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Wednesday July 31st 2019

Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

Last day of the month - and we are heading into the August long weekend - Lots to do before we leave for Rocky Mountain House on Friday to take in the ATRA Cow Patty Trial. Quite a few people have called to make sure I have parts & accessories for them on the van - deadline for orders is tonight !!!!!!

Here is a shot of some vintage class riders a couple of years ago.
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This photo just showed up on FB - It’s one I took of Steve Colley at ” Piper’s Burn”  in the 1992 Scottish Six Days, which he won - not many made it up this big step and difficult exit., -  taken with my Pentax 35mm.
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Looking at this post - I see something of a similarity in the World of Motorcycle Sport !!  FIM versus  the rest. - CMA versus WTC - Club versus club etc etc etc.  Too many politics. - Why don’t people just forget about the social media and get out and ride - but more than that -  put on an event - if they think they could do better - put their MONEY  and effort where their mouth is.
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Here is a pic by Ron Walsh of Dougie giving the lads instructions at Ioco. ( I wonder how many understood his Yorkshire accent)  Did you know that we supplied Dougie and his Dad with Outlaw Toolbelts, backpaks and gear bags, back in 1995?  -I first met Mart Lampkin in 1972 at the Scottish - then in Calgary at the FIM & later at the World round at Donner. USA. - Funny story from that event -

Barry & myself were camped out in my van in front of the Hotel, while Mart & Dougie were in a tent not far away. They had long time friend and former super MX rider and dealer  Ernie Page with them - I was sitting in a lawn chair chatting to Ernie, when Dougie came to collect his Beta to go for a practice - Ernie said ” I’ve turned that mixture screw a quarter turn - so don’t come back here and say there is no difference” - ( The Del-orto carb has a fuel screw)
The event was at 11,000 ft and was causing real issues for the bikes and we heard that Takumi Narita went into town and found a machine shop to take some off the head of his Beta, to raise the compression. - Jordi was having big issues with the Gasser and it really sounded like crap. ( The result would not reflect this)
It’s nice for me to look back at these memories, of great times with great people in the Motorcycle World - I count myself very fortunate.  - The last time I saw Martin, was at the World round in the UK in 1995 - he asked me if I wanted to borrow a bike to ride around & take photos. What a great guy he was.
It was also at this event, that I caught up with Yamaha UK rider Andy Huddleston - I had supplied him with a toolbelt for the Scottish. - Although not riding mainstream Trials anymore , Andy will be stopping by to see us at the end of the month on a visit to Canada ( I will try to  get some pics of him in the backyard)
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Just dropped off the van at the shop for an oil change and check over, before the long drive on Friday - I don’t go very far these days, unlike my 30 odd years on the road, when I covered all of Western Canada, first for Yamaha, then promoting Outlaw Accessories.


Tuesday July 30th 2019

Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

Directions to the WTC/ATRA Cow Patty Trial this coming weekend - Round # 3 of the Outlaw Series - This is a fantastic location on Private land, with Free camping and this year, also a big free Cook- out on Saturday night. - If you are planning to attend please email Ben Pospisal as they need to know numbers for food.

As usual, we will be there with the van packed with spare parts and accessories  - This is one not to miss.

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Another Mick shot - love to see these old mud & water sections ( wonder if he managed to stay inside the tape?)
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And here is Happy guy Marcus - the day he picked up his new Beta Evo - He certainly does love that bike.            ( Doesn’t he look a bit like Bernie Schreiber in this shot?)
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Here is a video of the 2020 TRS Xtrack electric start  ( maybe my bike for next year ?)


And another video - of some Classic Trials >>

And yet another one >>>


Here is a report by Jamie McGregor on the Bernie Schreiber School in Ontario.

Jamie McGregor is with Bernard Schreiber.
12 hrs ·

The Bernie Schreiber ZERO BS school on Saturday went very well David H Rhodes Ron Golden Les Birchall Tom Farr for all 25 riders.Bernie went over his life in Trials and how he approaches training to become a better overall rider.After the early morning info session all the riders did some simple basics on their bikes & Bernie would critique and give helpful tips.After a super lunch break we all went out into the woods and worked a few sections with varying lines.Bernie did a great job with our group aging from 14 -72 years,he is truly giving back to the sport & Trials community,after being away for so long,Thanks need to be given to Tom Farr for hosting this unique weekend,plus all the hard work of the SOVT crew,Good job for sure.Sundays event had a good turnout with some hot & humid conditions,Great food & refreshments afterwords was a bonus.Bernard Schreiber was the Best, he signed everything from a bar pad to a guitar & gave out the awards which finished off an excellent weekend and he’s now off to California for another school there.
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Monday July 29th 2019

Monday, July 29th, 2019

Here is a nice section from the British Championship round last weekend - It was held in the Lake District of the UK, beautiful area. The Peace brothers took the top two spots on Sherco.
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It appears the Bernie Schreiber  Classic Trials school in Ontario was a huge success - Bernie was impressed by the response he got from riders attending - He also got to visit Niagra Falls.
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Meanwhile at the other end of the Country - Dougie Lampkin was at Ioco, doing the same thing for riders on modern bikes -pic by Ron Walsh. - Doug’s next school is in Utah this weekend, and we heard from Shane saying he will be going to that one.

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The next few days, will be spent getting stuff together to load into the van to take to the ATRA/WTC Rocky Mountain Trial - Not sure as yet which bikes I will take, but if you are in the market for a great deal on either a TRS or Beta, let me know.


And how about this for scenery? - Our buddy Pat Horan, just bought a big KTM and took it on a Mountain ride near Nelson - He is a big strong guy and can really handle the big bikes - Paddy rode a Yamaha TT 600 on our Trophy Team at the 1983 ISDE in Wales.
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Sunday July 28th 2019

Sunday, July 28th, 2019

Another “Mick- Pic” - think this might have been at the recent Spanish Two day Trial - He seems to still enjoy his vintage events.
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Sun is up bright & early today & forecast is for a hot day, in fact the whole week looks warm - hopefully this will  carry over into the long weekend and Round #3 of the Outlaw Series at Rocky Mountain House - As previously mentioned, the Pospisal family (and Taff) will be doing a big cook out on the Saturday night, in the Outlaw Tradition started by Ross and his crew at Scotch creek a few years ago. - We have heard that at least a couple of riders from the Vancouver area will be attending. Don’t forget to give me a shout if you are planning on driving out from the Okanagan, so we can hook up.

Also a reminder that if you need parts or accessories put on the Outlaw van - shoot me an email or phone my land line at (250) 545-6139
I saw a few pics posted from the Dougie Lampkin school in Victoria, and I heard there will be a similar one happening today at Ioco, but not sure if any of our local riders are going.

Sammy has made it to Saskatchewan on his cross Canada tour, doing schools and demos - the locals seem to have been impressed, by his stunts on both the Trials bike and Enduro Gassers.

Saw this pic posted of a Beta and one of our Outlaw Gear bags from a few years ago - We still make these to order, and as Dean Wandler said, it’s  the best and only gear bag he has ever bought.
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This pic cropped up today on FB - it shows myself and my son Steve about 6-7 years ago - As many people know, Steve lost the sight of one eye in a Cross Country race, when he was 15 years old, which effectively put an end to his motorcycle career. - It was amazing to see just how well he managed that day after so many years. This shot was taken over on the back 40 Horse Trail at Summerland ( not an easy ride for anybody)  I had him out on an Evo 200, while I rode my Beta Alp.

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Saturday July 27th 2019

Saturday, July 27th, 2019

Anybody looking for Trials gloves, should check out the Wulf line that we stock - a couple of different styles, and only $25.00.  We have various sizes and colors.
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Another in our series of ” Water sections in Trials” - This shows Jamie  Busto (Vertigo) at the recent World round in Portugal.   - Reminds me of  a  Moose Mountain Cross Country race back in the day - one of the Top European  Husky Team was entered and his comment after the event ( not sure if he finished) - He was quoted as saying “If we knew we needed a submarine - we would have brought one!”
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The pic below is of one of my favorite haunts back when I was a teenager & had a new bike -  only 70 miles from where I lived, it’s a place called Borth, on the Welsh coast  - we spent some great holidays there as young lads. camping on the beach.
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Now this is an unusual one - I was laying on the couch, watching the news on the TV, when our Pussy Cat  suddenly jumped up and headed for the front window - took a minute to realize that what she had spotted was a baby bat - first time we have seen one since we have lived here, although we often see them flying around late at night if we are on the back deck - ugly little buggers, but they eat the mozzies, so that’s OK. ( Note: I see he is still there Saturday morning)
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Saturday morning is cloudy & quite dull ??  Not in the forecast, but maybe it will clear later, Had a call from Jamie McGregor last night - ( He bought a TRS from us ) he said he is going to the Bernie Schreiber school today, and will take some pics.


More news as it happens >>> Video for today >>>> video

Friday July 26th 2019

Friday, July 26th, 2019

The 2020  TRS Xtrack  electric start models are in full production, but will be very limited, so if you want one, best give us a call asap - Not sure when they will arrive in Canada.

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The door bell rang on Thursday morning, and on answering, I recognized the gentleman, but could not think from where. - He  told me his name, and said that I had helped him sell his Beta a few years ago, and that he had promised to pay me a $100.00 for the service, but somehow  he never got back to the Okanagan - and then he handed me a $100 dollar bill - And that only goes to show that there really are some nice people out there.


While I often criticize  sections put in modern World Trials, How about this one from back in the day? - And yes I was guilty of putting at least one of these in a National we had at Kelowna years ago. ( we all make mistakes) -

But rapid changes in the  weather can often make small creeks a raging torrent - as has happened in Scotland more than once. - Remember the year when Sammy Miller was the only rider to be on time on a day that saw the moors become impassable - Sammy launched the big Ariel across a large water hole, tapped in 3rd & using a  clump of Scottish grass to get  airborne. - the story goes that he was mad as hell when the Organizers decided to scrub the time limit for that day.
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Bernie Schreiber is in Ontario this weekend, hosting a Trials school and also riding in the Sunday Trial - nice to see Bernie putting back into the sport after a lot of years. His schools are all about the basics, plus I’m sure showing his ground breaking “Full Floater” technique from back in the day, when he won the World Championship ( The only American ever to do this)

This is a great shot from that era, just look at the crowds !!
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Looks like a hot weekend in the Valley with temps up in the 30’s - also some thunder storms ( We must have had one last night as the power went off)


Thursday July 25th 2019

Thursday, July 25th, 2019

An unusual photo from yesteryear, of a rider on a DOT twin two stroke  I think the rider might be Don Rickman - Back in the late 50’s there was a lot of experimenting going on with both engines and suspension - Although the Earles Type front forks were popular for a short time - they were soon replaced with the standard telescopic units.
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Wednesday   we had a visit from Randy McBee - long time friend who needed some parts for his Sherco and some Opti Oil -   we go back a long way, and his Dad Denny, used to be one of our Cross Country crowd back in Alberta - so this leads to a funny story - I forget which Cross Country race it was, but at one point I was totally lost ( not unusual in those days) and I came across Denny and his Buddy from Bowness ( can’t recall his name) - Anyway they were huddled around this rock, so I stopped to see what was happening & if they knew where the hell the course went. - Turned out what they were doing, was trying to punch a hole in their cards, for a check they had missed.  ( they had a sharp stick)


Later we had a visit from a local young couple, who are looking to get a Trials bike foe the Momma Bear - This was as always interesting, when a Lady or any new rider, needs an introduction to Trials Motorcycle - Glad to say that Sara did quite well on the Beta Evo 125 and we look forward to helping her find the right bike in the future.


I think Dougie Lampkin is in the States this weekend doing some schools & promoting the Vertigo bikes - Bernie Schreiber is also doing the same thing in Ontario this weekend so Kudus to the folk that put that together.


On the local scene, not much happening, in fact I was only thinking today, that we have not had a Trial in the Okanagan Valley since the 25th Outlaw at Summerland. - ??? - Yes I am open to suggestions. - ( And I do have a few ideas)  But as everybody knows I’m now “Over the Hill” and unable to do a lot.

So I have to ask the question - where is the future, with this type of insanity?
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I think,  that traditional Trials will slowly fade away, as people get older. - The new kids on the bloc - have a different   view of things, and  good luck to them. - For me. I’m just glad I have the memories ==============================================.

Wednesday July 24th 2019

Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

Brave soldiers !!  especially going through water on British bikes with Lucas ignition !!
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Here is some data on Opti Oil -  The history of this company and the quality of the product is second to none. (We have Distributed it since 1987)
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Video from the French World Round  >>>  # WeAreTrialGP


This is a nice pic showing the route they cover in the Spanish Arisonal event.

Tuesday July 23rd 2019

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

Wise words from a great man.
I no longer listen to what people say, I just watch what they do. Behavior never lies. - Winston Churchill

Check out this video of a young Kiwi lad on the Beta Evo 125 >>>   (We have one in stock)                            


How about this beauty - a Scott - just like my Dad had back in the day.

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This is a good video that shows local club lads having a good time at what I think is the perfect type of Trials event - Check it out.


Another hot day in the Valley   today with temperatures up in the 30’s - the Vernon off road club, have their monthly meeting tonight - check out the website for details.


Monday July 22nd 2019

Monday, July 22nd, 2019

Toni Bou makes it 13 titles. - clinching this at the French Round.

Check this out - A great shot, but isn’t this more like Moto X than Trial’s  ? -  I’m not sure where they are going with all this extreme stuff -  - Not that I’m saying the new breed of riders are not incredible, - they really are in another class - but I think this is Stunt riding - it  may find a limit pretty quick.
I  do feel that most events that we have held in Canada  for the past few years have catered to what Trials is  about - “Balance and throttle control”  - all about having fun - it’s a family affair !!

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So yesterday, I watched the final round of the British Open Golf -in Northern Ireland, which was won by local guy Shane Lowry - the weather early in the day was terrible, heavy rain and strong winds, but would you believe that they had 273 thousand spectators  attend over the 4 days? - All to watch guys knock a small ball around. - In our sport, the Scottish Six Day Trial, always attracts big crowds, and the weather there is usually poor - the message being, that you don’t need high speed or extreme stuff to attract the fans.


A pic just popped up on FB - of the Beta that we loaned Sam King to ride while he was in Canada that first year on Holiday. - As everybody knows, Sammy later came back to live here full time, and we continued to support him for another three years, with both Beta and TRS. However, Trials is a very small business, and it costs a lot to help out a rider of Sam’s class, so we had to let him find another sponsor (GG) for this year. - He is a great lad and puts on some amazing Stunt Shows all across the Country, so if you see one advertised in your area, be sure to take it in.