Monday May 7th 2018

This pic from Yesterday at Summerland, really tells the story of why we love this area - especially at this time of the year - The meadow at”Rowdy Flats”  is just coming alive with all the yellow flowers, and it was a wonderful day, to be out with Shane, Rich and our old buddy from Vancouver Island - Harold (Turk) Perepalkin.

Turk and I have often talked about getting out for a ride together, but this was the first time ( As we both grow old)  - He really enjoyed being out on the new Evo 200, which he picked up from us the day before, electing to down size from his usual Evo 300.  - Turk has ridden a total of three ISDE events and has the medals to prove it.
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We didn’t see any wild horses, just cows - and the Sand Cranes have not yet started their annual flight to the far north ( This is a magnificent sight each year - with hundreds of the big birds flying over this route)

After being out on Friday on the TRS, then again on Sunday on the Evo 200 - I now have two very muddy bikes to wash - we came across a lot of new ponds on the trail, from the snow melt, which we managed to skirt around without a problem, and the dead fall was not too bad. - We rode around the old Outlaw loop - out past Adrian’s Wall, then back  along the neat deer trails to the parking lot.  - The lads enjoyed tackling a few of the sections along the way, while I played my role as photographer. - All in all it was a great weekend. ( This was our first ride in this area this year because of the snow- we are normally out here in March)

The 2018 Scottish is now into it’s first day, and we have seen some good pics and video on Face book. - there was one video of Gary Mac in one difficult rocky section, showing superb control - can he challenge for his first win in the Six Days? the popular little Scot has come so close in the past, and with two wins in the Pre-65 class he seems to be on top form.

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In Portugal - Steve Holcombe (Beta) just failed to win another one, with the battle at the sharp end very close.

Alex Salvini has pulled the win on day two of the Enduro World Championship in Portugal after a day-long battle with Steve Holcombe and Christophe Nambotin.

The battle between Holcombe, Salvini and Nambotin was tooth and nail through the second day of EnduroGP in Portugal. But it was Salvini who claimed the overall win in the very last test by a 2.87 second margin.

Salvini also won the E2 class while Holcombe was second overall in EnduroGP Scratch but claimed the E3 win from Nambo.

In E1 Brad Freeman has broken the Jamie McCanney stranglehold and taken his first senior day win. The Boano Beta rider posted strong times all day and even took a Cross test overall fastest time.

Matteo Cavallo repeated his day one win by a hell of a margin in the Juniors – finishing almost one minute clear of the next best rider.


With big crashes at the Spanish Moto GP - it’s all change in the points championship, with that man Marc Marquez now heading the series.


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