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Friday August 30th 2019

Friday, August 30th, 2019

Most of our Western Trials riders will recognize Brett Clark on the left - but some of the newer members, might not know that the guy he is shaking hands with, is 11 times British Trials Champion Sammy Miller. -  Back in the day  (50’s) Sam built his own Trials bike in Ireland  rode it to the ferry - over to Scotland - rode the Scottish Six Days - then rode it back to Ireland.-  ( Take a minute to let that sink in) -

He was also a great road racer ( seems to be an Irish  thing) - I saw him in the Isle of Man in 1957 - He was running 3rd in the 125 class - and made a brilliant pass on  Provini and  the other great Italian Ubialli  - this was right in front of where we were watching. ( Sorry if I don’t have the correct spelling for these great racers from the past)  At that time the MV 125’s were doing 100mph going down bray hill !!! ( Yes the Japs were watching)
A lot of Trials people don’t know that both Bob and Brett Clark,  have ridden in the famous Scottish Six Days Trial  - They continue to support Trials as a dealer for Beta and Importers for TRS.
For my part - ( I think I’ve posted this before) I dealt with Sammy for about 30 years, bringing in his very special parts - I also rode a National Trial in Wales. that Sammy won. - The fact that he has done so much for Motorcycle Sport is incredible - as a rider, as the owner of likely the best Motorcycle Museum in the World. - and still going strong at I think about 85 years old now.  Well done Sammy.  ( Unfortunately, I never got to shake his hand)
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So the long weekend is here - and the Outlaw van is pretty much loaded for the trip to Ymir - I will be going via Hiway 33 because of the Ferry issues. - As always, I have tried to put on as much as I can  for parts and accessories ( Including front wheel bearings for Kolten’s Beta !!!!)  Not sure what time I will get away - a customer coming this morning to pick up parts - then I have to stop and buy groceries ( this all gets to be a challenge as we age)

And this is where all the action will be for the long weekend - We will post all the pics and video when we get back on Monday.

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Here is a close up of the TRS Electric start X Track model - Heath had a good look at the first one that Steve Saunders has in the UK.
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Thursday August 29th 2019

Thursday, August 29th, 2019

Just got a call from Martin up in the Shuswap - The Brown Memorial Trial will be a “Go” at his place on October 5-6  more details later - but I can tell you that having ridden in this area a number of times - This should be “Great” ( Not sure if they will have a loop up Crowfoot Mountain)

Sammy Miller was over in the Isle of Man this past week attending the Classic TT races - and took two of his wonderful road racers from the 1950’s - This was the era of fully streamlined machines - which were later banned as they were thought to be dangerous in cross winds. I was lucky enough to see Sammy race one of these in the 1957 TT on the shorter Clypse course. - You can see Sam’s 500 Ariel Trials bike in the background.
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Here is a pic by a Mr Curtis - of some old “Scramblers”  - You  had to be strong to handle one of these “Heavy-weights”

Today, we will load up the Outlaw van ready to go to Ymir tomorrow - Any parts or accessory orders need to phoned to me not later than 3 pm. We try to have everything possible, but we can only fit in so much.

We do have the items for Ross, Ty and Lee Usher  & Taff !! plus grips for Pete. Opti for Stan etc etc

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We have  just heard that the Kootenay Ferry workers have called a Strike for this weekend ( Bloody marvelous!) So If you are planning on going to Ymir using one of these, you need to adjust your route.


Wednesday August 28th 2019

Wednesday, August 28th, 2019

I saw this posted by somebody who was at the Urban Trial in France last weekend - I too watched the videos, and agree totally that things have gone a bit “Over the Top” as regards difficulty both Indoors and Outdoors.. - There appears to be no Control over what a Promoter can set up, mainly for the thrill seekers. - Thank goodness we still have some sanity in the events run in Canada.

Alex and Benoit this Sunday has a nice race may be just to my taste a can dangerous because I saw lots of pilot fall hesitate be afraid even Bou l extraterrestrial not try everything the trial must he go to the show personal I DON ‘ T Don’t believe but I respect the commitment and the enthusiasm of the organizer but watch  Out.
-             You can tell this is a rough translation, but you get his point
This is a pic sent by Jay Colley of one of the sections at Ymir -  They will have great natural obstacles all sensible and set up with the correct degree of difficulty for all classes.  This is definitely  not a Trial to miss. Pete & Jay have put in a ton of work to make this final round of the 2019 Outlaw Series special, with both the sections. loop and camping all first class.  - Don’t miss this one - it will be awesome.
Image may contain: tree, plant, outdoor and naturePlease Note : The Vintage Trial - Will start at Noon on Saturday  - the Modern will go Sunday at 10 am. - Any questions - Call Outlaw Dave at (250) 545-6139 - scroll down to see the poster with Jay’s ph number.Finally - We will be loading the van tomorrow - so if you need anything - let us know ( We already have quite a few orders for parts)

We got an email from Andy Huddleston, last night - to say that they were just boarding the Aircraft to return to England.  He Mentioned  that they had a wonderful visit to Canada, and hope to come back one day - I forgot to ask him if he had entered the 2020 Scottish - an event that he always excels at.

If you read this Andy - Thanks for stopping to see us - it was great to chat and you have a very nice family - good luck to your lad with his riding - maybe he will end up on a 125 TRS ?   Safe travels.

Tuesday August 27th 2019

Tuesday, August 27th, 2019

A reminder that this coming weekend, we will be at the Ymir Trial - The Final round of the Outlaw Series - So - if you need anything put on the van - better let us know ASAP.  -  I will be heading out on Friday.


James Dabill (Beta) won the UK Super Trial last weekend - he has won it for the past ten years.

And here is another great shot by Heath of Welsh lad Iwan Roberts (TRS)

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We saw that they had a good rider turn out at the Trial down East at Sparrow Lake - that Sammy and Sean attended - Unfortunately Sammy had a clutch issue with the Gasser and DNF’d - Sean Bird ( Scorpa) took the Expert win -  Sunday it was Jon English  (Beta ) who won Expert - Results should be up shortly on Trials Canada.


Taff called last night & we had a good chat - he was in the shop fitting fork seals to the Beta Evo - said his job working on the RCMP vehicles is going good so far. - Maybe he will show up at the Ymir Trial with lights “flashing”


I see that Rory McIlroy won the big Golf Game last Sunday AND $15 million US !!! - No wonder Mart Lampkin once told me that he would have liked Dougie to have taken up that sport instead of Trials. !!!


Andy Huddleston emailed to say that he and the family had a wonderful weekend in Vancouver, seeing all the sights - weather was perfect - today he hopes to stop by at Mountain MC before catching a late flight back to the UK.


Monday August 26th 2019

Monday, August 26th, 2019

We had a great ride on Sunday with Andrew Vipond - who was out on his new TRS 280 Raga - We went to Yankee Flats, as Andrew had not been there - I was able to show him some of the old neat stuff we had in the Trials back a few years.  ( Surprisingly there were no vehicles in the parking area when we got there, and only a couple showed up after we returned)
The tight hillclimb up through the bush to the top road was a challenge, as nobody has been up that route for at least a few years. - ( I needed a rest at the top) - After that we did the long loop over to the Power line, ending at the Creek section, before heading back.  It’s a nice area, and I always wanted to cut a trail from the Power line back to the old well site - but that is not going to happen now -  at least not for me.
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This was at the top of the tricky climb up to the top road. - Yes it was a clean on the Evo 200.

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The pic below is on route back from the Power line - needed a rest after the tricky but very enjoyable   ride through the forest. Note I wore my old Wulf shirt, complete with my name on the back with my Anson/Outlaw Beta pants. Quite vintage but still in perfect shape ( and still fitted !!)
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This is a beautiful view of the Northern OK Valley, and Yankee Flats.

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Check this out on Michelin Tires >> From Jim Snell.
The - now considered obsolete - Michelin X-Light tubeless rear tires are still being sold in the USA. And these tires are as old as seven to ten years since they were produced.. (They lay around in USA distributor warehouses for years and they get hard as the resins dry out)
The suggested retail price for this X-Light rear tire is almost $300.00. And the “discount” on-line sellers are asking prices in the range of $185.00 for these “old” tires..

And we know that the new Michelin X11 tire - that is OEM on new trials machines since 2016 - is better than the X-Light… But many riders tell us that nobody in the USA seems to have the new X-11?

BUT WAIT! ~ Indeed… Jim has the new Michelin X11 rear tire in stock! And these just arrived from SPAIN! And they are “sticky and soft and pliable” and they are for sale… But wait, there is a catch. It costs a lot of money to air freight these zoot new Michelins from Spain to Jim’s warehouse.. If you want a new “fresh” genuine Michelin X11 “tubeless” rear tire, Jim has what you need. The price is $200.00 plus S&H. :) Jim has five of them left in stock.
Contact Jim DIRECTLY if you want one. 219.474.6657 days.
thank you for your attention
Finally Adam Raga managed to beat Toni Bou - at the Stadium Trial in France. !!

Sunday August 25th 2019

Sunday, August 25th, 2019

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The pic above is of the lovely 350 Triumph Twin, which Bernie Schreiber  will ride in the upcoming Scottish event put on by John Moffat.


A nice clear, sunny morning, so the plan is to get out with Andrew Vipond, for a bit of a ride - he  has already got some time on his new TRS 280 and loves it. - Will try to get a few pics.


Meanwhile over in the UK the annual “Super Trial” goes today which always gets a good attendance. - But with the Urban Trial going on as well in France, not all the top Brits will be there this year.

Looks like Raga won in France - James Dabill in the UK event.

No photo description available.


In other news from over the pond - The British Moto GP race goes today at Silverstone - the new French rookie set the fastest laps in practice on the Yamaha .


Suzuki’s Alex Rins wins British Moto GP - Marquez 2nd - Vinales 3rd - Rossi 4th
More news as it happens >

Saturday August 24th 2019

Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Want a fantastic deal on a brand new 2019 Beta Evo  ??? -  Call Outlaw Dave quick - a few still left. ( but no 200’s)
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Only a week to go >>>
No photo description available.

This link is regarding the ongoing battle within Canadian Motorcycle sport - but nothing to do with Trials.


Check out this crowd of riders at a Trial in Japan.

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Friday August 23rd 2019

Friday, August 23rd, 2019

So this time next week - we will be heading for Ymir and Round #4 of the 2019 Outlaw Series - With that in mind, I took some time to check out who is leading in the points battle in each class - this is what I came up with.

Expert - Steve Day  - 42 points

Advanced -Brian McNeal - 51 points

Senior Advanced - Ross Rathbone - 73 points

Intermediate - Russ Nelson - 75 points
Sportsman - Taff Parfitt - 68 points

Junior - Starla Smeeth - 46 points

Obviously, in order to get your name on the Outlaw Plaque - You need to attend as many rounds as possible. -.  If anybody wishes to know their status they can shoot me an email.


This is Steve Doel riding his Outlaw/Beta at the Wetaskiwin demo last weekend - It was organized   by Jacek’s group of Trials riders, and went over well. With coverage in the local paper.

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And this is Andy Huddleston from the UK - brilliant Trials rider - and a Police Officer - We had a great visit, but sadly too short. -

Andy was a member of the Yamaha Trials team and currently rides a  sponsored Honda  in selected events including the Scottish Six Days, where he has finished as high as 4th overall. - We had him test  the TRS 125, before also letting his young lad also give it a try around the yard, his daughter watched from our balcony.    The 125’s are ideal for the youngsters, and we have both the TRS and Beta Evo in stock ( As you can see by the pic - in the right hands they can also perform really well for adult riders,)
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Had to get a pic with Momma bear before they left - after an overnight stay in Kelowna, they head to Vancouver, before returning to the UK late Tuesday.  What a wonderful family.
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Andy still has the Outlaw toolbelt that I sent him many years ago, and uses it at all the events such as the Scottish Six Days. - We chatted about a zillion topics, but I was interested to hear that he acted as a minder for James Dabill at one point.

Thursday August 22nd 2019

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

This is Andy Huddleston from the UK - He will be stopping by to see us on route to Vancouver with his wife, while on Holiday - Although he is on a Honda in the pic - He always rode  a Yamaha  TYZ back in the day - saw him at the 1995 World Round at Hawkstone Park.

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Check out this link to read up on one of the greatest names in British Motorcycling.-  OK Supreme.


After the very successful trip to the 1983 ISDE in Wales in 1983 - Jim & Muriel Kelly  made up these badges for the Team members and support crew. - Yes it really was quite a party, and the local Welsh people went out of their way, to make the Canadian Team welcome.  - Sadly Jim Kelly passed away a few years later, doing what he liked best - riding his bike at the local MX track in Ontario, from a heart attack. - Muriel ( Butch) Kelly, still keeps in touch with many of the Eastern riders who were on the Team that year, that saw the Canadians win the Watling Trophy - only given out on special occasions to Teams and Country’s that perform above expectations.

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Here’s a nice pic of Sammy when he was on the Outlaw Beta with Tiki taking a ride in the backpack.

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Andrew just picked up a very nice TRS 280 for his birthday  !!! on a rainy afternoon in the Valley.   ( Note:  His 2013 Gasser is now for sale)
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Check out this video if you like sidecar Trials - Steve Saunders and his daughter Izzy.



Wednesday August 21st 2019

Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Many of our readers will know that Steve Foord ( Foordy) of Calgary - was involved in a serious Motor vehicle crash over the weekend. - He sustained fractures to his neck and is pretty banged up, but being a tough customer I’m sure he will mend better than most, although he will be wearing a “Halo” ( a metal ring) to hold his head for three months. Steve’s fiance Melissa , is keeping us all updated via face book, and he is getting lots of messages from the Off Road racers. -

A very popular guy, we were contacted by Steve ( who is from the UK) many years ago, asking about Trials in Canada, and were able to help him with Sherco bikes for a few years, before he switched to Enduro, and we managed to get him a Beta through Mountain Motorcycle. - He won the WTC National title in 2009. on an Outlaw Sponsored Sherco 250.
Since that time, he has excelled at Enduro X and also taught a lot of schools on  using Trials technique to improve riding the big bikes. He is currently sponsored by Beta Canada.
On behalf of all Trials riders, we wish Foordy a speedy recovery .

The pic below, shows Steve winning the Expert class at a ATRA Trial in Rocky Mountain House. ( note the Outlaw sticker)
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So here’s a point to ponder - Dougie Lampkin has just completed a North American tour for Vertigo - but is he planning to jump ship at some point soon? - Total speculation on my part, but he does have a lot of friends in the Industry.  ( CCM?) Maybe Dougie will spark a new British Trials bike era.? - A rule we used to have when I worked in the industry - If you haven’t heard  a rumor  by 10am in the morning - “Start one”

A few early morning chuckles !!
- Future  Trials will now be called  Rabbit events - “Hoppy -to be- Hoppy to be - Hop. Hop.
Another rumor has future bikes coming with only a rear wheel - in order to save weight - However the price will remain the same !.


Happy to post this pic of long time friend  - Don  Galloway - An ace Flat-track rider - Many people might not know that Don worked for Yamaha Canada for a while in the Accessory Department and we spent some interesting times “on the road” when he first joined - Don went on to be a very successful Motorcycle dealer  with Cycle Works in Edmonton, but has also done a ton of work for the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame.
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I see TRS have now got an Importer in Chile - a place where one of our nephews gets married in October - he has  connections in  the wine industry - We had an invite, but at our age, traveling is really no longer an option.

A pic of one of the 2020 TRS models in Chile - shows it fitted with Dunlop tires !!  - As mentioned Beta switched to Dunlop last year, which seem to be working just fine. But it’s probably the crazy price of X lites - that is the main reason for the change.


Yesterday we shipped out one of the last two Jitsie short Trials seats that we had in stock - Don’t think we can get any more of these, so if you are thinking about buying one - better shout up quickly. ( They velcro on and work well)