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Saturday November 30th 2019

Saturday, November 30th, 2019

The last day of the month, and already the Christmas lights etc, are going up - this cold snap will keep the snow away, but once it warms up, I’m guessing winter will be with us for real.  ( -12 this morning)
While we think Christmas has become over commercialized  - we hope everybody gets the presents they are hoping for - We are shipping out lots of Trials stuff, and still have a Beta 80 that would be perfect for any youngster.

Being pretty much retired, the bad weather doesn’t bother me too much, not like when I had to drive all over - life on the road was tough, especially when working for myself on a limited budget.


This is a pic taken by Roger Boothroyd, at the FIM World Trial that I set up West of Calgary, back in 1975. - The rider in the foreground is former World Champ ( and winner of the event)  Yrjo Vesterinen - while our old friend Pete Smith can be seen  sitting on the Kawasaki close behind. - I think the USA Honda rider is the late Joe Guglimelli and  the rider to Pete’s right in the pic in yellow gear, is Lane Leavitt
'We think this is a pic of Charles Coutard on the Sherpa T that Vesty recently recovered. - This was taken at the FIM World Round in 1975 near Calgary Alberta.'


For the folk already looking to next season, perhaps check out this link to the Scottish Six Days site - lots of info available here. >>> # ssdt      and this one that shows Dougie >>>># jitsie


Next week the Jurassic Trial in Costa Rica takes place - this appears to be getting more and more popular, with riders from all over the World attending.  - From looking at some of the pics from last year - the event certainly seems to be held in some wild and exotic terrain - with bikes being ferried across rivers etc.


Chatting to somebody the other day about riding and the difference when you get old - when you’re young, you look for the toughest stuff to ride - when you age - you look for the easy way .

And because I like airplanes - thought I would post this neat shot.
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Here’s a great shot of the late Ulf Karlson, showing perfect form doing a Floater turn - arm up & inside leg into tank . He was World Champion one year.
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Friday November 29th 2019

Friday, November 29th, 2019

Meet Chuck Connor from Salmon Arm - no not THE Chuck Connors the film star who played in a lot of TV movies - But a retired guy, who has decided to give Trials riding a go.  - We had a really interesting conversation when he visited our shop to pick up this great Evo 300 4T - I learned that he has hiked up Joss a few times, plus other Mountains in the area. Chuck has a couple of other bikes, but I’m guessing these will now take a back seat to the Beta.
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Here is another super old Scrambles pic from the past - a Two stroke Greeves and what looks like a BSA. ( Greeves rider might be Brian Goss)
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Another BSA - the “Gold Star” in what was called “Clubman’s trim” - these were very popular in club road races, interestingly, you could buy the same basic bike in “Scrambles” or “Trials” trim.

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Rumors and News ::

Sherco sales for Canada, now to be handled by RYP USA ?

Former Canadian Trials Champ - Mark Cahill has bought a used Mont 4RT ?


Did you know that Honda only bought the Montesa Factory ( who were shutting down)  because they wanted to sell their Scooters in Spain? - And that was the only way they could get around the Spanish Import rules.

Got to love this shot of Kenny at the San Jose Mile in 1976 - pic by Dan Mahony
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Very cold today -14 in the Valley Brrrr - but still dry and supposed to warm up a tad next week.


Thursday November 28th 2019

Thursday, November 28th, 2019

Anyone who has attended any of our WTC Trials in the Interior for the past few years, knows only too well just how our Support staff of Julie and Judy, have worked to ensure everything runs like clockwork. - To say that we are fortunate to have these ladies looking after both sign in and the results has made our events on a par with the best in North America.

In winter months, Julie (and Martin) are fully involved with the Crowfoot Snowmobile club, and she has recently been recognized for her huge contribution to this sport - Congrats from all of us. ( I notice they list Julie as being from Vernon - but of course this is incorrect)
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Here is a Heath Brindley shot of young Chris Stay - doing what all the youngsters like to do at the BVM Test day. ( BTW that’s his Dad sitting reading the Trial Mag:)
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Check out this old bike - very popular back in the day.
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This is a neat video >>  I was at the 1961 TT in the Island.


So Wednesday turned out to be a cold day with a very keen wind, but that didn’t stop the customers from visiting us - We were happy to meet Steve & Sherry from Kelowna, who moved out from the Island some time ago, and with Steve already owning a Mont trials bike, it was time for Sherry to check out the new TRS Xtrack, and we now have one of the electric start models, with her name on it. - Later Chuck from Salmon Arm stopped by, and after taking the Evo 4T around the yard - he was sold, and will pick it up today. ( His first Trials bike)

This thins out the herd pretty good, ( The bikes have been going out the door fast lately)  but we still have a few great end of season deals going on, so if you are interested - give us a call.

Wednesday November 27th 2019

Wednesday, November 27th, 2019

After World War Two, money was short, but it was perhaps one of the best times to get into Motorcycling - cheap transport and cheap sport.- We used the same bike for everything - just changed tires, sometimes gear ratios etc.  Most Trials events were held during the winter months in the UK - lots of muddy sections, with many of the top road racers of that era competing to hone their skills and keep fit. - Riders, like World Champ Geoff Duke and John Hartle used to enter our local events, and were very good.  This pic is of a Scottish rider on a Greeves struggling to get through a mud section.  - I put a similar section in the FIM World Trial back in 1975 and saw a lot of  “Steam engines”  - Although this might seem strange today - remember that back then, Trials was classed as a test of Machine Reliability and the Stamina of the rider ( Hence the long loops of around 50-70 miles)
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One of the large Trials dealers in the UK has a demo day happening this weekend, and Steve Saunders will be there with all the new 2020 TRS bikes - including this lovely electric start Xtrack model.  We have a new 2019  version ( without the e start) in stock and they are simply gorgeous. - Feel free to stop by & take a look - but best to call first.

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Here is a great Chris Sharp pic of Bernie Schreiber from the Classic Trial he rode in Scotland a couple of months ago - perhaps the most talked about thing on the web - has been that Bernie actually has his finger on the clutch. - he has been very vocal about riders using the clutch too much.   But of course on the old bikes these never worked very well anyway, so that is why a smooth throttle and making use of the heavy flywheels worked the best. - Now, I can’t ride without a finger on the clutch - the modern technique is much better in my opinion, making everything much easier. without the need to resort to any circus acts.

Interestingly, I only ever owned one SWM - and sold it very quickly, as I couldn’t get along with it at all at the time.
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Tuesday November 26th 2019

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

Here’s a great shot of Dave Fair presenting Steve Day with his new 2020 Vertigo - Steve still rides amazingly well . ( Note: Steve wears a Wulf Helmet & uses an Outlaw Toolbelt)
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How about this old pic - must be quite rare, but captures the spirit of what Motorcycling is all about.
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The pic below was taken at the 1994 Scottish, and I posted it, because that Beta Techno was in my opinion, one of the nicest looking bikes of that time.  I sold my first one to Barry Van As who loved the bike, but broke his leg in an Industrial accident soon after, so we sold it to one of the “Hippies” from Grand Forks ( who is now dead) - Some people didn’t like the up-side-down forks, as it restricted the steering lock. but cosmetically it was outstanding - (Also the bike used by Takumi Narita in that wonderful all action video from that era)
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Sun is shining beautiful in the Valley today - cold, but no snow !!!  I might get one of the bikes out for a ride around the yard - just because !!

Honda have won the 2019 Baja 1000


Monday November 25th 2019

Monday, November 25th, 2019

Here is a pic I took of Shane a year ago at this time - up above Peachland , looking down the Lake - It was a cool but great day as I recall.  Shane has been busy doing some house renovations so we haven’t seen him for a while.
'Great to be out for a ride today, although it was quite cold - this is looking down the Okanagan Lake above Peachland'

Looks like a lot of the lads were out having fun at Ioco last weekend.

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Happy birthday to Dale Wellborn of Summerland - who was out yesterday enjoying a ride in the Valley on a beautiful clear & sunny November day. ( Sorry I couldn’t join them)

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It was one year ago, that we were in Vancouver for the Canadian Hall of Fame awards night, and one of the best memories was chatting to my old friends. - left to right  Al Perrett, Steve Crevier, (myself) Steve Baker and Bob Work. ( pic by Helen Rhodes)

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And another one >>>>>

Plus one more >>>>>>>


Sunday November 24th 2019

Sunday, November 24th, 2019

The pic below, was taken in the early 1980’s when four friends from Alberta stopped by our place in Vernon. - From left to right, they are, Bill Ockie -Bill Bruins JR - Jack Chant and Murray Nutt.   ( In the background is Roy our wonderful dog at the time)
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Trialeros del Mundo


World Indoor Trial News.

The reigning World Champion beat regular rival Raga over a demanding Final

The first ever X-Trial Rennes, witnessed by over 3,500 spectators that packed in to the Glaz Arena, saw Toni Bou (Repsol Honda) continue his reign, extending a ten-point World Championship lead into the mid-winter break.  Following his La Réunion victory over main rival Adam Raga (TRRS) a week ago, this was an even more dominant performance in a Final that demanded the absolute maximum of both competitors.

Bou immediately seized the upper hand by completing Section One with a mere two-mark score, following on from Raga who had dropped five with the first of a troubling run of consecutive fiascos.  Even Bou found Section Two impossible, but it wasn’t long before he was back on the march: gaining seven marks on Raga over Sections Three and Four to all-but confirm his victory.  Finishing with a flourish, Bou recorded the only clean of the Final in the closing section, officially opening the party in Rennes.

Jeroni Fajardo took an important third position that ensures his participation in X-Trial Budapest when the Championship gets back underway in January.  The veteran enjoyed a successful first outing on the Sherco, battling through a hard-fought Heat One against Jaime Busto and then overcoming his Vertigo teammate Miquel Gelabert in a Consolation Final that went down to tie-break.

Benoit Bincaz (Beta) and Jaime Busto (Vertigo) were the two big names eliminated in Round Two.  Home hero Bincaz rallied late on the lap but his deficit from five-mark scores in Sections Two and Three proved insurmountable.  Meanwhile Jaime Busto was eliminated after a critical five-mark score in Section Five.

In a close-fought first Round, debutant Toby Martyn (Beta) suffered a baptism of fire after a mechanical problem forced him onto his spare bike.  Meanwhile Gabriel Marcelli (Montesa) failed to recapture his promise from the preliminary phase in La Réunion as he bowed out early in a competitive field at X-Trial Rennes, albeit by just two marks.


Weather in the  Valley is quite nice today & would have liked to get out for a ride - but unfortunately I’m nursing an old Rotary Cuff injury that I’ve aggravated somehow ( Having too much fun I guess on the Evo 4T)   I remember I did this back in 1995, riding up on Vernon Mountain in the snow, with Barry & Adrian - I was on the little 150 Gasser & leading the way along one of the top trails which had a light covering of snow - think I was clipping along pretty good when I failed to see a downed branch hidden under the snow while heading down a slope on an adverse camber - it happened so fast I didn’t have time to get my hand out to cushion my fall & hit the ground hard.  - Although it doesn’t sound like much - this type of injury takes forever to heal, and I was really out of action for about a year.


Check out this video of Burt Munro >>…/


Saturday November 23rd 2019

Saturday, November 23rd, 2019

In weather news - snow is in the forecast for a lot of places, including the Valley, so I think my riding season might be over, especially as my old Rotary Cuff injury is acting up.

We had a shipment of Opti snowmobile oil arrive yesterday - a sure sign of winter.
Of course we are still open for business for anyone wanting a great deal on a 2019 Beta or TRS - if you just want to come and “Kick tires” & chat - that’s OK -  Lots of stuff in stock for Christmas presents. - just give me a call. (250) 545-6139

Over in Alberta - it’s Grey Cup weekend, although I have almost no interest in Football. (  I think they might have snow)

We’ve heard from Julie in the Shuswap, to tell us that things are all geared up for a busy snowmobile season - and that Banjo the Grizz is still hanging around, but they have not had anymore “close encounters”


A few guys still getting out in the OK Valley - here is a nice pic taken by John Baxter - not sure of the exact location.

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Here is a pic from Thursday - Roy is checking his phone !!

Friday November 22nd 2019

Friday, November 22nd, 2019

So what do you think is the most common misspelled  word in our sport?  Of course it’s TRIAL  - for decades, we have been correcting folk who write it out as TRAIL - usually because they think we don’t know how to spell.  - I guess because our sport is so low on the Radar - people think we all ride TRAIL BIKES. - Ah ! Well - all we can do is continue to educate them.


While Dougie Lampkin has been getting all the glory now for decades, the Lampkin family have produced Super stars since the 1960’s - Arthur ( Dougie’s Uncle)  was a Champion in Scrambles, Trials and ISDT competition. He was a factory BSA rider for most of his career and is still alive.
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Here is a pic of Harlow Rankin - it was Harlow who was one of the founders of the ATRA when he lived in Cochrane AB many years ago - He did a tremendous amount of work - mailing out a monthly Newsletter, and sold Beta Trials bikes for Don Clark in the early years. -He brought Bernie Schreiber to Canada for at least one Trials School, and hosted a number of events in Alberta.  - Harlow still rides and has a collection of immaculate Trials bikes at his home in Nanaimo BC.  -
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While the OK Valley was completely  “Socked in”  with heavy white frost on all the trees, yesterday - I decided to scrape the windshield on the Outlaw Van, and head over to Roy’s place in ‘The Valley of the Sun”  which is located near Fintry on the West side of Okanagan Lake.  At this time of the year, you never know when a big dump of snow might put a stop to things  -       ( especially as we grow old)  - So it was a pleasant surprise to break out into the sunshine when I arrived at  this location & after a cup of coffee and a chat - we headed out on the Beta’s -Roy on his trusty Evo 250, and me on the 2019 Evo 300 4T.  - We have managed to find some interesting stuff to ride over the past couple of years, with some nice trails and a variety of sections available ( but no big rock walls - which is OK)  - Here are a couple of pics we took the first looking South down towards Kelowna with the Lake clouded over. - the second of myself on the Evo 4T which I’ve enjoyed riding .  ( As you can see no frost on the trees)
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Sharp eyed viewers will notice that I’m wearing the new Wulf Trials boots, which are much improved and really comfortable - plus of course all the other great Wulf products, Helmet jacket gloves etc - all available from Outlaw.


We’ve heard that one of the top young British  lads will be “Jumping ship”  when his contract ends next month - but until the official notice, we are sworn to secrecy - watch this space for all the latest news.


For a really interesting read on the current situation in World Trials - Check out this interview with Albert Cabestany on Todo Trial  ( Don’t forget to click the English flag at the top)

This is a very good article & nice to see his involvement with Beta.×2Vbe6NRlDNRQ5w4DyxNlO9LOd2bbZ0_jT_eDDugcqNG7u9LJeZuk8La45iwjbiqBH98HxaXAEqgNaaMy4xSOBL2LyHgEjPq-Dp96ELII90SEt2zmwFncns5OL6Hn2kniZMvl0pch6t9lHVe2vOheoilxwCx-zfzsWOjNiaVS_uxPSmFJyEryzor5MvXxXCEhjJdLdJKxLEAAqh6m51q1NolCmI7cg3bMRXeOwDVk8UpjN50OhsZw-WnU_prj9N271C73xx4wAZTQuyFMDDNrbp6Jd1fS5F-wqJMH-UZee-BOZzqKcMuWrtw5cuA6bZWf9ti-3GV5ZiUMFHU_auAHLTd3wYg3uKivM5ybxuNbpunoq_CjPg_nomxjSqDpKi1LmtAdGXSrOlOnWNnIf2X_6ajrTUB-6-IGYHRl3Qud9l4f02zZMeobeC3cuC3v3c_1CA_wN9uZSOZhCV8FAsarTx_4zlrPFYw_WmPqP8N3ErU3PbGCNCPs1iXx4GjGP1Gyx8FXgJZtueICLTX1DlvO_NtXJxrElm1AaOn73lY82BX0pk6_p1Hs


Thursday November 21st 2019

Thursday, November 21st, 2019

Christmas is coming and at Outlaw we have a ton of quality items for under the tree - everything from toolbelts ( see pic) to Wulf clothing - boots - helmets - gloves. - plus stuff like low pressure tire gauges - tether switches - fork guards etc. call us for pricing - but don’t leave it too late !!

Pictured below, is the “Stan-bag”  the brainchild of Stan Bakgaard - made especially for Trials riders, who don’t want to carry many tools, but it features a Gas bottle and a drink holder - plus straps to hold on an air pump or rain jacket.
No photo description available.


Arnau Farre will be making a return to Trials in 2020 sponsored by Jordi on TRS - He was the 2017 Champ in T2, before being sidelined through injury.

This one just popped up on FB - Not sure of the year or place - but definitely  Alberta somewhere, with myself and Harold giving the riders meeting. ( Look at a young Ben!!) - That must have been when Taff was working for the Honda Dealer.
Steve Doel's photo.

It was Royal Enfield, who first introduced the Swing-arm rear suspension in the early 1950’s -  their top Trials rider at that time was the great Johnny Brittain. - Looks like this pic might have been taken at the Scottish.
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I found this old shot from 1991 - me on the TY 250 at Bear Creek - not sure who took the pic. - but think I was out with Harry, Kevin & Barry that day. ( Just worked out that I would have been a young 54 years old then !!)
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Weather yesterday, was brilliant - Sunny clear sky and while a bit cool - It would have been a great day for a ride - Unfortunately, I had to zip down to Kelowna to pick up an order of tool belts - then later a Doctors appointment.  So even though today doesn’t look that great & quite cold - I plan on heading over to see Roy for a play in his backyard practice area ( Will take the Beta 4T)  - might post some video later.


This old black & white from 1971 just showed up again - The Blackfoot Motorcycle Trials Team - Murray Nutt, Wayne Adderson and myself. - I had broken my leg earlier that year, so still looking quite thin - Although I was very thankful for the sponsored ride on the Montesa, I never really got along with it, and was back on Bultaco the following year. ( although we did win the Team award in the National that year) - Bruce Cameron owned Blackfoot  then - super nice guy, who died way too early of a Heart Attack.
'Team Blackfoot Montesa back in 1971 - Murray Nutt, Wayne Adderson & Dave Rhodes'


Interested in Vintage MX? - check this out >> Vintage Motocross Q&A Live Feed