not a lot on the agenda for today

More news as it happens. >>

Monday May 27th 2019

Monday, May 27th, 2019

On Sunday,  I got a call from Ted Pepperdine,  - which resulted in me  driving to Summerland, where we also met up with Andrew Vipond. - I have to say that this unexpected turn of events, ended up by being a perfect ride - after I showed Ted our traditional loop  we went over on the “Back 40″  - ( along the narrow horse trail) - then Ted showed us some new trails that he and his buddies ride - nice flowing stuff through the trees. - After about three hours - I was certainly glad to get back to the truck - but what a great afternoon. - Thanks Ted.


Anybody interested in a “Mint” 2018 Beta Evo 200?  I just picked one up to sell for a friend - will take a pic of it later today and post. ( Very rare to have something like this turn up)


So Tony Bou continues to win at the World level - the first Round of 2019 in Italy proved to be a real challenge  with all the top riders  “Fiving”  in the qualifying section. - Looking at the video, I can only say that while this might be entertaining for the spectators, to me, it appears to be just another way for riders to get injured.

Update:    Five different makes of Trials bikes in top five positions

Down Stateside Pat Smage took his second win of the weekend at the NATC event - he posted a very low score.


No word yet on who won the Squamish Trial - but the weather was perfect for riding yesterday, after the big storms on Friday & Saturday.


Jordi with his TRS Team riders in Italy.

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The TT races begin today in the Isle of Man - Fantastic spectacle - but deadly for some. ( photo Credit TT web)
Dean Harrison at the first qualifying session of TT 2019

Sunday May 26th 2019

Sunday, May 26th, 2019

This is pic of Mick Andrews back in the late 70’s riding the  UK  TV “Kickstart Trial” - This Popular event was likely the beginning of Spectator Trials. - Stan Bakgaard rode at least one of these.
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Look at these lovely Beta Evo Trials bikes a 125 and a 300 ready to go to some lucky customer.
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Big weekend Stateside with the US Nationals - here is the Expert Podium - not surprisingly, Pat Smage ( Sherco)  took the win losing only 8 points - Jan Peters from Europe was 2nd on the TRS  with 40 points.

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The Qualifying for the World Trial in Italy turned out to be a disaster because of the bad weather, all of the Trial GP class “Fived” - So now they will go to plan “B’” - at least nobody got hurt.

Results from Italy  top three  ( very high scores  on first loop)

No photo description available.


Saturday May 25th 2019

Saturday, May 25th, 2019

This is a pic I took of Steve Foord at the WTC National in 2011 - held at Summerland - neither Foordy or the Sherco were hurt. - Foordy liked to ride everything in 1st gear - which didn’t work on this tight turn double step.
No photo description available.

A nice photo from the British Championship Trial in Wales last week - Taken by Heath Brindley

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Friday afternoon - we had a torrential downpour - just after a couple of customers from Kelowna showed up - one had just got a used 2012 Beta Evo and was looking for parts - after sheltering in the shop for a long time, they left with a new outlook on what the sport is all about.


Friday, we had lunch with Chris Hrabb, on route back to Revy after a lot of riding over the long weekend - Chris doesn’t take Trials too serious, but last weekend may have changed this when he was only a couple of points off the podium.


Today, I will finally get around to working on some bikes - change the oil on the Evo 125 etc - ready to go out on Sunday - the plan is to help an old buddy - re-learn some trials techniques. maybe I will take some pics?


Looks like it might be a wet weekend in Italy for the first Outdoor World Round - this is a shot of Adam Raga practicing.

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Friday May 24th 2019

Friday, May 24th, 2019

While going through the sign up sheets from last weekend, I noticed a a few people forgot to put the Town where they live - this info is very important so please try to complete all the  address plus postal code - Our Score keepers are great and may know you, but they are not mind readers, and we may need to send you your award in the mail.
Thanks for this - Dave.


So after a very busy Trials event last weekend  - I wonder what everyone is planning for this weekend? -


A reader from  Ontario posted “What a wonderful Playground” when he saw  this pic I took of Britta at Scotch Creek - What most people didn’t know, was that Jake and Ross spent hours with an excavator “Hand making” this section.  Yup ! they are sure dedicated.
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The small log at the end of this section took a lot of points - mainly because there was a steep drop before it and riders needed to get stopped. - This pic shows Taff picking his line.

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This is a great shot by Dale Coull - of young Jeremy Bonnefoy on his Oset - he looks to have a bright future if he keeps it up.

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Thursday May 23rd 2019

Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

After the big event on the long weekend, we are still catching up both on emails and other business - without a doubt it was an outstanding three day “Bonanza”  - all thanks to Ross and his crew plus of course the ladies that do such a fantastic job of the score keeping - Julie and Judy are now experts at running this side of the Trial - and I’m not sure if everybody really understands just how much work and dedication it takes to do this year after year. - In my opinion they are World Class. ( not like when I used to fumble along doing it all)

I mentioned yesterday, that everybody that puts on WTC Trials is a volunteer   - nobody gets paid - we all do this “For love of the Sport”  many years ago the great Mike Hailwood had this lettering on the fairing of all his road racing bikes in French - Ecurie-Sportive ( at least I think that is close to the translation) -

While there is money for a few at the top of the World Trials table - our sport is still a hobby for most..

In the UK and also in the USA, many top Trials riders have jumped ship to take on Extreme Enduro, where there is a chance they can make some money. -

The first guy to do this was Graham Jarvis ( I saw him ride his first Scottish back in 1992) Graham is now a legend - as is Taddy Blazuek another World Trials rider - then there is David Knight and Cody Webb etc - the bottom line is that Trials technique teaches how to ride these tough Enduro Events.

As a few of you readers know, I was involved in the Cross Country Racing Scene - The early years in Alberta were brutal - bad flagging and injuries became a norm.    - But even then - Trials ability helped.


As we head into another weekend, I’m guessing that our Scotch Creek organizers will be taking a well earned rest, although I know that Ross is already making plans for next year, when we may have even more land at our disposal. Thanks to everybody that helped with the clean up out on the loop, the nice thing about Trials tires is that they leave little trace after an event, plus the camp area was left in a pristine condition, all very important as we look to the future.  ( It was great to have the camp area pretty much “Bug-Free”)

A reminder that if anybody is looking for a new bike - we still have a brand new 2019 Beta Evo 300 in the shop ( it hasn’t even been set up yet)  plus we have both a TRS 125 and a Beta Evo 125 for sale - we had these out last weekend on display.


Glad to hear that some of the forest fire areas are getting some rain - Yesterday I chatted to our Beta Importer in New Brunswick who told us that the early season riding hs been a disaster, with most events cancelled because of heavy rain and flooding .


Next Big Trial on the Western Calendar, is the Super Stars at Ioco next month - not sure if I will attend this, as driving long distances at my age, by myself, is getting to be a bit of a chore. However, Christy and her gang always do a great job on this event. - Not forgetting that the Squamish club have an event on this weekend as well ( just saw the poster on FB)

The World of Motor Racing lost a great man this week , with the passing of F1 legend Niki Lauda at age 70. - He cheated death on more than one occasion  - most notably when he got burned very badly, but still came back to win the World Championship.

Also Piwee Gleason died this week ( no details) he was the guy who broke the drag racing record on a Yamaha V Max back in the day.

On the World Trials scene - Round #1 takes place this weekend in Italy, when Jamie   Busto will make his debut on the Vertigo.


British Enduro Super Star Steve Holcombe has just signed another Two Year Contract with Beta.

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More news as it happens >>>>>>

Wednesday May 22nd 2019

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

Looking back at the Weekend event at Scotch Creek - a few pics - lots more have been posted on FB and videos. This one is of Cross Country Racer from the 70’s Walter Cukavac trying out my Fantic, which he later bought, when his Bultaco had an issue. Walter did very well in his first ever Trial, smiling all the time. He also rode the harder line in some sections on Monday. He has quite a lot of Vintage bikes at his home near Spruce Grove AB, and I think it’s safe to say he is hooked on our sport, liking the family scene, with everybody helping each other out when needed.
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You have to love the guys who do something like this then jump up and shout “Did you get that Dave?”
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We have a lot of very enthusiastic people who come to our events, none more than Dennis Brumwell from Yellowknife NWT (below) - that is a very long drive. - Krash also put some hours behind the wheel to get to the Trial -. a big thanks to everybody who made the effort to attend.  The ATRA lads - Harold, Ben, Wyatt, Taff - Steve Mills -Richard Oullete -  Sam from Golden - Chris and Leigh from Revvy - The lads from Nelson - and of course the big entry from the Vancouver area - not forgetting our local riders including the ladies…
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This is a pic I took of Walter on section #5 - a fraction of a second later, the bars moved forward when he landed off the rock, but he managed to hold on and get out with a “clean”
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While the top riders  are brilliant to watch, we have to commend some of the newbies who are just getting into the sport - the young kids like Jeremy Bonnefoy on the little Oset, who managed to make it all the way up the Mountain, and Christian Zander - who did so well in the Junior class, and we mustn’t forget the ladies -  Starla, Dominique and Brittany,  they cope very well and always have a smile. ( Starla is amazing on that little 125cc Gasser)
Of course none of this would be possible, if it wasn’t for Ross and his crew, who spent hours and hours on both plotting the loop and cutting in some new sections, it’s not easy to figure out five different lines through the same section ( believe me I know) - It’s also important to make sure these lines are not dangerous.  -

The modern bikes and rider techniques at the Expert level are incredible, to watch, but we have to remember that WTC Trials  are designed for club level ability - not for Super Stars. - One of my favorite sayings is that ” I spent over 40 years putting on Trials - and one day I hoped to get it right” -

The fact is, nobody ever gets everything “Perfect”  or 100%. - Organizers, have to not only plot the course and sections - they have to look at the weather forecast - a section that is OK in the dry can be impossible with a down pour.

When I was younger, and able to do this - I would sometimes change a section 2 or 3 times, before the day of the event after thinking about who might be coming. ( You never know who is going to turn up)
The bottom line is that it takes a lot of experience to put on a Trials event year after year and still have the passion to do it.  - Sometimes a comment by a rider who has had a bad day for whatever reason, -and goes on a rant - might be enough to cause an organizer to say “no more”.  ( it has happened)
Everybody who hosts Trials events for the WTC, is a Volunteer, nobody gets paid, and if there is any money left over from entry fees, it either goes to charity or supplies.

Again Thanks to all who attended our Annual May long weekend event - the next WTC/Outlaw Series Trial is in Rocky Mountain House, run by the ATRA on August 3/4th - This is also on Private land, we are so fortunate to have people willing to help our sport.