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Thursday February 18th 2021

Thursday, February 18th, 2021

A wonderful memory shared on FB by Muriel (Butch) Kelly - the ISDE in Wales in 1983 - Jim Kelly (RIP) was one of the nicest guys, I ever met ( and of course Butch  is a lovely lady) - This was a very special week in my life, as I started to plan a year ahead for what I could do to help with the Canadian Team effort - BECAUSE IT WAS IN WALES.  - I was still working for Yamaha Motor Canada, and had been looking after the Cross Country lads on our very successful IT models. -

Obviously knowing that being involved with an event as huge as this, took a lot of planning, I contacted the UK Yamaha Importer, asking if they could help. - I explained that everybody was paying their own way, with no help from Yamaha Canada, or any other source -
To my surprise and after a lot of letter writing - ( no emails back then) - we arrived at Heathrow Airport in London, to be met by a lovely lady from Yamaha, who had brought us the large Yamaha Transporter you see in the picture below. - I remember saying to the lads OK - so who can drive this? Paddy proved to be the #1 choice and he took us all around London in the big Yamahauler, .

Another problem we had, was finding a big bore machine for Pat Horan to ride on the Trophy Team - as mentioned, with no help from Yamaha - I paid a visit to my old friend Walt Healy in Calgary, and explained that we needed a bike for Paddy,  Walt gave us a new TT 600. -( I could always count on Walt)
All our Yamaha riders were from Western Canada, and I had been in touch with them all long before we left for the UK - They asked what kind of terrain they could expect to see in Wales. - I told them to practice riding muskeg - because that was the nearest thing to good old thick Welsh mud.

I have possibly mentioned this before, but another thing that I told them to do when we arrived in Brecon - was to put a Welsh sticker on the side of their helmet. - Although they didn’t really know the reason. -

However, after a couple of days riding in the worst conditions for a decade - the Team Canada Helmets, Green with a white stripe, looked very similar to the British Team helmets which were all green, and some of THAT Team were Welsh lads.  - Yes there were a few times when  one of our riders would be stuck in a bottomless bog, only to be suddenly lifted out by a crowd of Welsh spectators - Amazing!!!
Yes the ISDE is all about “Gamesmanship” -

I could likely write a book on this experience - one of the best memories I have, and I’m so glad that I was able to help out our Team in a small way.
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Five years ago - Steve Saunders began importing the new Jordi Tarres TRS Trials bikes - these are the first two - with Ross Danby on one and Becky Cook on the other - Steve had every reason to smile as these bikes have sold like “Hot cakes” all over the World.
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Video of the Scottish - poor quality but worth the look. - You will notice that it says 1966-75 - but most is of the 75 event which Mick won on the new Yamaha - the riders were also required to wear helmets then as well. - Some early footage shows 1966 which had a team from Canada riding - see if you can spot anybody. ( I like the bit where the guy is trying to start his Sherpa T - kick kick kick !!
Scottish Six Days 1966 75


I saw this on FB yesterday - New one for me - but certainly very recognizable in his Wulf Riding gear, on the Outlaw Evo 250 - Who is this guy??  and where does he live?  - Hint. “It’s out of sight”
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Jitsie make a lot of good stuff and also support Trials - - check this out.


This is a pic I took at one of the early Trials we had at East Kelowna - around 1986 - How many of these riders can you name?  - Only a three of these people still have a Trials bike as far as I know.
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Another blast from the past - this shot is of the late Neil Mandeville taking a dive in a deep water section at Fruitvale BC - Dave Griffin had a neat place and we had a couple of great Trials there - except it was always way too hot in the Summer.


In 1985 I was  a partner in the Yamaha Dealership in Kelowna, and took a 1983 YZ 125 in trade on a Friday afternoon - then raced it in the Danny Amor Memorial Cross Country on the Sunday - obviously checked it over, but really didn’t do much to it, although I recall taking off the big rad air scoops as I thought they would catch in the brush at Bear Creek.  -

As a lot of people know Danny was a friend and a real loss to Canadian Sport and his family when he died from cancer at age 28.  - That was the year that I signed him to ride for Yamaha Canada (1983) - and he was supposed to be on our Team in Wales.

I’m not sure what my mindset was that day when I was on the line - I don’t even remember what Class I was in -( maybe one below Expert)   - I was always quite good at picking the right line off the start - maybe because of my Trials background. - suffice to say, that when the gun went off - I was gone  nobody passed me  and  I finished first, in my class. - Nobody was going to catch me that day. - - A shame that I never got to keep that trophy as that was the only time that the race was put on. - I recall that my good buddy Paddy Horan took the Expert Class that day as well, so a good event for Yamaha.


Of course most people who read this blog associate me with Trials, and that has certainly been a very big part of my life. - but as a young guy - I did try Scrambling in Wales, plus always had a keen interest in going road racing - but that never happened. ( Although I did have a Ducati 125 on order back in 1957)

In 1972 - my Trials buddy in Calgary - Englishman Terry Porter, suggested that I should enter “Moose Mountain” - what the hell is that I said? - Well it all sounded pretty crazy, but there I was on the start line in this muskeg swamp, with  a hundred other riders all on strange bikes - all I could hear was brapp brapp and see steam & smoke everywhere. - What the hell had Terry got me into ? -

Then it seemed just like in an old Western -  somebody fired a shot gun and things went absolutely crazy - I was on my Bultaco Sherpa T Trials bike ( Which Terry said would be fine) and I was headed across this wide muskeg valley with bikes everywhere. - Being new to the area ( and the Country) I got pinned in by a couple of bikes and thought I could ride “Through” a large bush !!!  big mistake - saplings grabbed my rear brake & I was stopped !! -

.Hmm - Well ! that was fun - what now - after getting things free ( and trying to recover my breath) - On I went - passing  some riders because of my Trials ability - but in the end it was all for nought - I found myself “Lost” and along with a Husky rider - we tried to figure out how to get back to the start - this was after my engine cooled down, because I had seized it. ( The guy I hooked up with that day was Brian Hamilton who became the Yamaha dealer in Penticton, before moving to  Edson Alberta to run a company involved with the oil industry. - Sadly Brian got killed coming back from a Road Race meeting in the States,when a Logging truck turned across in front of him - his ashes are scattered at  Whistler .

Needless to say, my introduction to this strange new world of Cross Country racing was an eye opener - but then again from what I have learned - Cross Country Racing was founded in Alberta and the guy who headed it up was a a man named Gordon Isaac ( A member of the Calgary MC)  -

Although the actual Moose Mountain run - had been happening for quite a long time in a different format. ( Early days had riders racing up to the top of Moose Mountain near Bragg Creek) - the first to the top was the winner ( They have a fire lookout)

Note : The 1973 Moose Mountain was better at least in the result. as I finished 6th overall & 3rd open bike. ( But still friggin crazy)

Watch for more tales from the motorcycle Crypt >>>>>>>

Wednesday February 17th 2021

Wednesday, February 17th, 2021

I took this pic of Matt Reading back a few years, when we were out at Bear Ridge in February - As you  can see there was snow up high, which added to the fun.  Matt is on a Beta 200 Evo.
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The Spanish are planning ahead, for when the Pandemic is over.??
May be an image of 1 person, dirt bike, motorcycle, outdoors and text that says 'TRIAL 10éme Trial des Oliviers Dimanche 30 Mai 2021 NYONS/VENTEROL Championnat Ligue AURA inscriptions & renseignements 06 99 16 Moto Club des Oliviers RORO VITESSE MOTO CROSS Trial Vintage Challenge TV2 RACING NAOMI MONNIER Trial 2Women Championne France & Monde 2020 FEM FERRAND CIS LOREILLE iguemoto Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes intermarche THEIIN dúrémy RATEL M情 Crédit Mutuel Venterol VIGNOLIS COOPERATIVE NYONSAIS toredelu nons lumière'


And Jordi is still planning his TRS Family day next week >>>

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Check out these scores and also where the Brits finished -!!!! John Reynolds best of this group in 10th.
No photo description available.


A few people have been asking about 4 strokes lately and yes of course we sell the very nice Beta  Evo 4T - and have spent quite a few hours on them over the years. This pic shows Kevin Smith trying out one of our demo 300’s at Bear Creek.


The caption for this pic of Martin Lampkin at a Spanish World round in 1981 says - “Hard Day For The English: Mart finished in 21st position on the SWM - the full results are posted above.
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The Ontario guys are planning their year in anticipation of easing restrictions.
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How about this for a Classic Scrambles photo from back in the day - Note the low pipes on the CZ ( We called them ” Chicken-zappers”)
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Video selection for today >>> Trial de Ripoll 2020: SPEA RFME Campeonato de España de Trial Magnífica carrera la que se disputó en Ripoll del SPEA RFME Campeonato de España de Trial con victorias para Jaime Busto y Adam Raga en cada una de las jorna…

Volume up on the one below!!!! Warming up Norton Manx 500 Starting 1957 500cc Manx, at the demo race Blokzijl in theNetherlands. 2018.


Tuesday February 16th 2021

Tuesday, February 16th, 2021

The 2021 Beta Evo Factory models are starting to be produced - could this be Ross Rathbone’s new bike?
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Also the 2021 TRS 125 models are already out being put through their paces - we had one of these in 2019 and loved it, however they are only available by special  order.


Not many of our readers will be familiar with this bike, but they sold quite a few both Trials and Enduro  - John Kitchener from Nelson rode them in England prior to moving to Canada.


Our readers have likely heard that Vancouver Island has been hit with a big storm recently - but not to worry, the City of Victoria have everything under control.
XMA Header Image


Here is a shot of Steve Baker on the fire breathing 4 cylinder 2 stroke Yamaha Flat-Tracker, prepared by Bob Work.


Monday February 15th 2021

Monday, February 15th, 2021

It’s “Family Day” today in most Provinces - so a day off work for most - although with stormy and very cold weather across the Country, I’m guessing  outdoor activities will be limited - for us - our weekend has been spent watching the Yellowstone Marathon on the box - very good, but the commercials are a bit of a drag.


Birthday greeting today go to Sam King who will likely celebrate by getting out doing something either on a bike or sled in Golden.


Dave Fair posted this pic - unusual for Victoria where they have had a big dump of snow.


It was nine years ago that the Trials World lost one of it’s greatest stars - Italian rider Diego Bosis was only 40 years old when he died after a heart attack.  He is seen here on the  Factory Aprilia.

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This is a great shot from the past - can anyone name the riders, and what the leading bike is?
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We had an email from Jack Chant who lives in Calgary - he says that the Tribute to Zoli was in MX Action - Jack also mentioned that he has been having some issues with one eye, needing treatment. - It reminded me of a difficult time in our family life, when our son Steven was  blinded in one eye while competing in a Kelowna Cross Country race - Steve was doing well as a junior rider on his IT 175 - leading the class, he was catching the Senior riders who had started ahead, when he got mud on his goggles , which he pulled down - unfortunately, he got hit in the eye by a flying rock, while passing another rider. - He was only 15 years old at the time - devastating to a young lad, and a very traumatic time for our family, with me working for Yamaha.

We all take our eyesight for granted, until we run into a problem - wearing glasses while riding is a real pain as they tend to fog up - I had cataract surgery a few years ago because I was having big issues driving especially at night - I was one of the lucky ones  fitted with new “Cat’s eyes”  it was a miracle for me.


video for today >> Motocross 1977 British round of the World 250cc Championship at Hawkstone Park Girling Motocross Grand Prix - The film of the British round of the World 250cc Moto-cross Championship, 1977 held at Hawkstone Park Motocross course#Hawksto… English subtitles! - Vlog 05 English subtitles this week! Trials Ladies A Trials Guru section dedicated to the female competitors who have taken part in the sport of Trials over the years. Scottish Six Days with six women competitors posing for the camera in Edinburgh,…


Sunday February 14th 2021

Sunday, February 14th, 2021

With very little news to report, I thought readers might like to hear how I got into the Motorcycle Industry.

It was back in 1973, we were living in Calgary, where I was working in the Printing trade - but after 25 years I had become completely  bored, and wanted a change. -  In my job as Sales Manager for Zenith Graphics, I got to visit with all the Motorcycle dealers, and because of my keen interest in the sport, managed to look after all their printing needs.

Blackfoot Motorcycle, were on my list, as the owner Bruce Cameron, had sponsored me on a Montesa in 1971, and while I was only on the bike for a short time ( I couldn’t get used to it after the Bultaco) - Bruce and myself often chatted about the sport over a cup of coffee. - It was during one of these visits, that I asked him, how I could get into the Industry.  - I told him I fancied the idea of being a rep for one of the Importers, so after some thought - he suggested that I contact Trev Deeley in Vancouver. ( He said I wouldn’t phone Honda if I were you - he was a Honda dealer, but thought Yamaha were a better company to work for)

Bruce told me that Yamaha had just  bought out Deeley’s - and created Yamaha Motor Canada, and were maybe looking for people. - With this info plus a phone number,  I did just that, and was invited to go to Vancouver for an interview.

This was in the Summer of 1973, and I took a flight to Vancouver on a Sunday, after forwarding my travel plans to the Sales Manager at Yamaha - a Mr John Oddy, who said he would meet me at the airport - so far so good!!

It was after we landed, that things did not go according to plan, as there was nobody to meet me, and after waiting for some time, I got the Airport to page “Mr Oddy”  - this was done three times, without success, by which time I was getting rather worried, so grabbing a phone book, I looked for the number of Trev Deeley  , but no reply so I called his Dad - Fred Deeley - the famous father who ran Harley Davidson in Vancouver. - Fred was very sympathetic and in his words - after I explained my situation were “Well that’s a terrible state of affairs - leave it with me I will get somebody to pick you up”.

True to his word, - it wasn’t long, before a guy from Yamaha, arrived in a slick car, all decked out in Yamaha red racing stripes - his name was Dale, and he explained that - Trev Deeley had taken all his staff out on a cruise and that Mr Oddy had completely forgotten that I was flying in. !!

Dale took me to the head office in Richmond, where I got to meet John Oddy, who had now arrived back, looking a bit hung over!! - we conducted the interview, on a friendly note - John was also from the UK,  so we had something in common. - He told me to expect a call the following week, to let me know if I had got the job.

I must say I was delighted, when I got that call, and began what were likely the best ten years of my life, traveling all over Western Canada - riding a free TY 250 - and meeting a lot of famous people. - a dream come true.
( Watch for more stories from this era - coming up in this time of slow news due to the Pandemic)


I came across a tribute to the late great - Zoli Berenyi Sr today on FB - it is well written - and recounts the life story of one of Canada’s greatest MX riders.  - For me and a lot of others living in Alberta - Zoli was a fixture at MX events, along with his best friend Rudy Zsasko - the writer begins with the story of Zoli’s funeral, which I attended, a sunny day as I recall, when crowds of friends and people involved in the sport, listened in silence, while one after another of Zoli’s  friends and fellow racers, told their own stories of how Zoli had touched their lives, - perhaps the most touching, was the eulogy given by Rudi - his life-long friend and business partner.

I was fortunate to know the Berenyi family quite well - I remember the time when I called on Zoli at Scona Cycle, to ask his permission, to sign Zoli Junior for Yamaha Motor Canada. - As usual, he was very direct, and said, go ahead Dave - Honda is doing bugger all for him. - I have a lot of memories of those exciting times when MX was really huge in Canada. - Maybe it still is, but my connection to that aspect of the sport has long gone. - I still keep in touch with Zoli Junior, a legend in his own right - who runs a Motorcycle business in Sherwood Park with his wife Pam. - unfortunately I do not have a link to the article I saw on FB - maybe you can google it. A TRIBUTE TO CANADIAN MOTOCROSS LEGEND ZOLI BERENYI, SR. | Motocross Action Magazine Although Zoli Sr. passed away 11 years ago, just a glimpses of a photo of him in MXA sent Canadian racer David Pinkman back in time


Video for today >>> Trial and Error - 1958 film on Motorcycle Observed Trials - now called trials or MotoTrails A short instructional film pointing out some common faults in the organization and observation of motor-cycle trials and suggesting how these may be overcome…


Saturday February 13th 2021

Saturday, February 13th, 2021

Steve Day - doing some crazy stuff.

video for today  >> Lots to see in this selection - no sound unfortunately, but well worth watching. Scott Trial in Yorkshire 1971 - Champions on Two Wheels - Castrol film The full film show three aspects of the of competitive motorcycle sport. The events featured are Motocross in Holland 1972, the Scot Trials in Yorkshire 1971…


We are still in a bit of a deep freeze in the Valley - although it’s due to warm up a bit next week - of course we are into the first long weekend of the year plus we have St Valentines day tomorrow.

Not much in the news I’m afraid - I see Sammy is planning a school at Squamish  so we wish him luck with that.


A few people got the quiz correct from yesterday - It was Ralf  Venables in the checkered cap - very well known guy from the UK who had a weekly column in the Motorcycle Press.


The Brits love their vintage stuff - these old bikes must be worth a fortune.

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Friday February 12th 2021

Friday, February 12th, 2021 Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada (MCC) Present to the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme On January 29, 2021, the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM, International Motorcycling Federation) convened via video conference for their annua…

Please take time to watch this video Presentation by MCC to the FIM  - The missing link !!  Trials riding - the sport that teaches the very basic skills required for riding a  motorcycle well -and I mean ANY motorcycle.  -  I have mentioned more than once, how top road racers, used to ride our local winter Trials in order to keep fit  in the 1950’s but also  to hone their throttle control, and balance. - I think most people know  (except maybe the FIM) that All the top winning riders in World Hard Enduro are Trials riders who realized they can make more money doing this than hopping from rock to rock.  - Plus of course Trials riding is a family sport, although these days with so many videos posted showing the sport depicted more like a Circus, many families miss the point, and choose something else. - Time for Clubs and the MCC to promote the “Old Fashioned Trials”   aspect more.  ( In my humble opinion)

I mean no disrespect to the MCC by these comments - but in my view in order to win at anything, you have to have the very best team effort - This video could have been so much better.

Video for today - Good for the Beta lovers !! - Of course for some - the English accent might be hard to understand - but it really is quite a good clip - one thing missed in the wheel change is that this would be a good time to repack the wheel bearings.

. TrialTube - YouTube Welcome to TrialTube,This is a one stop destination for Motorcycle and Bicycle Trials. We have tutorials for basics all the way up to the more technical aspe… Learn More


Well ! I’m sure that everybody is likely pretty fed up with this latest cold snap - people raring to get out on the bikes, I see that even Victoria are getting some snow ( He He - sorry Dave) - I have a ton of old pics of riding in the snow, although because I’ve become old and my blood runs pretty thin these days - even taking the garbage out when it’s -20 is  now a real challenge. Here are a few from years gone by >

Here’s a pic of me riding at Bear Creek in the winter of 2012 - I’m wearing sunglasses because of the glare to my “Cat’s eyes” - bike is a Beta Evo 200
No description available.

and back in April 2010 at Summerland - bike is a Beta Evo 300

Chris Hrabb having fun on his TRS at Revvy a few years ago.

And finally a couple of years ago out at Yankee Flats  not sure what month - but again I’m on a Beta Evo 200


Thursday February 11th 2021

Thursday, February 11th, 2021

When Trials sections are too ambitious for the riders - A Heath Brindley shot of Gary MacDonald having a big “Get Off” - hope they had some “Catchers” down below.
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Here’s another Heath shot - Look closely - As the rider launched  the bike at the wall - the rear chain came off - luckily he had enough momentum to get his front wheel up to the top where  the minders caught him.

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A bit of Trivia >>
Beta history- The company started making motorcycles in 1948. The name Beta comes from the initials of Bianchi, Enzo and Tosi, Arrigo who ran the company at that time.


A friend sent a message to let me know that there is a nice Tribute and Obituary about Al Perrett on Castanet. - Although I knew Al quite well, not being a Skier - I did not know anything about this part of his life.

Our Wulf shipment came in and we can now offer the Trials pants in Grey -( As well as the popular red -Blue ) with all sizes in stock, plus of course a large supply of Helmets,Boots, Gloves etc.


Quiz time - Most people will recognize this Bultaco rider, but who is  the observer in the checkered cap?

Results from yesterday’s quiz - Martin Spriggs & Bob Underhill are on the line with Joe Brown - while the Trials pic show Mick Wilkinson and Arthur Browning (on the bike)

Andrew has been out playing in his front yard  - cool day at -10.
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Alexz Wigg in Wales - a Heath Brindley shot - I’m sure Taff will recognize this spot
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A pic of 33 New TRS bikes just in at Steve Saunders UK - All sold - as is the next shipment due in March.
No photo description available.


a couple of neat videos of Sammy - available >>> South Midlands trials early 60s A short film of trials in the South Midlands in the early 60s.Riders include John Lee and Mary Driver.

And a link to buy Sam’s book…


COOOl today in the Valley -24

( On March 3rd 1965 - it was -20 when we got off the plane in Calgary at midnight as the cold air hit me in the face I remember thinking “What have I done?” - - Note You had to climb down the stairs back then & walk to the Terminal.)

Wednesday February 10th 2021

Wednesday, February 10th, 2021

The pic below, shows Stan many years ago and I believe was taken by Len Weed and published in Bernie Schreiber’s book with a note on how  Stan pulled a Wheelie to get around a tight turn. The bike he is on is a Montesa 172, which Stan eventually gave to me - I stripped it down completely  and rebuilt, intending to keep it - however like so many of my other bikes - somebody talked me out of it. ( can’t recall who)
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This one is from a Scramble at the VMC track back in the day - Joe Brown (RIP) is the starter with the cigarette - who can name the riders?

Roger Boothroyd has just released the latest issue of the Victoria Motorcycle Club Newsletter, and has really outdone himself, with a fantastic review of the early events and also mentions that the book about  the club  has been reprinted and can be bought by clicking onto the VMC website.  - This would be a fantastic addition to any enthusiast’s bookshelf - it’s called The Victoria Motorcycle Club - the first 100 years.
click on - for more info:

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Another old pic - this time of the founding members of the ATA in Ontario - Names Please?

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  • Ill bet Neil was taking the snap!


    •  · 
    •  · 2h
  • Can’t thank you guys enough for starting the ATA - it made a big difference to people like me who had no one to ride with locally and found the approach of the CMA to be far too focused on developing the next champions…..

    Mark Kaczmarczyk

    I think they lost sight of our original purpose. Happily the SOVT is on track.

  • =============================================>

The answer to the quiz on Sammy’s Ariel was GOV 132 - which a number of people answered correctly - some of the people in the group pic - are Arthur & Martin Lampkin. Mick Grant, Gordon Blakeway, and Malcolm Rathmel.


And a final quiz - who are these two well known British riders?
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And finally - Here is another bit of History for you to check out - posted by Duncan Fraser. The Juhan Way-Motorcycling in Canada A short video highlighting the Juhan family influence on motorcycling in Canada.Over 55 years of contribution to the sport and introducing thousands of new r…


Tuesday February 9th 2021

Tuesday, February 9th, 2021

The TRS Xtrack  has become a hot seller in the past year - and sales jumped big time when it came with an electric start. Here is a nice pic of a young lady posing with one in Spain. UPDATE - Pic is in Italy.
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Because of the Pandemic - Jordi’s  6th TRS Days event has been postponed . This is a pic from last year. Showing Adam doing what he does best.
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With spring around the corner, many riders will be wanting to register their Off Road bikes, and for the last couple of years, the new regs required by ICBC, have created a real headache for people dealing with Insurance companies unfamiliar with the new system, I have lost count of the number of agents that I have talked to on the phone explaining what they need and don’t need for Trials bikes, which are not street legal. -  My best advise is to visit an office of Johnston Meier Insurance Agencies. - As we have found these to be the  only ones who really understand - in Vernon the phone number is (250) 545-5311 and they are located on 32nd street, just opposite the  Vernon Lodge.  Ask for Sue Wall.

A shot of a small run off pond up on Bear Ridge I took 5 years ago at this time - hopefully this cold snap with soon be gone and we can get out for a ride.
No photo description available.

A great shot of Glencoe in Scotland -  - Riders in the Scottish travel through here during the week, and on a nice day it really is a magnificent sight.  Unfortunately because of the Pandemic the SSDT is cancelled  again this year. - Here is the history about Glencoe.

Massacre of Glencoe, (February 13, 1692), in Scottish history, the treacherous slaughter of members of the MacDonald clan of Glencoe by soldiers under Archibald Campbell, 10th earl of Argyll. Many Scottish clans had remained loyal to King James II after he was replaced on the English and Scottish thrones by William III in 1689. In August 1691 the government offered an indemnity to all chiefs who should take an oath of allegiance before January 1, 1692. “Letters of fire and sword,” authorizing savage attacks upon recalcitrants, were drawn up in anticipation of widespread refusals; the chiefs, however, took the oath. Alexander MacDonald of Glencoe postponed his submission until December 31, 1691, and was then unable to take his oath until January 6 because there was no magistrate at Fort William to receive it. Sir John Dalrymple, William’s secretary of state for Scotland, thereupon issued an order under the king’s signature for military punishment of the MacDonalds. More than 100 of Argyll’s soldiers, who had been quartered amicably upon the MacDonalds for more than a week, suddenly attacked them. Many of the clan escaped, but the chief, 33 other men, 2 women, and 2 children were killed. John Campbell, earl of Breadalbane and Holland, a neighbour and an enemy of the MacDonalds, was widely suspected of planning the attack but was not its main instigator; his imprisonment in 1695 was for earlier involvement.

May be an image of mountain and nature

For more Scottish History - Check out this site>

The Battle of Culloden : 7 Myths Busted - HistoryExtra


We are expecting another Wulf shipment in today  with more Helmets & clothing to fill orders - we already have a good stock of most gear. for more info and to arrange an appointment - give us a call (250) 545-6139